Here’s How Much of a Hopeless Romantic You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Everyone can have their romantic moments, but some people are completely wrapped up with the idea of falling in love. Here is how much of a hopeless romantic each personality type actually is.



INFJs can often make themselves appear much more stoic than they actually are. They can be rather guarded people, but that is simply because they have such loving and warm hearts. They are definitely afraid of getting hurt, because they know how painful that will be for them. Feeling everything so deeply is certainly a difficult burden to bear, but it is part of what makes INFJs so wonderful. They may not outwardly admit their romantic tendencies, but deep down they are nothing but hopeless romantics. They believe in true love, even if they fear they will never find it. They can sometimes be cynical about finding the ideal romance, but INFJs are unquestionably waiting for something truly special to come along.


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ENFJs absolutely believe in true love, making them the most hopeless of romantics. They are searching for something special, a true partner to share their life with. ENFJs are hardworking people, who are completely focused on the needs and emotions of their loved ones. They are happiest when they are in a relationship with someone who they feel connected to on a deeper level. ENFJs are definitely hopeless romantics, constantly searching for a relationship that makes them feel more alive and complete in themselves. ENFJs are often more hopeful that they can find the right partner, but sometimes the search can be grueling.



INFPs are definitely romantics at heart, and are constantly hoping to find their true love. They might not always openly share these desires with others, but deep down INFPs want to find someone to share their lives with. They want love to feel passionate and beautiful, and are not just looking for short term connections. INFPs want a relationship with someone who makes them feel at home, and at the same time shares similar passions and ideals. INFPs truly enjoy the idea of love, and want to be able to share the deepest, darkest parts of themselves with another human being.

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ENFPs are extremely passionate people, especially when it comes to the things that they want. ENFPs might not always feel comfortable openly expressing their more romantic side, especially if they have been hurt before. ENFPs are naturally romantic people, who have a deep desire to find someone to share a whirlwind romance with. They often jump head first into relationships, which can cause them to get hurt rather often. An ENFP who has been burned, can sometimes appear cynical to others, and may not expression their romantic side. Deep down though, ENFPs simply want to find someone to love them and will always be hopeful that the right person will come along.



INTJs are often perceived as cold and emotionless, but we obviously all know this to be false. INTJs can actually be very romantic people deep down, but they could never be considered hopeless romantics. INTJs are more logical romantics, and will not want to jump into anything without thinking it through first. They will likely analyze the relationship, in hopes of coming to a conclusion on whether it will work out or not. INTJs take their commitments very seriously, and when they fall for someone they fall very hard. Because of this, the INTJ wants to be sure that they are ready for the commitment and that the person they are dating is truly right for them. Although INTJs might not be hopeless romantics, they certainly have romantic and sincere hearts.


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ENTJs are definitely not hopeless romantics, but deep down they can definitely be romantic people. They will not pine over someone if they come to realize that the relationship is doomed for failure, and will be able to move forward with their lives. ENTJs are often seen as aggressive and hardworking people, but deep down they are surprisingly romantic. When an ENTJ finds someone that they truly love, they will often go above and beyond for that person. They are not afraid of grand romantic gestures, and are actually amazing at wooing people. ENTJs do not fall easily, but once they do fall they certainly know how to be in love.



INTPs often attempt to bury their feelings, and dislike being too vulnerable or exposed. They will often pretend to be much more robotic than they actually are, but this is only because they feel things on such a deep and sincere level. INTPs at their core, are definitely hopeless romantics in search of someone who helps them feel understood and appreciated. They can struggle with this search though, since they are constantly attempting to logically understand their feelings. If the INTP overanalyzes their relationship, they can cause problems where there are none at all. If they come to terms with their own emotions, and learn to trust their partner- INTPs can be some of the most romantic and loving people.


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ENTPs have a surprisingly romantic side to them, even if they do not openly show this. They can even be embarrassed by their hopeless desire to find their true love, and might avoid sharing this with people altogether. Most ENTPs feel this strong desire to find someone who they can connect with on a deeper level. They want something more than just a physical connection, and are hoping to find someone who challenges them. ENTPs can definitely jump out of a relationship quickly if they feel like it isn’t right or the person isn’t growing and moving forward with them. Even though ENTPs can end a relationship without being too upset, they are still constantly hoping for that ideal partner who they can share their lived with.



ISTJs are definitely not he hopeless romantic types, and are more logical in their approach to love. They prefer to analyze the situation so that they can make an intelligent decision. ISTJs are extremely committed people, and do not want to jump in and out of relationships. They are realistic when it comes to love, and do not expect to find a perfect relationship. They realize that something perfect does not exist, and that anything of value takes time and effort to make it work. ISTJs are loving people, and will remain with their partner without feeling swayed by another person.



ESTJs are definitely committed people, and they do have a romantic side to them. They are not necessary hopeless romantic types, and will rarely be open about their feelings. Deep down though, ESTJs truly want someone to share their lives with. They enjoy feeling like they have chosen the right person, and will take their commitments very seriously. They often see a relationship as a partnership, and are completely aware that it takes effort to make things work. ESTJs do not expect some delusional idea of love, and completely understanding if things are not perfect.



ISFJs are definitely romantics at heart, and truly want to have someone to share their lives with. They can often hold onto something for a long time, which makes them a bit hopeless when it comes to love. ISFJs simply want to be with someone who makes them happy, and might dislike being alone. They believe that love is important, and are constantly searching for someone who is right for them. ISFJs might give up hope though, especially if they feel like they keep finding the wrong people who abuse their love.



ESFJs are often the type of people who do not openly express their hopeless romantic side to others. They might find themselves being more cynical in front of people, for fear of embarrassing themselves. Deep down, ESFJs are definitely hopeless romantics who simply want to find someone to share their lives with. ESFJs care very much about the emotions of others, making them amazingly loving partners. Part of them is always searching for the right person, who will make them feel loved and complete.



ISTPs are definitely not hopeless romantics, and are much more logical about their choices. They understand that relationships are not always easy, and are not searching for something perfect. They are also perfectly capable of being alone, and only want to be in a relationship if it improves their lives. They don’t want to just be with someone out of loneliness, and would rather be alone. ISTPs enjoy having their space and independence, and because of this they aren’t constantly searching for a partner. If the ISTP finds someone who they can grow and improve with, they will definitely be ready to make the commitment.



ESTPs are definitely not the hopeless romantic types, and often appear much more cynical. They enjoy playing the field and do not want to be locked down by anyone. They can sometimes become disappointed by relationships, especially if they have been burned in the past. Some ESTPs find themselves hoping for that ideal true love, but might be afraid to admit this to others. This can make things more difficult for ESTPs though, because they are more focused on being logical than they are being emotional.



ISFPs are definitely hopeless romantics, and enjoy the idea of being in love. They can sometimes struggle to make a commitment, simply because they want something that feels truly right. ISFPs can bounce in and out of relationships quickly, especially when they realize that the person is not the right one for them. They can sometimes idealize people, which can be disappointing for the ISFP. They will always be secretly hoping to find the right person who they can share their lives with.



ESFPs are generally very romantic people, and are eager to find someone to fall in love with. They have very big hearts, and love being able to spread joy to others. ESFPs can be somewhat demanding though, and might idealize their partners. They want someone who makes them feel completely loved and appreciated. ESFPs know what they want from love, and are willing to keep searching until they find the partner that fits them perfectly.

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