INFP Zombie Apocalypse: How the INFPs Handle Survival

Most of us wonder what it would be like to survive through the first wave of a zombie outbreak. Or maybe it’s just those of us who have the nerdy imagination to explore those types of futures. We imagine ourselves in a reality where the world has crumbled and we have to fight for survival, or even fight to protect the ones we love. While pretty much everyone envisions themselves as part of the end of days, in reality many people wouldn’t be so lucky. So instead of just imagining this future, let’s dive a little deeper into how your personality type might help or hinder you in the zombie apocalypse.

INFPs might be discounted because of their big hearts and emotional outlook on things, but this is just what is seen on the surface. In order to really uncover those important details we need to dive in a little deeper and analyze the strengths and weaknesses which would effect the INFP in the zombie apocalypse. Would your personality type survive a future where zombies run rampant and the streets are complete chaos? Well let’s take a little dive down the rabbit hole and figure out the answer to this truly critical question.


INFPs are highly imaginative people, and this sense of imagination can actually be a huge strength for them. While the rest of the world will be panicking and trying to use logic to understand what is happening, the INFP will be more open to the possibilities. They won’t simply shut out the idea that zombies are attacking, simply because it doesn’t seem sensical or is too hard to accept. INFPs imagine so many possible outcomes and scenarios and this helps their minds become so much more open to the strange things which might occur. While everyone else is in complete denial, the INFP is more likely to accept this unusual situation for what it is. When they see people eating other people, they aren’t going to believe it is bath salts or some sort of “rational” sickness. The INFP will react because they are capable of accepting the strange things happening and this imagination is actually a strength.

Not only is their imagination a strength because it keeps them open minded, it can also help them when it comes to problem solving. The INFP is capable of thinking outside of the box which helps them come up with useful ways of adapting. When they are in a sticky situation they are likely better at using what is around them and searching for creative ways of solving their problems. This sense of imagination is extremely useful for the INFP and the people they are surviving with. Creativity is actually something which can be utilized as an impressive strength in survival situations, and without people often fail to see what can be used right in front of them.

INFPs are good at remembering details and small facts, which can help them in survival situations. They are likely to hold onto those tiny pieces of information they learned from television or reading, and can use these facts when it comes time for real survival. They can likely remember certain first aid details, or things like how to start a fire, simply from reading about it. While this might not make the execution simple, it is still a strength to remember this information and have it handy when they need to at least attempt to deal with these things.


INFPs are very focused on emotions, and this big heart of theirs can be the thing which gets them into trouble. INFPs might trust in someone they shouldn’t and want to help people who aren’t always trustworthy. While they have big hearts and want to do good for those around them, not everyone is going to operate this way in the apocalypse. This can get the INFP into bad situations when they trust in people who are only out to hurt them and take what they can from them. Their desire to connect with people and help them can be a weakness when survival is the most important thing. INFPs have strong morals and it is something they cannot simply abandon because they are in danger. Their desire to always do the right thing is a wonderful quality, but might get them into trouble from time to time.

INFPs can be easily distracted and have a hard time focusing on the physical world around them. In a world where you have to constantly be on your toes and alert to what is happening in the present, this can be a weakness for the INFP. They will certainly try to remain focused but they can become easily distracted by things, especially when someone is intentionally trying to distract them. INFPs will certainly do their best to adapt but this is something which will be a weakness during the zombie apocalypse. The INFP will have a hard time keeping their minds focused on the present, and might have a tendency to find their thoughts wandering in a different direction when they should be focused on one thing; survival.

The Results

While each person have plenty of natural strengths and weaknesses, these will come up differently when in true survival situations. There are so many potential reasons why things could go wrong in the zombie apocalypse and so utilizing all of these skills would be very important. INFPs have some surprising strengths which could set them apart when things really fall apart around them. They also have some weaknesses which might make the process a little bit more challenging. Ultimately it is impossible to know who would or wouldn’t survive, but knowing what makes them more capable or what sets them back, can help give a clear view of what the apocalypse will look like for the INFP personality type. So long as they stick with someone who can keep them focused and out of trouble, the INFP can be a real asset.


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