Here’s How Obsessive You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Obsessive You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are more focused on trying different things, others can become a bit obsessive over one thing. Here is how obsessive you can be, based on your personality type.


INFJs are seen as reserved and internal people, since they have such rich inner worlds. INFJs can become a bit obsessive when they find something or someone they connect with. They don’t find themselves inspired easily, so when they do it becomes a big part of them. They enjoy finding something that brings out their passionate side, and will want to hold onto that. INFJs try not to show their obsessive side too much, but they will around people they feel most comfortable with.


ENFJs definitely have an obsessive side to their personality, especially when it comes to their favorite things. When they find something that they truly enjoy, the ENFJ will feel intensely connected to it. ENFJs will certainly let their obsessions show, and aren’t ashamed of what they enjoy most. They are willing to express themselves, and want to let other people know about their obsessions. When it comes to certain shows or hobbies, the ENFJ will want to share these things with their loved ones. ENFJs simply want to draw closer to the things that make them feel inspired the most.


INFPs definitely have an obsessive side to them, especially with the things that inspire them. When INFPs find something that they can truly connect to, they don’t want to let go of it. It can be difficult for them to feel truly passionate about something, and will want to maintain that feeling. They will dive into something that truly excites them, and enjoy being able to connect to something. They also can become a bit obsessive when they find a person who shares this passion, and wants to find a way to nourish that relationship.


ENFPs are definitely obsessive people when it comes to the things they truly enjoy. ENFPs will dive into new things in hopes of discovering something that can inspire them. When they do find certain hobbies or activities that they really enjoy, the ENFP will want to hold onto them. They can certainly become obsessive when something ignites their passionate side, and will find themselves immersed in it completely. ENFPs don’t do anything halfway, and will either be all in or out when it comes to most things in life.


INTJs are focused people, who can be somewhat obsessive in their pursuit of knowledge. They dislike feeling as though they are ignorant to certain facts, and will strive to continue absorbing new information. INTJs are certainly capable of controlling their emotions, but at the same time they are surprisingly obsessive when it comes to certain things. When the INTJ discovers something that really inspires them, they will want to hold onto that and absorb as much of it as they can. They will continue learning and exploring this topic or hobby, until they can appreciate it fully.


ENTJs are driven and hardworking people, who focus on getting things done. ENTJs can be unusually obsessive, especially when it comes to efficiency. They can become a bit obsessed with ensuring that everything is done properly, and will be frustrated with people who cannot follow instruction. ENTJs are capable of letting loose, but when they are working it is simply too important for them. ENTJs become rather annoyed when people do not take things seriously, and are very driven people.


INTPs are very internal people, who keep most of their thoughts and feelings to themselves. They prefer to have plenty of time alone, in order to process and analyze information and to recharge their batteries. When it comes to the things the INTP truly enjoys, they can certainly become a bit obsessive. INTPs are often interested in so many different things though, and find themselves jumping from one idea to the next. They don’t find themselves simply intrigued by one topic or hobby, and will often dive into one and then jump onto the next once they have figured that one out enough.


ENTPs are passionate people, who love being able to explore new things. This desire to absorb knowledge and excitement, can cause the ENTP to appear a bit obsessive. They will find themselves intrigued by something and will want to immerse themselves completely, but then they will lose interested and want to jump to another hobby or interest. ENTPs can certainly bounce from one thing to the next rather quickly, and might become bored rather easily.


ISTJs aren’t usually obsessive people, and prefer to focus on getting things done. They are practical and reserved individuals, who want to maintain a sense of structure. ISTJs control their emotions most of the time, which is why they aren’t often seen as obsessive. They are more interested in being reasonable, and will be drawn to efficiency. ISTJs are very much in control of their own actions and their responses, and will maintain that in order to get things done properly.


ESTJs are not usually seen as obsessive people, except when it comes to being efficient. ESTJs are rarely interested in hobbies enough to become obsessed with them, and will find most things a bit boring. When it comes to their work environment ESTJs believe in getting things done to the best of their abilities. They are always pushing themselves to improve, and can become somewhat obsessed with being the absolute best. They don’t want anyone else to be better than them, so the ESTJ will push themselves constantly.


ISFJs are hardworking and compassionate people, who are focused on caring for their loved ones. They are more interested in ensuring that others are happy, and rarely have time for themselves. When the ISFJ does find hobbies they enjoy, they will certainly value them very much. While ISFJs do care about their own interests, they rarely become obsessive over them. They are dutiful and responsible people, who don’t want to lose control of themselves.


ESFJs can be somewhat obsessive when it comes to the things they truly enjoy. When they discover a hobby or activity that interests them, the ESFJ can get a bit nerdy about it. They can exhibit certain obsessive behaviors, especially towards the things that inspire them or remind them of the past. ESFJs are often inspires by certain memories, especially things like holidays. The ESFJ will want to find a way to inspire their loved ones to participate as well, and will be great at creating the right mood for this.


ISTPs aren’t generally seen as obsessive people, and have a much more laid back attitude. ISTPs would rather take life as it comes at them, and don’t want to become held back by others distractions. They will likely jump from one adventure to the next, and enjoy being able to explore new things. ISTPs really hate feeling stagnant, and want to feel free to do whatever they please. They aren’t usually obsessive people, since they don’t want to feel stuck on one hobby or idea.


ESTPs can be somewhat obsessive, especially when they get their sights on something. When the ESTP is truly inspires by something or someone, they will become a bit obsessive. They are most intrigued by things that challenge and excite them, and will enjoy things that require a chase. This is why ESTPs can become obsessive when it comes to certain people, especially if they feel like they are a bit out of their league.


ISFPs enjoy living in the present moment, and go after what they want in life. They follow their hearts and don’t want to feel stuck in the same place. ISFPs are caring people, but they rarely become obsessive over other people. They also find themselves somewhat easily distracted, which is why they don’t become obsessive over most hobbies or activities. ISFPs want to feel free to explore new things and enjoy focusing on whatever excites them.


ESFPs can become a bit obsessive when it comes to certain people or things. If the ESFP wants something it is hard for them to get that out of their thoughts. They will go after what they desire with a rather aggressive spirit, and will do what they can to enlist the help of their loved ones. ESFPs do enjoy trying different things though, and want to be able to explore anything new and exciting. ESFPs are very explorative and adventurous people, and dislike feeling stuck in the same place.

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