Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the INFJ Mother

Each type behaves differently as a parent, and each possess their own set of set-backs and abilities. The INFJ mother is often a compassionate parent, but it is helpful to understand how she behaves and responds to her children. Here is everything you need to know about the INFJ mother.

The INFJ Mother Support System

The INFJ mother is a natural support system for their children, and finds it easy to be compassionate towards their pain. As mothers the INFJ has a natural nurturing ability which helps them truly be there for their children in whatever way they need. They don’t want their children to feel judged and believe in finding ways to promote their creativity and their natural talents. They are aware that each child is different, and they want to bring out their unique and special qualities. The INFJ doesn’t want their children to feel like they are being controlled, or like they are not free to be themselves.

The INFJ mother who has experienced parents who didn’t understand or appreciate them, doesn’t want this to happen to their own children. They work hard to provide a safe space to communicate, and always want to listen to their child’s opinions and desires. The INFJ mother rarely treats their children like their voice doesn’t matter, and instead wants to treat them with a level of respect that many parents fail to do. They see them as valuable people, with opinions and beliefs that should not be stifled. They also want to connect with their children and seek to understand who they are and what makes them happy.

As a mother the INFJ wants to find ways to be as encouraging as possible, in order to help their child discover who they are and what they want in life. They want them to possess a strong sense of identity, and don’t want to prevent them from feeling safe to do so. Instead of filling their heads with their own personal goals, the INFJ wants their children to discover who they are.

The INFJ mother also has a unique sense of humor which provides a deeper connection, and doesn’t like to treat their child like they are outside of some “adult circle”. She often wants to keep an open line of communication, and believes in being playful with her children instead of insincere. They are often very honest as mothers, and want their children to be aware of the truth instead of sheltering them constantly. She does protect her children from harm, but at the same time wants them to be aware of the world. This only plays further into the contradiction that is the INFJ, but as mothers these contradictions make for a truly wonderful home to be raised in. She wants a real relationship with each of her children, and doesn’t want it to be founded on hypocrisy. The INFJ mother will try to be as honest as she can as a parent, and enjoys providing the comfortable place for her children to be open with her.

The Single INFJ Mother

The INFJ as a single mother is only different in the fact that she can be quite the driving force. She does whatever it takes to provide for her family, and knows how to handle all of the household tasks. This is something INFJ mothers often do anyways, but as the single mother they will put even more pressure on themselves to provide. They might even feel a stronger drive to create a wonderful and fulfilling lifestyle for their children, and don’t want them to miss out on anything simply because they are a single mother. They often take this as more of a challenge, and will go well above the call of duty in order to ensure the happiness of their children.

The Toxic INFJ Mother

While the healthy INFJ mother is truly an incredible gift, each personality type can have toxic versions. When the INFJ mother is unhealthy and has endured plenty of trauma themselves, they can be a bit more difficult for their children. The toxic INFJ mother is often smothering, and a bit manipulative. She has a hard time letting go of her children and might seek to control them. They will often use her intuitive abilities to guilt trip their children into staying with them and doing as they please. It can be hard for the INFJ mother to give their child space, and this can make their behavior rather smothering and codependent. This is something that is challenging for their children to escape from, especially during their younger years. While she may still care for her children, the INFJs toxic behavior will cause them to hold their children back in life.

The Struggles of the INFJ Mom

While it is true that all nurturing mothers worry, the INFJ mom definitely puts a lot of pressure on herself. She wants to always be sure that her children are taken care of, and that they feel truly loved and safe. At the same time the INFJ mother wants to teach their kids what the world holds for them, and doesn’t want them to be unprepared for the darker side of things. INFJs mothers work hard to find a combination of nurturing without being smothering, and this is something they are always trying to work towards.

The INFJ mother can feel a lot of regret for any mistakes she makes, which can be challenging for them as parents. Even if their children do not feel negatively bout these so-called “mistakes,” the INFJ might struggle with it for years to come. They want to be excellent parents, and often take this task very seriously. Caring this much definitely puts a lot of responsibility onto the shoulders of the INFJ mothers.

Their natural intuition can also be a bit of a struggle for the INFJ mother, since they can readily see the path their children are on. They can tell what the best choices to make would be, and often know when their children will suffer from a certain action. At the same time they want to give them space, but will also want to give them the right advice and steer them down the best path for them. They often know what their children truly want for themselves, even better than they do. This ability to see into the future can be challenging for the INFJ mother, since their children don’t always take their advice or help.

As mothers the healthy INFJ is compassionate, supportive and always willing to go above and beyond for their children. They work to provide so much for their loved ones, and often put their children well above themselves. They often provide a warm and comforting home to grow up in, giving their children the freedom to be themselves. They admire the unique qualities of their children, and want to find ways to nurture that. Most children growing up with INFJ parents feel truly loved and appreciated for who they are.


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