Enneagram Type 6 Male: The Enneagram Type Six Man

The Enneagram is a categorization of personality types based on how people perceive and respond to the world and information they gather, as well their own emotions. This describes 9 different enneagram or personality types, and each one possesses certain core beliefs which are what drives them. These beliefs drive each type and also can be limiting at times, which is why understanding them is so important. It isn’t meant to lock people into those weaknesses or limitations, instead it is meant to help them improve and find ways to maintain a sense of healthy balance in their lives. It also helps to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates the people around you, and helps to comprehend why they contradict themselves at times. Knowing the enneagram gives a clearer sense of these inner motivations and even fears.

Understanding each type is important but it can also be important to understanding the variations. For certain types it might cause them to respond differently to the world being a type 6 man, and how they are perceived by others because of this. They value having a sense of security and support in their lives at all times. Understanding how this correlates with being a male type 6, can help to gain a deeper comprehension of how they respond to the world as well as how they can better manage their own emotions. 

Type 6- The Loyalist

The type 6 personality is known as the loyalist because they are in fact, very loyal and committed people. They are responsible people who believe in doing their best to problem solve and get things done. They don’t like taking unnecessary risks, instead they want to be prepared for any given situation. They value a sense of security, wanting to know that they can take care of themselves as well as their loved ones. They also value having a sense of support from others, and care about making those types of helpful connections. The type 6 personality is very hardworking and often independent, wanting to know what they are capable of handling things. They are extremely loyal to their friends and relationships, wanting to always be there for the people they chose to let into their lives. They don’t believe in giving up on someone, and can often fight for relationships even if they should likely walk away sooner. 

They also have this sense of loyalty to their own inner beliefs and ideas, not wanting to allow people to sway their opinions when they view something as truly important. It is important to recognize that just because they have a strong loyalty to certain beliefs and ideas, doesn’t mean they stick by what is the social norm or certain conventions. Instead sixes might actually be rebellious, likely to go against pre-built systems in favor of something which seems more reasonable.

The Type 6 Male Values

The type 6 man has a deep value of loyalty and craves a sense of security in their lives. They are drawn to social groups and want to become a valuable member in those groups. This becomes a vital part of their lives and is something they want to maintain and take care of. Their social groups can also be a big part of their belief system, since they determine their core beliefs based on what their group connects with or feels. They become connected to this group mentality, wanting to be with people who share similar values and stick together through thick and thin. For the type 6 male it isn’t about following, instead it is about standing by their group and using them as a sounding board to determine what is right or wrong. It is about having a close bond and connection with this group, almost like being part of a pack. They need the reassurance that they are valued by their social group, wanting to know that they are bringing something important to the table.

Their sense of loyalty is something which is a big part of who they are, and is something they value immensely. They will do anything to stand by the people they are close to, and don’t believe in betraying them or their trust. They don’t give up on the people they love and truly want to feel this sense of loyalty in return. Security is important for the type 6 male, and so security in relationships is something they want to maintain as well. They value a sense of security in other areas of their lives as well, things such as their workplace. They care about creating stability for themselves as well as for their family and loved ones. The fact that they care so much about their loved ones is a big reason why security is so important to them. 

The Type 6 Male Struggles

For the type 6 male dealing with feeling overwhelmed can sometimes be a struggle they experience and have to deal with. They worry about things constantly, wanting everything to be in order and secure. They don’t like feeling as if something could go wrong, or they could end up unsure of how to navigate a situation or problem. This is why they value finding ways to ensure they have a sense of security in their lives on a constant basis. Their minds are great at constructing potential problems and this can certainly cause them to worry and stress about what might happen. For the type 6 male this can be hard to process at times, and can cause them to seem on edge or even high strung about a situation. It can be exhausting to constantly want things to go smoothly or perfectly, and the type 6 make struggles when security cannot be achieved the way they would like.

The type 6 male is likely to struggle with trust issues when they are younger, especially when it comes to relationships. They can also have a hard time trusting people when it comes to certain projects or work related scenarios. They might want to take on all of the work themselves and find ways to prevent things from going wrong.