Here’s How Much of a Dreamer You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Much of a Dreamer You Are, According to Your Personality Type

While some people are focused on practical things, others are natural born dreamers. Here is how much of a dreamer each personality type is.


INFJs are warm and compassionate people, with deep and complex minds. They have incredible active inner minds, which often makes them into dreamers. INFJs do have a side of realism to them, but they are certainly dreamers at heart. They have rather lofty dreams and aspirations, and many of them include wanting to make a real difference in the world. INFJs have incredible inner worlds, which are filled with dreams and imagination. They are complex people who are often called a paradox, and their dreamy nature is a big part of it. They are both logical people and dreamers all at the same time- feeding into their complexities.


ENFJs are hardworking people, who often juggle many tasks all at once. They are driven to care for their loved ones and also be successful people themselves. ENFJs can be rather realistic when it comes to their daily lives, but deep down they are dreamers. Their hearts are filled with imagination and incredible aspirations, with a desire to accomplish anything they set their mind to. They definitely are dreamers, but ENFJs don’t want to let their dreams remain that way. They often strive to make the desires inside of their heart come true, and work hard to make this happen.


INFPs are definitely dreamers, who spend most of their time inside of their own inner worlds. They have incredibly rich imaginations, and active minds which keep them constantly dreaming. INFPs allow their heart to be their guide in life, and try to follow their dreams. They are moral people who believe in being sincere and open about their feelings and beliefs. INFPs are naturally viewed as the dreamers of the personality world, and they are perfectly fine with that. They do have a realistic side to them, INFPs simply prefer to focus on their hearts and never lose hope for the future.


ENFPs are enthusiastic people, who are certainly dreamers deep down. They don’t always feel safe openly expressing their incredible dreams to people, but when they do it is certainly an intense thing. ENFPs believe in the possibilities, and want to be free to explore them without judgments. They don’t want to feel held back, and enjoy the idea of going after their dreams (even if they seem to change often). ENFPs also believe in romance, and might have a dreamer’s idea of what they should gain from a relationship. ENFPs merely want to explore the many possibilities that the world has to offer, and enjoy expanding their minds.


INTJs are realistic and logical people, who prefer to focus on the facts that are in front of them. They are rarely viewed as dreamers, simply because INTJs are seen as realists. They believe in focusing on knowledge and want to base their decisions on solid facts. INTJs are intelligent people, with a desire to chase after and accomplish their many goals. While INTJs ultimately make choices based on solid research and facts, they do have a bit of an active imagination. They do have incredibly active inner minds and a somewhat dreamy spirit inside of them, but with the INTJ their logical minds always win the battle.


ENTJs are logical people who prefer focusing on tangible facts and information. When the ENTJ has a goal in mind they will work hard to ensure that it is accomplished. They have extremely active inner minds, which can create a bit of a dreamer deep down. Ultimately ENTJs are more focused on being realistic people, and want to push themselves to be successful. They do not want to focus on dreaming too much, since it can pull them away from the practical things that are right in front of them. ENTJs may have a dreamer trapped inside of them, but they are driven people who prefer to focus on things that they can make into a reality.


INTPs are logical people, who strive to focus on the facts and information. They are researchers who love to absorb as much knowledge as they possibly can. INTPs are generally very realistic people, and prefer to look at information realistically. Even though INTPs prefer to focus on logic and reason, they do have rather rich inner minds. The INTP is filled with both logical thoughts and imaginative ones as well. They can be considered dreamers, since they love thinking about all of the different possibilities. Ultimately the INTP will decide on the logical choice, but in many cases they love exploring different ideas, and sifting through their different dreams.


ENTPs are logical and enthusiastic people, who absolutely love exploring possibilities. ENTPs prefer to observe the facts, and believe that it is import to have the correct information. Although they favor logic, ENTPs do have rather active imaginations. Their rich inner minds cause the ENTP to explore many different ideas, some of which are rather dreamy. ENTPs can be dreamers from time to time, especially when it comes to exploring the many different possibilities in the world. They love to be able to go down different paths and imagine different possible outcomes, even though in the end ENTPs will side with logic and reason.


ISTJs are extremely practical people, who prefer to focus on the facts. ISTJs are rarely seen as dreamers, since they want to focus on things that are tangible. They do have plenty of goals in life, but they are often tied to things that the ISTJ knows they can and will accomplish. They don’t simply settle for easy tasks, but they do want to prepare for anything they take on. ISTJs are realistic people who don’t want to get too caught up in foolish dreams. They won’t spend their time imagining possibilities that will likely never happen, but instead will spend time researching and learning.


ESTJs are very pragmatic people, who prefer to focus on tangible things. They have rather large goals in life, and want to work hard to ensure that they are accomplished. They believe in working hard in order to get things done, and care very deeply for their loved ones. ESTJs don’t want to get too caught up on dreams, and would rather focus on logical goals. They want to be efficient people, and often being a dreamer can get in the way of that. ESTJs are practical people, and want to work hard to be successful- they simply don’t have the patience or time to waste on dreamy things.


ISFJs are compassionate people, but they are also very practical. They often prefer to focus on goals that they know can be accomplished. ISFJs do have dreams deep inside of them, but those feelings can only get in the way of the important things in life. They are mainly focused on caring for their loved ones, and diving into their own dreams can really only get in the way of that. ISFJs are responsible people, who strive to take care of others in a realistic and helpful way.


ESFJs are caring and loving people, who strive to take care of their loved ones. They want to make others happy, which means they often have to push aside their own dreams. Although ESFJs want to focus on tending to the needs of others, deep down they do have a dreamy nature. They often imagine large goals of accomplish their dreams, and enjoy helping others to accomplish theirs as well. ESFJs can be inspiring people, especially for the ones they love and care for. They might have a hard time focusing on their own dreams, but deep down they enjoy being dreamers.


ISTPs are logical people, who want to focus on the facts that are in front of them. They aren’t often viewed as dreamers, since ISTPs prefer to make things happen rather than dream about them happening. They do have an adventurous side to them, but this is something that comes from living in the moment. Instead of focusing on or imagining the future, ISTPs prefer to live in the present and enjoy their surroundings.


ESTPs are analytical people who enjoy absorbing knowledge and searching for understanding. They do have plenty of large goals, ones which they work hard to accomplish. When ESTPs are working towards something it can be extremely difficult to hold them back. They do have dreams, ones that they work towards and plan to achieve. ESTPs desires are often much more practical though, and do not go above what makes logical sense.


ISFPs are whimsical and emotional people, who enjoy living inside of their own minds. They are definitely dreamers, and enjoy allowing their hearts to guide them. They have rather deep and meaningful desires, ones that can sometimes stay as dreams. Deep down ISFPs want to make a difference in the world, and enjoy imagining ways in which they can change people’s lives. ISFPs are much more interested in dreams than they are analyzing facts.


ESFPs are fun loving and energetic people, who love to live in the moment. They are more focused on doing what they want in the present, than focusing on the future. They can be dreamers sometimes though, and enjoy imagining different possibilities. They have somewhat dreamy personalities, and enjoy being able to explore new things. ESFPs are certainly not practical people, but instead focus on their emotions and want to follow their heart.

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