4 Things About INTJs That Might Surprise You

INTJs are certainly unique people, who are constantly surprising those around them. In many cases people misunderstand them and everything that they have to offer. With just a little bit of time and patience, it is truly easy to see the amazing value that INTJs can bring to the lives of others. Here are some things that might just surprise you about INTJs.

They Give Great Advice

INTJs are logical people, which often makes them seem harsh. They can sometimes deliver comments in a way that offends people who are more sensitive. They are simply trying to be accurate, which sometimes comes across the wrong way. Just because INTJs favor logic, doesn’t mean they aren’t compassionate. They can actually be amazing at giving advice, especially in practical situations. There are times when people are being too emotional, and aren’t capable of understanding what needs to be done. In those situations it can actually be helpful to seek out the help of your INTJ friend. They often have a unique perspective than can help you reach conclusions you otherwise would not have. Even if you have a similar personality type as them, they can still surprise you with their different view.

INTJs may not always have the patience for certain things, but if you catch them at the right time they will be very helpful. They care about their friendships, and will take your problems very seriously if you approach them the right way. Simply let them know that you are struggling and confused and your INTJ friend will be able to assist you. They are often excellent at giving their perspective, even if it is sometimes a bit harsh. The truth is sometimes we need a firmer response, some friends simply tell you what you want to hear. INTJs will not disrespect you in that way, and will consider it to be more valuable that they are being honest with you. If you are asking for advice, expect a sincere response and not some phony comforting words. Your INTJ friend is where you go when you want honesty and clarity, not sugar coated nonsense. They will often help you understand what you were missing, even if your problem is an emotional one. Their ability to sift through your confusion can truly help you understand what needs to be done in order to solve your problems.

They Are Helpful

INTJs are often seen as very intense people, with little patience for others. This is not entirely true, INTJs do value efficiency but they can also be extremely patient with others. If someone is eager to learn and is approaching the INTJ with an open mind, then they will be happy to assist them. They can be excellent teachers because they love to impart wisdom onto others. They despise ignorance, and strive to make the world around them a more knowledgeable place. INTJs work hard to understand everything in their world, and because of this they have cataloged a vast amount of knowledge about many different subjects. This understanding and information makes INTJs intelligent people, but they often feel like it isn’t enough. They are always striving to learn more and to logically understand everything that they can. Because of this, they are actually great when it comes to helping others understand things.

INTJs become short tempered with people who are not willing to listen, and simply want to go on living their lives unaware of the truth. This is extremely frustrating for INTJs because they spend much of their energy researching and learning. People who are completely fine going through their lives ignorant and foolish, is a very disappointing sight for an INTJ. When they come across people who are eager to learn from them, they take this as a compliment. They are often excited to help others understand, and enjoy being able to remove as much ignorance from the world as they possibly can. Being able to accomplish something like this, actually makes an INTJ feel a sense of relief. They are surprisingly helpful people, especially when others are more than willing to learn from them. They will take the time and be patient with those people who are working hard to understand something. In many cases they don’t mind if it takes someone a little more effort, since they realize not everyone can learn as fast as they can. As long as it is clear that individual is trying their hardest, the INTJ will be glad to help.

They Are Loyal and Supportive

INTJs are surprisingly loyal people once they have given their trust to someone. They will stand by their friends with everything they have, and will be supportive of them whenever they can. They are upfront people, which means they will not lie to their friends. They will tell them when they do not believe in their choices, but are only doing this out of consideration. They want people in their lives who will be honest with them as well, which creates a truly trustworthy bond between people.

INTJs are known as being distant people, who live inside of their own inner worlds. They definitely do have a rich inner mind which can carry them away for long periods of time, but when they emerge they still feel just as connected to the people they care about. INTJs value their relationships very deeply, and do not take them lightly at all. When they let someone into their world, they will work hard to ensure that the bond remains strong. They will often stand up for and defend the people they care for, and are rather good at doing this. Having an INTJ by your side is truly a wonderful thing if you can learn to fully appreciate it.

They Believe In Meaningful Connections

INTJs are seen as robotic individuals, but they are actually extremely caring people. They often do not have a long list of friends, simply because they dislike fake connections. They want to build real and lasting friendships and relationships, and truly dislike anything shallow. INTJs often do not see the purpose of making a large group of friends, simply to find yourselves distancing within a short time. They don’t want flighty friendships, and are truly searching for real bonds. When INTJs decide to get close to someone, it is because they trust that person completely. They want people in their lives that will be there for them, in the same way they are there for others. They value sincerity, which can often make it hard for them to find the right people to let into their worlds.

INTJs believe in making lasting bonds with people who they can truly connect with. This can be difficult for them, but it is well worth the wait. Once they find people that they can connect with, people who understand and value the INTJ, they will hold onto those bonds with everything they have. INTJs do not enjoy shallow things, and desire only to build deep and complex connections in their lives. Having an INTJ in your life means that you have proven yourself worthy, and have shown that you are someone they can trust.

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