Myers Briggs: Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses

Myers Briggs: Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses

Everyone is curious to know which Hogwarts House the Sorting Hat would place them into. We have personally consulted the Sorting Hat and placed everyone into their Hogwarts House based on their MBTI type…so enjoy!


Values bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry.


INFJs are very independent and intuitive. Much like Gryffindor they have a strong sense of chivalry and purpose. They aren’t ones to back-down from what they believe in and can be very daring if necessary.


ENFJs are strong-willed and loyal. They follow what they believe in and don’t back-down. They believe in doing what is right for the good of others and are very caring. They are very responsible but are more than willing to bend the rules if they believe it is what they should do.


ESFJs are very warm and conscious of how they effect others. They are very focused on others and are committed to what they set out to do. They are caring but will stand up for what they believe in and take risks for the sake of those they care for.


ESFPs are very sociable and adventurous. Much like the Gryffindor they have a sense of bravery and willingness to push past fear. They are always willing to take chances for the sake of adventure and live very much in the present moment.


Values ambition, cunning, leadership and resourcefulness.


ENTJs are very strong-willed and are natural leaders. They are very assertive and strategic, making them a perfect fit for Slytherin. They value power and have a natural ability to take control in most situations. They have a strong drive to accomplish their goals and are very ambitious like the Slytherin house.


ENTPs are also very capable leaders. They are gregarious and ambition, and value their ability to be very cunning. They are smart and quick paced, never staying stagnant for too long. Like Slytherin, the ENTP have a strong sense of leadership and are very headstrong.


ESTPs are sometimes seen as very sly and fast paced. They are extremely adaptable and thick-skinned. They are a perfect fit for Slytherin in their sense of resourcefulness and cunning.


ESTJs are very ambitious and often make very good leaders. They are extremely efficient and know how to get the job done. They believe in being resourceful and do not appreciate incompetence, making them a perfect match for Slytherin.


Values intelligence, creativity, knowledge and wit.


INTPs are very witty and intelligent. They value knowledge and all things that represent the Ravenclaw house. Although they are adaptable and capable of fitting into different situations, Ravenclaw is the perfect house for them. They would thrive on the intellectual environment and the chance to be around like-minded people. They are often very creative and skilled learners.


INTJs favor knowledge and intelligence the same as Ravenclaw. INTJs are very strategic and analytical and are very objective when it comes to the sake of learning.


ISTPs are very witty and intelligent. They have an inward sense of how things work and crave understanding. They would be perfect for Ravenclaw house, and would fit into the intellectual desire for knowledge.


ENFPs have a very quick wit and are very intelligent. They are often very creative and unique. They think outside of the box and have a unique and off-beat sense of humor.


Values hard-work, patience, justice and loyalty.


INFPs are very loyal and believe very strongly in justice. They fit very well into everything that the Hufflepuff house stands for. They are very caring and want to do what is right for the sake of others. They believe in hard-work and doing what is right.


ISFPS are very loyal and patient. They are harmony seekers and are very gentle, much like the Hufflepuff.


ISTJs believe in hard-work and are extremely loyal. Much like Hufflepuff they believe in working hard and doing what is fair.


ISFJs are conscientious and kind. They are very hard working and loyal to those around them. They believe in harmony and keeping the peace, rather than rocking the boat, much like Hufflepuff.

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