Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Psychology

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Psychology

Psychology is an interesting and complex topic, one that not everyone finds themselves intrigued by. Here is how each personality type feels about psychology.


INFJs are very curious people, who often love researching and learning new topics. INFJs often enjoy studying psychology, because they are extremely interested in the mind and how it works. Studying psychology is often a way for the INFJ to help understand others, and to seek understanding within themselves. They often spend their lives struggling to feel fully understood by others, and might not realize where they belong in life. For the INFJ studying how the mind works and how it affects personality, is an interesting and helpful way to understand themselves better.


ENFJs often have an interest in psychology, and love anything that helps them understand people better. ENFJs spend a lot of their time trying to care for others, and are hardworking people. They are very caring, but on their own time they do enjoy researching and learning. ENFJs often spend a lot of time reading when they can, and usually find themselves intrigued by psychology. Being able to learn about how the mind words, and how it can affect personality, is intriguing to them.


INFPs are very intuitive and introspective people, who often enjoy learning new things. INFPs will find themselves intrigued by many different subjects, and this often includes psychology. They enjoy learning more about the mind, and are often fascinating by the many different possible outcomes and paths it can take. INFPs always enjoy being able to explore new ideas, especially when they can expand their imagination in any way. INFPs usually find psychology interesting, and have a knack for picking up on the information at hand.


ENFPs are curious people, who love being able to explore new things in life. They enjoy being able to learn and spent a lot of their time researching new subjects. The human mind is often very interesting to ENFPs, they enjoy understanding how it works and how different people behave. ENFPs are often intrigued by rather unusual topics as well, such as how individuals with abnormalities might functions. They might be innately curious about serial killers, and will find themselves researching the differences in their psychology.


INTJs are always chasing after knowledge, and enjoy being able to research many different topics. Psychology is often a very intriguing topic for INTJs, and they enjoy how much there is to learn about it. They often find themselves diving into the study of the mind, and how it works. INTJs are intellectual people, who are always hungry for a deeper understanding of things. They find themselves often intrigues by psychology, sometimes more than other subjects. INTJs are always open to new information, and dislike feeling ignorant to anything.


ENTJs are logical and focused people, who enjoy removing ignorance where they can. ENTJs are always ready to research a new topic, and often find psychology to be a useful tool. They want to understand people better, since it can help them navigate their future in many ways. ENTJs might find it helpful to understand the psychology of people better, since it can help them operate around them more efficiently in order to get a better result.


INTPs definitely find themselves intrigued by psychology, and enjoy being able to understand how the mind works. INTPs love learning and are always striving to absorb as much information as possible. They are intelligent people who never seem to get bored of researching and learning. They are always expanding their minds, and this often includes understanding how the mind works. INTPs find the study of psychology and how the mind affects personality rather interesting, and will often find that it comes naturally to them.


ENTPs are curious people, who are always striving to learn as much as they can. They dislike feeling ignorant and enjoy absorbing new information. Because of their curious and eager minds, ENTPs are definitely intrigued by the subject of psychology. They often enjoy being able to study and learn more, and will even branch out to some topics that seem a little odd to them. ENTPs just want to take in as much information as possible, and will use their own analytical skills to figure out what they believe to be the truth.


ISTJs are intellectual people, who strive to learn and understand as much as they can. When it comes to research they can be a bit practical, and are often more interested in things that can help them move forward in life. When it comes to psychology ISTJs might not always find themselves instantly intrigued by it. They are more likely to be drawn to psychology if they have found a connection to it in the past, such as taking a class or two in college. If the ISTJ can see the practicality of learning about the mind, they will definitely find themselves more interested in it.


ESTJs aren’t often intrigued by psychology, and might find parts of it to be a bit boring. They are efficient people, who believe in getting things done and working hard. They are driven by their desire to move forward and build a positive future for themselves and their loved ones. ESTJs can be interested in psychology if they see the practical use of it, and find themselves even more intrigued if it helps them to understand their loved ones better.


ISFJs are internal and somewhat reserved people, who are motivated by their loved ones. They want to care for the people closest to them, and do whatever it takes to tend to their needs. ISFJs aren’t always interested in subjects like psychology, simply because it isn’t always the most practical thing for them to study. In most cases they prefer to focus on what they can do to help make a difference for the people they care about most.


ESFJs are very focused on caring for others, which is why psychology can sometimes be intriguing to them. Understanding how the mind works is helpful in caring for others and understanding them properly. ESFJs often find themselves curious about their loved ones, and want to do what they can to take care of them. They want to make a difference in the world, and the study of psychology can often intrigue ESFJs for this reason.


ISTPs are curious people, who enjoy understanding and researching different subjects. They aren’t always interesting in psychology in specific, but they do strive to understand things. ISTPs might take time to understand psychology and how the mind works, simply because they dislike feeling ignorant or like they lack information. ISTPs are more interested in the clinical aspects of it, than they are the unproven ideas that can be attached to psychology studies.


ESTPs are driven people, who strive to understand as much as they possibly can about the world. They want to absorb facts and data, in order to be fully informed. ESTPs hate feeling ignorant in any situation, which is why they love to constantly be doing research. They will certainly explore different aspects of psychology, since it might become useful to them in the future.


ISFPs are introspective people, which is often why they find themselves intrigued by the study of psychology. Being able to learn about how the mind works, is a good way to understand themselves better. While ISFPs might find psychology to be interesting, they often find that they can become bored with it quickly. ISFPs simply enjoy being able to explore new things, and are always trying to follow their heart.


ESFPs are rarely interested in psychology and can find certain studies like that a bit boring. ESFPs are unique and interesting people, who simply want to follow their hearts. They go after whatever inspires them most, whether that be party planning, interior decoration, or even the medical field. They aren’t stuck in the idea of one thing, and dislike being stereotyped simply because they enjoy living in the moment. ESFPs are capable of many different careers, and for some that includes psychology.

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