Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How You Handle Last Minute Plans, Based on Your Personality Type

We all know someone who loves to spring last minute plans on their friends, they show up at your door or shoot you a text minutes before they want to hang out. Some people can handle this type of spontaneous outing, while others become stressed and frustrated by it. Here is how you handle having last minute plans sprung on you, based on your personality type.



INFJs really dislike having to deal with last minute plans most of the time. If it is from someone they are extremely close to it can be easier for them to respond to these sudden plans, but it still might not be all that comfortable. While INFJs might not need an extremely long notice, they do like to have some sort of time to plan and prepare themselves. For them it can often be a mental preparation before the get together or event, since the INFJ needs to be ready for potentially feeling their energy drained after everything is oven. They simply like knowing their social plans a little bit ahead of time and become a bit stressed with these last minute decisions.


ENFJs definitely don’t enjoy last minute plans and can actually become really annoyed by them. They will try to keep up with the spontaneity of some of their friends, but sometimes this can lead them turning down these sudden plans. ENFJs have a lot going on in their lives most of the time, and so they become annoyed when someone springs something on them which would require changing up their schedule drastically. While they might not need a long time to prepare, they do appreciate some sort of advanced notice for most social gatherings.


INFPs don’t often become stressed about last minute plans because of the spontaneity, but mostly because it gives them less time to emotionally prepare. They do enjoy doing things last minute, but INFPs often need to prepare themselves for the social hangover which will likely occur afterwards. They are likely to handle last minute interactions truly well if it is someone they are close to and feel less drained by that person’s presence. When they are asked to deal with more vulnerable social settings, the INFP is more likely to just say, “No” if they can get away with this.


ENFPs often don’t mind last minute plans, since they do enjoy mixing things up. They don’t require constant planning in order to have a good time and feel at ease. The ENFP is often the one making last minute plans and will be good at coming up with fun ideas for everyone to enjoy. While they don’t mind last minute plans, they do dislike people who just show up without some sort of recognition or respect. ENFPs like spontaneity, as long as there is some level of manners applied to it.



INTJs often dislike when people cancel plans or decide to make new ones last minute. They don’t like having these things sprung on them, especially when they are coerced into attending something with multiple people. INTJs need time to prepare for most things in life, and they especially need time to ready themselves for social interaction. They become drained rather quickly by people and so they often want to prepare for social outings by recharging and preparing themselves for the social hangover that will inevitably follow the event. INTJs enjoy spending time with the few people who don’t drain them much, but they still prefer to have some sort of notice before making plans.


ENTJs often dislike last minute plans since they prefer to prepare for most situations. They can be spontaneous to some extent, but often like some sort of notice. ENTJs need to plan their day and most of the time they like knowing what to expect. While they can handle spontaneity with things such as getting drinks with a few friends after work last minute, they don’t like when someone simply shows up at their house wanting to go to the movies. ENTJs want some sort of notice and way to adjust their plans in order to fit the new schedule.


INTPs actually don’t mind last minute plans, since most of the time they don’t plan ahead much anyways. They can sometimes be late for certain gatherings and plans, since they can become rather easily distracted. The INTPs mind is a busy and unusual place, which can make it difficult for them to keep track of the time. They can often find themselves late for most of the plans they make, and because of this they don’t really mind when things happen last minute. INTPs are often very spontaneous people, but they do like having an easy out to go back home and recharge.


ENTPs usually don’t mind last minute plans, since they are rather spontaneous people most of the time. They like being able to have different options and for them surprises just keep them on their toes. ENTPs don’t like stagnancy and so sometimes having a friend come up with some unexpected plans, can truly be a way to excite and entertain them. ENTPs are often the ones coming up with these creative and fun new things to do with their friends at the last minute, but they will definitely appreciate when someone else does this.



ISTJs really don’t enjoy last minute plans or changes to previous plans. They prefer to have some sort of notice and often find it a bit rude when people change things at the last minute. They like to prepare for most situations, especially when it is a social outing. ISTJs can become drained rather easily by others and so having to endure this often require preparation. They simply don’t like anything being done last minute since this can affect their schedule.


ESTJs aren’t usually fans of last minute plans, unless this is done with someone they are very close to. When the ESTJ knows someone well and trusts them completely, they don’t mind changing things around for them if they are in the right mood for it. It entirely depends on the ESTJs mood and what they are feeling up for in that moment. They usually do like some sort of advanced notice for most plans, since they want to prepare for it and adjust their schedule accordingly.


ISFJs don’t usually like last minute plans since they prefer to prepare for things. They can become a bit annoyed when things change or spring up last minute and will need to adjust their plans to adapt to this. ISFJs prefer for things to be planned a bit better simply because they want to prepare for the situation as best they can. They are capable of some spontaneity, but this is usually only comfortable with someone they know and are extremely close to.


ESFJs can become a bit annoyed with last minute plans, since they need to adjust and plan their day around this. When someone springs something on them last minute the ESFJ can become a bit overwhelmed by this. They often have a list of things they want to get done and when someone tries to make plans at the last minute it can truly stress them out. ESFJs don’t like making mistakes and not planning things out can often lead to mishaps in the ways they dislike.



ISTPs definitely don’t mind last minute plans, especially with the people they actually enjoy being around. When it comes to the ISTP turning down plans with people, it isn’t usually because they are presented last minute. They simply don’t want to spend time with every single person they meet and prefer to be around the ones who drain them the least. They become quickly exhausted by too much social interaction and so they prefer to be around the people who don’t seem to make this worse.


ESTPs actually don’t mind last minute plans and can often be the ones initiating them. They like being spontaneous and dislike having to constantly plan everything. ESTPs will definitely enjoy being able to do fun things last minute with the people they care for most. They can become annoyed when strangers try to push things on them last minute, often because they don’t want to go. When it comes to their close friends and loved ones the ESTP truly enjoy spontaneous plans with them.


ISFPs often love last minute plants and experience a thrill with this type of spontaneity. When someone they care for decides to spring something fun and exciting on them last minute, the ISFP will truly appreciate this action. They want to live their lives in the present and don’t like having to plan out everything that they do. When someone wants to go enjoy something new without having to plan for it, the ISFP will definitely be happy with this.


ESFPs often enjoy doing things last minute with the people they care about most. If someone the ESFP loves decides to spring something on them last minute, it can actually be truly exciting for them. ESFPs don’t need everything to be planned out and often prefer the excitement and thrill of doing things a bit last minute. They are spontaneous people who are most fulfilled by engaging in the present moment and don’t having to prepare for every little thing they do in life.

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