Here’s How Experimental You Can Be, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people enjoy experimenting with different things, while others can be nervous by the thought of it. Being an experimental person means stepping outside of your comfort zone, and reaching for things you might not actually enjoy. It is about trying these different activities in order to find your boundaries and discover the things you might be surprised by. Here is how experimental you can be, based on your personality type.



INFJs can appear like they simply want to remain within their comfort zone, but there is often a side of them that does enjoy experimentation in some ways. They might want to dip their foot into the water before they fully dive in, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t curious people. INFJs have such rich inner worlds- filled with so many different thoughts and ideas- that people don’t realize what they are capable of. There is often a part of the INFJ who imagines different things they want to experience, and so this does lend a bit to their more experimental side.


ENFJs do actually have an experimental side to them, even though it doesn’t always appear obvious to others. While on the outside ENFJs can appear to be very focused on getting things done and living by a schedule, there is much more to them than this. ENFJs can struggle to step outside of their comfort zone, but a large part of them often desires this. They have rich and vivid inner worlds, which lends to a need for new exploration. Part of them often imagines different things they want to try, and a more experimental part of their personality which they want to let out.


INFPs can definitely be experimental people, who often just want to try things in order to experience them. They want to be able to stretch their minds and dive into new things without being afraid of the result. INFPs don’t like stagnancy and can become bored somewhat easily because of their overactive thoughts. Being force to remain in a stagnant situation can leave them feeling anxious, and so they are happiest when they have hobbies and creative outlets. INFPs do like to experiment with new ideas and new hobbies, sometime just to see how it feels.


ENFPs are definitely experimental people, in almost every way possible. They often want to experiment with new foods, hobbies, and even in their sex life. ENFPs just dislike stagnancy and really hate having to do the same ordinary things, day after day. They want to be able to try something new and really expand their minds in a way that is rewarding. For the ENFP boredom occurs rather easily, and so they need to find ways to get a bit creative with their choices in order to remain entertained.



INTJs aren’t often seen as highly experimental people, since they prefer to stick with the facts. They follow things that can be proven, instead of theories that don’t hold much validity to them. For the INTJ breaking out of their comfort zone isn’t all that appealing most of the time, since they value being able to focus on what is important to them. They are willing to experience new things, but only if they have logical reasoning behind why they should. They aren’t usually all that experimental, since they prefer to have logic backing up most of their actions in life.


ENTJs are usually logical people, who focus on the things they know and can understand. When it comes to experimenting, they often avoid this when they can. They are more interested in following the facts and doing what can bring them value or advance them towards the future they want. ENTJs don’t like walking into situations without actually knowing what is going to happen, and so being overly experimental often sounds rather unappealing to them.


INTPs are often very experimental people, who love being able to dive into something headfirst. They enjoy pushing their limits and trying new things, in order to discover what they truly enjoy. For the INTP being experimental means learning about themselves and the world around them without boundaries holding them back. They really don’t enjoy stagnancy or being stuck in the same routine, and so experimenting with something new is actually rather fulfilling for them.


ENTPs are often wildly experimental people, this is actually a bit part of their personality. They relish in the opportunity to try something new and to dive into an experience they haven’t encountered before. For the ENTP remaining stagnant is actually rather boring and even a bit draining after a while. ENTPs need to keep themselves busy and constantly find ways to nourish their minds. This often means experimenting with things, in order to really figure out their own boundaries and the boundaries of those around them.



ISTJs aren’t often experimental people, and can become a bit uneasy by the whole idea. They prefer to stick to the things they know and are most comfortable with. For the ISTJ it can be rather overwhelming to be forced into new or experimental situations, especially without preparation. They want to walk into things knowing what they are being faced with, and prefer to spend time researching their tasks. ISTJs simply want to be able to navigate everything with a sense of efficiency and awareness, and so being experimental often is not for them.


ESTJs aren’t usually very experimental people and can actually be quite the opposite. They prefer to focus on things they know and understand very well, instead of diving into something new. For the ESTJ it is best to always be as prepared as possible, since this helps them become more efficient in their actions. They don’t enjoy being tossed into something new, especially without having time to prepare and do proper research. ESTJs just aren’t experimental people, since they are more interested in the things they are sure of.


ISFJs aren’t usually that experimental, and can become a weary by the idea of being tossed into new situations. They prefer to focus on things they know and are much happier living within their comfort zone. That doesn’t mean ISFJs are incapable of trying new things, they just don’t like doing this all of the time. They work hard to maintain a sense of harmony in their environment and to take good care of their loved ones. Constantly diving into new experimental things and situations, can really be something that leaves them feeling drained and overwhelmed.


While ESFJs don’t mind trying new experiences, they prefer to live within their comfort zone most of the time. They don’t like stepping into things unprepared, and often become overwhelmed when they are tossed into something unaware. ESFJs like to prepare for things in life, especially since they focus so much on taking care of their loved ones. They will be more experimental if they need to do this for their loved ones, but it simply isn’t how ESFJs prefer to live their lives.



ISTPs do have a very experimental side to their personality, especially since they enjoy trying new things. Remaining stuck in the same boring schedule can be rather draining for the ISTP. They need to seek out new things and experiences, which can actually fulfill and reward them. This often means being a bit experimental at times, and being willing to jump into something headfirst without trepidation.


ESTPs can definitely be experimental people, since they enjoy things that thrill and excite them. ESTPs hate stagnancy and don’t like remaining still for very long. Being experimental means that the ESTP gets to toss themselves into new situations, and this can be truly fulfilling for them. They want to live in the present moment and don’t like getting hung up on what they should or should not do in any given situation.


ISFPs can be experimental people, especially since they enjoy trying new things. They are willing to experiment a little bit in order to uncover what they are actually passionate and excited about. For the ISFP doing the same boring things is truly draining, and so they need to be experimental from time to time. Even if they are nervous about trying something new, the ISFP often wants to push themselves forward instead of remaining stuck.


ESFPs are often very experimental people, who are most rewarded when they are trying something new. They want their lives to be filled with passion and excitement, and truly dislike remaining stuck in the same place forever. ESFPs live their lives in the present moment and enjoy being able to live with a sense of openness and adventure. They don’t mind being a bit afraid of their next step, instead they often seek out the thrill that comes along with it.

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