Here’s How Good at Implementing a Plan You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Good at Implementing a Plan You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people might be great at concocting a plan, actually implementing it is an entirely different story. Here is how good you are at implementing your plans, based on your personality type.


INFJs are very intuitive people who can often see a clear path and predict what will happen. They don’t always utilize this ability, since the young INFJ might not trust their powerful intuition right away. INFJs can struggle to act on certain desires or feelings, since they don’t want their actions to be a burden to anyone else. For the INFJ it entirely depends on what their plan entails and who it will ultimately affect. If it is something that seems necessary in order to help someone they care for, they will find a way to follow through with it. INFJs are definitely skilled at putting together a plan, and can implement this plan by taking proper action- as long as it seems worth their effort and energy.


ENFJs are excellent at implementing plans, and are not afraid of taking action. They are very focused on caring for their loved ones, and can often accomplish their goals without letting anything get in their way. ENFJs are intuitive people, who can readily put together a plan and execute it perfectly. They always want to consider how their actions will affect others though, and don’t want to do anything that might seem selfish or harmful to someone else. ENFJs are caring people who simply strive to make sure the people around them are happy.


INFPs can sometimes struggle when it comes to executing the plan they come up with. INFPs are imaginative people, who often live very much inside of their own minds. Their inner world is so rich and fulfilling that sometimes the INFP will fail to take real action in their lives. They can often imagine different scenarios and even come up with a sensible plan, but they often struggle to find a way to implement those plans. This is simply because the INFP doesn’t feel quite as fulfilled taking that next step.


ENFPs are intuitive and imaginative people, who are often excellent at thinking through different ideas and coming up with logical plans. While their plans and problem solving abilities can often seem a bit unusual to others, they work in their own unique way. ENFPs definitely come up with more plans than they feel the need to execute, because they become bored rather quickly. When the ENFP believes it is something they really need to take to that next step, they will find the motivation to implement their idea or plan.


INTJs are definitely capable of implementing their plans, and are good at finding the motivation. INTJs might take a long time to perfect their strategy before moving forward, but that is simply because they like being prepared. For the INTJ actually being able to execute a proper plan is an important part of the process. They do enjoy seeing their ideas come to fruition and find this to be very satisfying. INTJs aren’t afraid of scrapping a plan if moving forward doesn’t make sense, but their intuition will often lead them in the right direction when it comes to these situations.


ENTJs are excellent at implementing their plans, and enjoy being able to see them come to fruition. For ENTJs it is important to execute their strategies and take things to that next step. They are often very active people who want to see their plans lead them to accomplishing their goals. They dislike remaining stagnant and will find a way to motivate themselves in order to get things done. For ENTJs efficiency is extremely important, which is why they believe in taking action.


INTPs are often excellent at utilizing their intuition and logical minds to concoct a superb plan. While INTPs can think things through and put together a great plan of action in their minds, they definitely struggle when it comes to actually implementing them. They are creative people who know how to think through the possibilities until they figure out which solution makes the most sense. INTPs simply aren’t always motivated to take action and push themselves towards making that next step to implementing their plans and ideas. They often would rather think about and imagine the possibilities, rather than actually doing it.


ENTPs are great strategic thinkers and will use their intuition to come up with creative plans and solutions. While ENTPs enjoy thinking things through, they rarely follow through with their plans. They might implement the first few steps, just to see how things will go. After the ENTP has experienced enough of their ideas and plans, they often become bored and move onto the next thing. For ENTPs it isn’t about fear of taking those next steps, they simply find themselves bored rather quickly. Once they have gotten what they want out of something, they will move on to the next experience.


ISTJs are excellent at following through with a plan and seeing it to the end. They are focused people who are not going to readily give up on something they have put together. ISTJs want to be able to take their ideas and plan and see them to fruition. For the ISTJ it isn’t satisfying to simply come up with a great plan, they want to see it in action. They are focused on accomplishing their goals and being as efficient and capable as possible.


ESTJs are definitely good at implementing their plans and seeing them through. They are hardworking people who believe in always pushing themselves to be the best at what they do. Efficiency is important to the ESTJ, which means being able to actually execute the plans and ideas they come up with. Simply putting together a great plan isn’t enough for them, they want to see those plans come to fruition in a brilliant way.


ISFJs are definitely capable of implementing a plan, and are hardworking people. They believe in getting things done, and try their hardest to ensure that their loved ones are proud of them. ISFJs don’t enjoy just sitting back and letting do the work, and will always be willing to step in and take care of things. Their biggest focus is often on the people around them, and they simply want to make them as happy as possible. ISFJs are very capable of seeing a plan through, and are definitely not the quitting type.


ESFJs are focused people who are often very capable of seeing a plan through to the end. They aren’t afraid of implementing their ideas, or even the ideas of those around them. ESFJs want to ensure that their loved ones are happy, and also want to be capable of making them proud. They do whatever it takes to make sure the people in their lives are taken care of and happy. In most situations the ESFJ will step in while everyone else is feeling overwhelmed, and will find a way to make things happen.


ISTPs are natural problem solvers, and are often great at figuring things out. There are times when the ISTP is excellent at implementing a plan, and other times when they might become bored of it. When the ISTP becomes bored of something they will feel the need to move on and find something else to keep them occupied. As long as they are still interested and feel challenged by the situation, they will be capable of implementing their plans.


ESTPs can definitely implement their plans since they are good problem solvers. The struggle with the ESTP is that they might find themselves becoming easily distracted by something more interesting. They can become bored rather easily and dislike focusing on anything that doesn’t maintain their interest. ESTPs can begin one thing and find themselves jumping onto something different fairly quickly.


ISFPs aren’t always great at taking action when it comes to plans, and might find themselves bored rather easily. They simply don’t enjoy being held up by something that doesn’t interest them, and will move on quickly to the next thing. ISFPs want to feel truly inspired by their hobbies and their actions, and dislike anything that doesn’t feel sincere. This can cause the ISFP to struggle when it comes to actually implementing a plan, and they might find themselves distracted.


ESFPs can often become distracted,, which can leave them less interested in actually implementing a plan. For the ESFP it is important to live in the moment and enjoy their experiences fully. They might have a good idea or a plan that seem useful, but they don’t always have the desire to follow through with them. The ESFP might find themselves beginning on path or idea, and will jump to something different rather quickly.

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