How Procrastination Impacts Each Personality Type

Many people struggle with procrastination, but we each do this for different reasons. Here is how you respond to procrastination based on your personality type.


INFJs can definitely be perfectionists, which often lends to their procrastination. Their need to make sure things are done to the highest standards will often cause them to be fearful of finishing a task. They will feel like their task is not complete, since it isn’t perfect yet. The INFJ will sometimes stress about getting something done, but will almost always complete the task at hand. They might leave it until the very last minute, but that sense of urgency is often a great inspiration for them. Without that sense of stress on a project, the INFJ may not find the need to get it done.


The only reason ENFJs might procrastinate, is simply because they have so much going on at once. They will often be great at juggling a handful of tasks, but will always be sure to finish everything. ENFJs sometimes take on more than one person can handle, and become overloaded and stressed. When they have far too much going on the ENFJ might procrastinate and struggle to get certain things finished. They want to be able to take care of everyone around them, and may hold themselves to unreasonably high standards.


INFPs often take procrastinating to an entirely new and almost artistic level. Their ability to procrastinate things can span on for years. Things that the INFP does not find important, will often be very easy for them to put off for a very long time. They dislike feeling rushed and often want time to process and think things through before they finish them. They like to be able to do things on their own time, instead of having to be forced to do it on other peoples time table. Unfortunately, this leads the INFP to slacking on certain things, sometimes important things like going to the doctors.


ENFPs often struggle with procrastination, especially since they become bored easily. They might begin a handful of different tasks, but never seem to be capable of finishing them. They will start something new and exciting, but become bored and decide to move onto something else very quickly. ENFPs enjoy things that are exciting and stimulating for them, which can often lead to procrastinating many different tasks. They may become distracted and forget about something altogether, which often makes writing things down the best way to finish important tasks.


INTPs often struggle with procrastination, especially since they like to do things on their own time. They will often not want to finish a task if it does not inspire or motivate them. This can often cause the INTP to put off doing important things for a rather long time. It can be helpful for an INTP to have people in their life that help to motivate them on their more important projects. Someone who can organize and get things going will help a lot, especially since INTPs are great at being the creative side of projects. They are skilled at seeing the best ways to accomplish something but might overthink a situation and struggle with executing those plans.


ENTPs often become bored rather easily with tasks, and will jump from one thing to another rather quickly. They enjoy things that excite and interest them, which often causes them to struggle with procrastinating. They will often begin a handful of different projects, but will have a hard time actually completing them. They are much better at the more creative aspects of projects and are great at finding new and exciting things. ENTPs do best with someone by their side who is organized and can help motivate them to get the more important tasks finished.


INTJs may procrastinate tasks that have no deadline, but are often great at getting things done when they have a set date to finish them. When it is clear that something needs to be finished by a certain day the INTJ will push to get things finished on time. Without a clear deadline they may struggle to see a logical reason to complete the task. INTJs might procrastinate because they will spend a long time considering the best way to complete a task. Their desire for perfection can sometimes cause them to plan something for a rather long time before they actually finish it.


ENTJs are often perfectionists and want to be able to accomplish a job that lives up to their rather high standards. When an ENTJ procrastinates it is often because they feel like they need more time to plan something before they actually finish it. They want to be as efficient as possible and would be extremely disappointed if they didn’t complete their task excellently. They might struggle with getting things done if they feel like it is pointless and will lead them nowhere. ENTJs are logical individuals and will often slack with projects that seem foolish.


ISFJs are often very good at getting things done, especially if they have a deadline. They may procrastinate a little bit, but are much better at this than most other people. If the ISFJ feels like their task is important then they will do their best to get it finished as soon as possible. They often put a lot of pressure on themselves to get things done, and dislike disappointing anyone. Because of their need to take care of people, ISFJs are often great at motivating themselves to get things done.


ESFJs may struggle with procrastinating on tasks that are done solely for themselves. They enjoy taking care of others and will be very motivated if their tasks will benefit someone they care about. When it comes to things that won’t seem to benefit anyone, they might struggle with procrastinating that task. ESFJs are people focused, which means that projects that are geared towards others are going to get done to their often high standards.


ISTJs are often great at motivating themselves, especially if they have deadlines. They are rather organized people who know what needs to be done and will do everything to accomplish their goals. They might procrastinate on things that have no deadline, or lack importance in their daily lives. They want to be reliable individuals and often work very hard when it comes to finishing projects and tasks. They are definitely not slackers, especially when it comes to work related things.


ESTJs are often hard-working individuals, but they might lack motivation when it comes to certain tasks. They enjoy getting the job done, but are even better at motivating others to work hard. They make excellent leaders because of their commanding personalities and their desire for efficiency. ESTJs are excellent at finishing tasks when they have strict deadlines, and will be great at working hard to meet those dates. They might struggle with tasks that seem pointless, or things that are being led by an inefficient person.


ISTPs enjoy doing things on their own time, which can often lead them to procrastinate. They want to be able to think things through, and are naturally good at problem solving. If they are placed in a job that showcases their skills, then they will be great at getting things done quickly and efficiently. With certain tasks that an ISTP finds boring or pointless, they will struggle to complete things and may put them off for a rather long time.


ESTPs do best when they have deadlines, but certainly do have a problem with procrastinating. They may put off cleaning or organizing things for a rather long time and might even enlist someone else to get it done for them. They are hard-working individuals, but don’t do well unless they have a strict deadline and stress to get things finished. ESTPs often leave things to the very last minute, but will find a way to get things done as best they can.


ISFPs live very much inside of their own inner world, this often causes them to procrastinate for a rather long time. If something doesn’t seem interesting to them, they will have a hard time finishing their task. ISFPs enjoy being able to get things done on their own time, which often causes them to leave things to the very last minute. They enjoy remaining calm and relaxed, but certainly struggle with procrastination.


ESFPs are fun-loving individuals, which can often cause them to procrastinate the more important but boring tasks in their lives. They are great at planning fun things, but might not be good at paying bills on time or other mundane tasks like this. Unless they have someone pressuring them to get things done, ESFPs may be disorganized and always leave things to the last minute. They somehow find a way to fix any mistakes they make though and will be capable of using their charm to get things done.



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