ENFJ Entrepreneurs: The Pros and Cons of Being an ENFJ Entrepreneur

While many people might consider the independence and pride which comes from meaning an entrepreneur. The ability to make your own career choices often seems like a dream, but it also comes with heaps of responsibility and often financial risk. Being the person to take these steps on your own to manage your own business or businesses, is something which not everyone can do just because they think it seems like a good idea. It is something which takes incredible dedication, effort and skill.

ENFJs are outgoing people who are very hardworking and capable of accomplishing their goals. Their sense of focus is certainly an asset which can help them when it comes to being an entrepreneur. They are driven people who will push themselves to accomplish whatever they set their minds to. ENFJs are not afraid of taking on challenges and are often great at finding the answers when problems arise. They are seen as compassionate and caring people, but this can sometimes cause people to think of them as pushovers which really is not true at all. They know how to take charge when it is necessary, especially in a business setting.

The Pros of the ENFJ Entrepreneur

ENFJs are very driven people, who have a knack for getting things done even when it is challenging. When they set their mind to a goal they won’t give up on it, which is actually an incredible asset for an entrepreneur. Where other people might struggle or want to give up, the ENFJ will continue pushing forward. They don’t believe in giving up and will view this as a major failure. For them it is not acceptable to fail or give up, since they put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed. For the ENFJ it is important to be as close to perfect as they can, especially when it comes to something truly important. Their perfectionist nature can sometimes be a challenge for them, but it also helps them to strive for greatness and success.

ENFJs are outgoing and have a knack for understanding people and their needs and desires. Their ability to read people is something which truly helps the ENFJ as an entrepreneur. They know how to make good connections and find ways to please their customers as well. Whatever they decide to venture into for a business, the ENFJ knows how to connect with people and read them. Knowing how to navigate the people around them with such ease is really a talent which helps the ENFJ grow their business. Where others might be afraid of network, the ENFJ naturally feels comfortable in these situations. They can figure out what people want and work hard to give it to them without much difficulty.

ENFJs are excellent at planning things out, and this helps them to push their business in the right direction. They aren’t afraid of setting schedules and making plans, and they know how to stick to these plans. ENFJs will use their intuition to figure out the best course of action for the future of their business, and then work hard to make this happen. While people might view ENFJs are emotionally driven, they miss out on the fact that they are actually good at making plans and strategizing when they have to. When the ENFJ has to put together a team they will be skilled at finding the right people who can connect with them and their business. They create a work environment which is often rather positive and people around them actually enjoy coming into work for them. This is something which can really help the ENFJ to excel in anything they do, especially in being an entrepreneur. Because of their combination of skills and sense of work ethic, the ENFJ is often a great fit for entrepreneurship roles. They aren’t afraid of working hard or stepping out on their own, especially since they have important goals they want to achieve. ENFJs are actually very independent people, and they want to be successful and be capable of impressing their loved ones with this.

The Cons of the ENFJ Entrepreneur

ENFJs don’t take criticism well most of the time, and this is something which can make the role of entrepreneur difficult at times. The negativity can be rather draining for them, even if they have plenty of success and positive responses. Receiving criticism can make them feel as if they have failed, and failure isn’t something the ENFJ knows how to handle all that well. They put so much pressure on themselves to succeed, and this is something which can weigh heavily on them after a while. They really care about being able to impress those around them and avoid making any errors. The ENFJs perfectionism is definitely something which can be an asset, but at times it can be rather draining for them. When they make small mistakes or little failures with their business, the ENFJ often takes this hard hard. They will blame themselves and scramble to find ways to fix whatever went wrong. 

ENFJs invest so much into their work and their loved ones, and because of this they can struggle to take time for themselves. When the ENFJ becomes so focused on their business they might forget to relax and overwork themselves. They push themselves and this is something which makes them successful but at times it can exhaust them. It is truly important for the ENFJ to take time for themselves to recharge their batteries.

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