Here’s How Strong Your Convictions Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Strong Your Convictions Are, Based on Your Personality Type

While many people have powerful internal beliefs that are rarely shaken, others might find themselves wavering fairly easily. Here is how strong your convictions are, based on your personality type.


INFJs definitely have very strong convictions, especially when it comes to their moral beliefs. They will hold strong to this internal set of ideals, even if they don’t always share them with others. INFJs don’t want to waver simply because someone pushes them, and definitely believing in maintaining their convictions. While in most situations the INFJ will hold strong to their beliefs, there are times when people might begin planting doubt in their minds. This only happens with the people the INFJ trusts, which is why they hesitate to trust easily.


ENFJs do possess strong convictions which they try hard to stick by. Whatever the ENFJ believes in they can often hold firm to, even when this is challenged. While they might have certain things they aren’t sure about, those are simply ideas that they are still formulating. When it comes to the ENFJ true convictions there is very little that can cause them to waver. The only time the ENFJ might doubt these beliefs is when someone they trust and completely rely on attempts to convince them otherwise.


INFPs have extremely strong convictions which they do not waver on. The INFPs morals and internal belief system is something that is rooted within who they are as a person, which makes it rather difficult to shake. They know what they believe is right because they spend so much time processing and weighing the options before they come to these conclusions. There is so much going on inside the mind of the INFP, and the things they are sure about are this way because they have thought it over for a long time.


ENFPs definitely have strong convictions and they don’t believe in allowing others to force doubt upon them. While they might have certain thoughts that they waver on, that is simply because they are open-minded people. ENFPs have certain beliefs that they hold firm to, and will not allow people to convince them otherwise. These are things the ENFP has spent their lives thinking through and processing in a way that makes them completely sure they are correct. ENFPs won’t waver on their true convictions, since they are rooted in their morals and ideals.


INTJs definitely have strong convictions and are nearly impossible to convince differently of their beliefs. Once the INTJ has made a choice about something they are completely sure that they are correct. This is because they spend so much time considering the information and analyzing it before coming to these conclusions. Once the INTJ is sure about their beliefs it pretty much set in stone, and they will not change their minds easily. They also have strong inner morals which they do not believe in compromises simply because someone attempts to sway them.


ENTJs are very stubborn people who are sure of their convictions and will not let others sway them. Once the ENTJ has come to a conclusion about something it is nearly impossible to make them bend. This is because they spend a lot of time analyzing information and processing it through their intuition before they come to a decision on something. ENTJs won’t bend simply because someone tries to force them, and will like be defensive of the things they are certain of.


While INTPs can hold strong to certain convictions, they are fairly open-minded people. They always have the chance of changing their minds last minute, since they enjoy being able to consider different possibilities. INTPs might go through stages in their lives where they completely flip their beliefs, just to process that information and consider if it is valuable or not. In order to truly figure out what they believe and what they want in life, the INTP needs to dive into many different options.


ENTPs don’t enjoy being boxed into one singular belief, which is why they enjoy consider all of the possibilities. They want to keep their minds open and be sure to not close themselves off to something new. ENTPs will often dive into a belief that is entirely different from their own, just to give it a chance and consider if it could be sincere. ENTPs don’t do anything halfway, and need to absorb something entirely in order to actually analyze it and come to a conclusion about what the truth actually is.


ISTJs have extremely strong convictions which they do not waver on. When the ISTJ believes in something it is nearly impossible to change their minds. They have strong inner morals and their beliefs are often rooted within those ideals. For ISTJs it is important to stand firm on their convictions and not allow others to make them doubt themselves. They are somewhat stubborn people, which can be a good thing when it comes to standing up for what they believe in.


ESTJs are stubborn people who don’t believe in allowing others to change their minds about things. They definitely have strong convictions which are nearly impossible to change or plant doubt for. ESTJs do not change their minds simply because someone attempts to convince them, and believe in standing strong. ESTJs often share the same beliefs throughout their lives, unless they are presented with solid and undeniable evidence to change their minds. It takes a lot to plant doubt in the ESTJ, especially with the things they have become accustomed to.


ISFJs do have rather strong convictions which are often rooted in the past. They develop these beliefs from their experiences and do not believe in letting them waver. When the ISFJ beliefs in something it takes a lot to make them change their minds, especially when it comes to their morals. They do have certain people they trust and rely on, and only those individuals can make them consider other options. Most ISFJs don’t enjoy changing their minds about their internal beliefs though, and dislike when people attempt to make them doubt.


ESFJs have extremely strong convictions which are strongly rooted in their past. They often develop these beliefs over time and connect them to their childhood in some ways. ESFJs are definitely difficult to convince otherwise once they have come to a conclusion about something. They might have certain things they are unsure about, but they will be rather clear about their doubts. When it comes to their inner morals and long-term convictions the ESFJ is likely difficult to bend.


ISTPs do have strong internal beliefs, but at the same time they don’t mind keeping themselves open to new things. They want to feel free to explore their options and dislike feeling stuck in the same place. For ISTPs it is important to always keep an open mind, so that they can truly explore the world around them. They want to pay close attention to the information they absorb and consider if it is has validity or not. ISTPs won’t be convinced to change their beliefs based on what someone else says, but they often convince themselves of different ideas.


ESTPs are stubborn people who don’t allow others to convince them of things. They want to be capable of making their own choices without having someone force their hand. While ESTPs won’t simply believe what someone says, they do want to keep their minds open to new possibilities. ESTPs can often convince themselves to doubt their previous convictions, especially when they uncover something new that makes sense to them.


While ISFPs do have strong inner morals that they do not change easily, there are other things that they can be swayed on. They live so much in the present moment and follow their hearts- which can cause the ISFP to change their minds fairly easily. They might not have the strongest convictions, and can be swayed when something new is presented that entices them in an exciting manner. The ISFP will possess certain morals however, which won’t be changed easily by others.


ESFPs can sometimes waver when it comes to their original convictions, and change their minds fairly often. They simply live so much in the present moment that it can be easy for them to come to new conclusions about what they believe. ESFPs might have a hard time holding firm to many of their convictions and beliefs, especially over time. They are easily swayed by the moment and find themselves discovering new ideas that seem very believable to them.

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