Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How Proactive You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people simply attack a problem when it comes at them, while others can be much more proactive. They want to always be prepared and find ways to solve these problems before they even arise. Being proactive means always preemptively solving problems and going after things without hesitation. Here is how proactive you are, based on your personality type.



INFJs definitely like to be proactive about things, but their natural intuitive strengths often help them with this. Their mind instinctively thinks about the future and what is likely to happen. INFJs do like to be prepared for things and so sometimes that mean being a bit more proactive. They do however get rather caught up in their own minds sometimes, and might lack the motivation to be completely proactive when it seems like required. INFJs are certainly capable of being proactive with the things that are more important to them, but they don’t like being overly aggressive.


ENFJs can be very proactive people, wanting to be prepared for just about anything. They don’t like just sitting back and allowing things to happen, instead they want to be a bit more aggressive. ENFJs have so much going on inside of their minds, and are constantly trying to keep up with the constant demands they place on themselves. In order to truly keep on top of everything they need to be more proactive about things and so the ENFJ focused on preparing for the future the best they can.


INFPs can be a little more passive than proactive, especially when it comes to preparing for things. While they might intuitively see how they should prep for a situation, they don’t really have the most aggressive personalities when it comes to the future. INFPs simply don’t like having to constantly strategize and plan things out, and would rather figure things out as they go. For them being proactive means being a little bit stricter with how they spend their time and this just isn’t something they are eager to do.


ENFPs can be proactive in some situations, but it entirely depends on how important the things they are working towards truly is. When they are passionate about things the ENFP can definitely find a way to go after it in a more proactive and even aggressive approach. While they have times of wanting to be proactive, ENFPs don’t like constantly having to be prepared. They have such active inner minds that they can often become distracted and so having to live up to a schedule can be rather frustrating for them.



INTJs are definitely proactive people, since they like to be prepared for just about anything. They don’t like simply allowing things to happen, they want to work towards solving any potential problems before they occur. INTJs aren’t fans of being passive, and would much rather go after things and approach a situation with a sense of preparedness and directness. INTJs are definitely proactive people, since this is often the more practical means of doing things.


ENTJs are likely to be very proactive people, since they don’t like passively waiting for things to happen. They go after what they want with an aggressive and prepared attitude, and dislike just sitting back. ENTJs are focused and hardworking people, and they aren’t afraid of pushing themselves and those around them. They are certainly proactive, and value doing whatever they can to be ready for the future and any potential situation that might occur.


INTPs do have times where they want to be proactive, but this is more in an intellectual manner. They like to consider all of the angles and try to be mentally prepared for just about anything. Instead of just allowing information to come to them, INTPs want to seek out ways to learn and amass more knowledge. For them being proactive means finding ways to improve their mind and consider all of the different angles and things that might occur. While they might be proactive in this way, INTPs can be somewhat passive when it comes to actively going after things they want.


ENTPs are definitely proactive when it comes to being mentally prepared for things. They are always seeking out intellectual stimulation and value being able to learn and grow. ENTPs can certainly be proactive when it comes to going after what they want, especially since they like to explore different options. They are more likely to be proactive about things they feel passionate about, and can be somewhat passive when they aren’t all that inspired. ENTPs approach each situation differently, and follow what feels right for them.



ISTJs are very proactive people, since they believe in being prepared for just about any situation. ISTJs don’t like just allowing things to happen to them, since they really aren’t passive people. ISTJs would rather prepare themselves for the future, and go after what they want with a sense of direction. They want be able to solve their problems almost before they even happen, and so sometimes they go after things and take care of the issues before they even arise.


ESTJs are certainly proactive people, who strive to get things done and seek out their goals. They like being prepared for the future and don’t want problems to arise without them knowing how to take care of them. Oftentimes the ESTJ is so proactive that they want to take care of their problems before they even occur. They don’t like passively allowing things to happen to them, instead they believe in working hard in order to accomplish their goals and prepare for the future.


ISFJs do like being proactive about things, especially when it comes to taking care of their problems. They care about ensuring that everyone around them is protected and that their lives continue to run smoothly. ISFJs are well aware that in order to really get things done how they want, they need to be a bit proactive at times. When there is something they are trying to accomplish the ISFJ will be ready to go after this goal without hesitation.


ESFJs can definitely be proactive people, especially when there is something important that they need to get done. Instead of simply letting these problems to show up last minute, the ESFJ often wants to attack them or in the very least be ready for them. They often have a lot of tasks and errands to juggle, since they take on caring for their loved ones most of the time. This means the ESFJ really needs to be ready for what might go wrong, and so they try to be proactive in these situations.



ISTPs aren’t always the most proactive people, simply because they live so much in the present. They don’t like obsessing over the future, and don’t feel a need to prepare for everything that occurs. They know how to be practical when it is necessary, they just don’t need to be proactive about everything. ISTPs can sometimes have a more go with the flow attitude and enjoy dealing with things as they come their way.


ESTPs enjoy living in the present and don’t like having to constantly prepare for everything. They might not be the most proactive people, even when it comes to accomplishing their goals. There are times when the ESTP might struggle to really look into the future this much, instead they would rather take care of their problems as they occur.


ISFPs really aren’t proactive people, since they prefer to live in the present. Instead of having to constantly focus on preparing for what is to come, they want to feel free to enjoy what is happening in front of them. ISFPs don’t really live their lives constantly stressing about what is going to happen, instead they want to enjoy their lives and soak up the beauty that is surrounding them.


ESFPs aren’t always the most proactive people, although they can be aggressive when they are passionate about something. For the ESFP is entirely depends on the situation and what is driving them towards their goals. If they do have something that truly want they are capable of being rather proactive towards accomplishing their goals. In most situations though the ESFP prefers to focus on living in the present and enjoy being able to soak up their surroundings.

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