How Much of an Information Sponge You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people are naturally sponges for information, they soak up what they see and learn and catalogue it for when they might need it later. While others might not be all that interested in adding tons of new information into their already cluttered minds, for them it might be more challenging to retain a lot of facts. Here is how much of an information sponge you are, based on your personality type.



INFJs are often information sponges, even if they aren’t conscious of this. They do enjoy taking things in and often love spending time researching the topics that excite them most. While they have a side of their personality which craves knowledge, sometimes it can be focused on their own passions and not what others expect. INFJs have strong intuitive abilities, which comes from their subconscious picking up as much information as it can from the world around them. Their minds pick up as much information as they can from the world around them, wanting to take it all in to use when they need it.


ENFJs do like absorbing information, and so they do have rather spongey minds. They enjoy taking it all in, and their subconscious often picks up as much as it can from the world around them. ENFJs do believe it is important to absorb information, since it helps them prepare for the future. They want to do whatever they can to take care of their loved ones, and this often means being as prepared and knowledgeable as possible. For the ENFJ absorbing information is enjoyable, but it is also truly important in order to take care of what matters most to them.


INFPs are definitely like sponges, especially for the information that matters to them. They often enjoy reading very much, and can spend hours just researching and learning about new things. For the INFP it is about absorbing information that fulfills them and excites their passionate side. INFPs do believe in absorbing information, and they can often remember certain facts and details fairly well. For them it is easier to recall things that actually matter to them, but sometimes these things can seem useless to others.


ENFPs are definitely sponges when it comes to information, and they can often remember a lot of different facts. Sometimes they find themselves recalling things that seem completely useless to them, like insignificant details. ENFPs actually enjoy researching and picking up as much information as they can over time. For them it is rewarding to learn and continue to grow, especially when they can possibly use this information for something later on.



INTJs are definitely information sponges, and this is something that brings them great joy in life. It is important for them to spend time researching and learning as much as they can. For the INTJ it is rewarding to learn and constantly be absorbing information by whatever means they can. INTJs truly hate being ignorant and so they want to spend their time trying to remove as much ignorance from their own minds as possible. They are good at remembering facts and will mentally absorb everything around them like a sponge.


ENTJs are definitely sponges for information, they truly enjoy absorbing as much as they can. ENTJs don’t like walking into things without being as prepared as possible, and this means knowing as much as possible. Their minds are often great at absorbing information and recalling many facts. ENTJs do what they must in order to be efficient and focus on building something of value. They work hard to absorb information from the world around them and spend time researching when they can.


INTPs are definitely sponges for information, and they do whatever they can to learn and continue to grow. INTPs crave knowledge and they spend a long time researching in order to expand their minds. They don’t like being unprepared, and instead they crave being able to expand their minds and absorb as much knowledge as possible. INTPs do what they can to spend time researching and cataloging as much as they can, and they enjoy being able to do this.


ENTPs are definitely sponges for information and new experiences. They enjoy being able to expand their minds and will spend as much time as they can learning and growing. For the ENTP it is rewarding to absorb information like a sponge, especially if it can help them prepare and become more knowledgeable. ENTPs don’t like stagnancy, and so this is a big reason why they enjoy keeping their minds active and absorbing what they can from the world around them.



ISTJs do what they can to absorb information, but only if it can help them and provide for their lifestyles. ISTJs do enjoy researching and learning, and want to seek out ways to ensure a better future. For the ISTJ their desire to learn is often from a practical point of view, since knowledge helps them prepare for the future. ISTJs are often good at recalling information, and they will do what they can to learn about things that will be useful to them or their loved ones.


ESTJs are definitely sponges, at lease when it comes to the information that can help them improve their lives. They believe in efficiency and will work hard to accomplish their goals and provide for their loved ones. ESTJs are often good at remembering information, especially the facts that are valuable for them. They believe in doing whatever they can to get things done and take care of their loved ones. For them this means absorbing information and doing what they can to become knowledgeable.


ISFJs are often good at picking up certain facts, but it has to be things that are important to them. They might have a hard time recalling information that seems useless or unimportant. For the ISFJ information is really only valuable if it is practical and can help them improve their lives and the well-being of their loved ones. For the ISFJ absorbing information is about preparing for the future and ensuring that they can handle what comes their way.


ESFJs aren’t sponges for any information that comes their way, instead they absorb the things that are useful to them. ESFJs are often amazing at remembering things that connect with their loved ones, and so they want to do what they can to soak up this information. They also like to learn what they can about more practical things, in hopes of preparing for the future and taking care of their loved ones better.



ISTPs do enjoy absorbing information much like a sponge, mostly they are interested in facts. They do what they can to research and absorb the truth from the world around them. ISTPs are also good at analyzing information in order to figure out what is true and what is false. They do believe in being aware of the world around them, and so they don’t like remaining ignorant or clueless of anything that might be valuable.


ESTPs definitely enjoy absorbing information like a sponge, since they like to spend time researching. For the ESTP the most valuable thing they can do is absorb facts and learn what they can from the world around them. They don’t like going off of false information and so they work hard to explore the facts and absorb as much as they can. Their desire to be aware helps the ESTP to learn and continue to grow from what they see.


ISFPs can be sponges for the things that matter most to them, but they often prefer to just let things come their way. They don’t like having to spend time researching or exploring the pieces of information that seem useless to them. ISFPs search for inspiration and want to be free to explore the beauty in the world around them. ISFPs don’t like being forced to research and learn, instead they want to allow the world to catch them off guard sometimes.


ESFPs can be sponges, but only for the things that excuse and inspire them. They are passionate people who don’t like being held back by anything that bores them. They seek out joy in life and want to live in the present without concern for the past. For ESFPs having to focus on learning about things that they don’t value, is just completely draining. They do whatever they can to enjoy their lives and do what actually provides them with a sense of excitement.



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