Here’s How Each Personality Type Deals with Boredom

Here’s How Each Personality Type Deals with Boredom

Some people are bored rather easily, while others find themselves entertained by the smallest things. Here is how each personality type deals with feelings of boredom.


INFJs have a tendency to find useful ways out of their boredom, especially since they have such rich inner minds. They might become bored by certain people or activities, but they rarely bored when they are at home alone. INFJs can push through their boredom if they have to, and dislike offending or upsetting people. They are most likely to become bored by someone who talks about shallow things, and will find themselves struggling to pay attention. INFJs are less likely to become bored when they alone, simply because they have such a deep and complex inner mind to explore. INFJs are great at finding something to entertain themselves, even if it is just a few hours spend daydreaming.


ENFJs almost always have a million things going on at once, which makes it rather difficult for them to become bored. They have so many tasks that the ENFJ takes on, which usually keeps them on the move. ENFJs actually enjoy having a lot to do, and can become bored if they are still for too long. They enjoy taking care of others, and are strongly motivated by this. ENFJs that experience stillness can become rather bored, and will respond by trying to find something to entertain themselves. They might feel anxious without much to do, but will find something to keep them busy.


INFPs can become bored rather easily, and lose interest in a lot of things. They want to feel excited and passionate about their activities, and dislike when they don’t feel challenged mentally. INFPs become bored by shallow people, and will have a hard time pushing through it. They don’t want to upset people, so instead they might just zone out and start to daydream. When an INFP is feeling extremely bored, their go to entertainment is their own inner mind. They will often begin daydreaming as a way to keep themselves entertained and escape from their boredom. If there is someone present who they have a deep connection with, the INFP will definitely seek their company for entertainment.


ENFPs can become bored rather easily, and prefer to have something to keep them entertained. If they cannot find something in their environment to satiate their boredom, the ENFP might find a person to annoy. When they are extremely bored ENFPs will want to pick and play with their loved ones, in order to entertain themselves. Just a bit of teasing and playfulness is just a small way for the ENFP to feel entertained. They prefer to keep themselves busy, and will bounce from one thing to the next rather quickly. They dislike being bored and might become a bit frustrating to their loved ones, simply because they want to be around them. ENFPs want to feel constantly challenged and love trying new things, which means they can become bored rather easily.


INTJs can become bored rather easily, and require a lot of mental stimulation. They dislike being around boring people, and hate having to participate in boring activities. INTJs will find many different jobs extremely boring, and need something that continues to challenge them. If they are in a career that doesn’t push the INTJ to grow and learn, they will certainly become bored. The bored INTJ is often less patient with people, and will find themselves searching for ways to be entertained. They might make trouble in certain areas of their lives, simply to stir things up and find something that will enrich their lives in some way. INTJs usually just need time alone, and a way to dive into their own rich thoughts in order to escape their boredom. INTJs become bored by most people, and will not hesitate to express open sarcasm in order to get away from people who bore them.


ENTJs feel bored rather easily, and need a lot in their lives to keep them entertained. They will often take on many different responsibilities in order to keep themselves constantly busy. ENTJs want to feel like they are constantly growing and moving forward, or else they become frustrated. They truly hate stagnancy, and can become rather unhappy if they don’t have some sort of forward motion in their lives. ENTJs can become bored by people as well, especially relationships that don’t inspire growth. They want someone in their life who will challenge them and inspire them. ENTJs who are bored, will constantly be searching for entertainment and might even start to stir up their surroundings.


INTPs actually become bored rather easily, especially when they are forced to interact with other people. If someone is shallow and only discusses surface things, the INTP will become exhausted and bored rather quickly. They can often entertain themselves, and have a million different thoughts running their minds all at once. INTPs need to feel constantly challenged and mentally stimulated, in order to feel entertained in their lives. If they don’t have different hobbies or things that help the INTP push themselves, they will become stagnant and extremely bored. The bored INTP can become a bit goofy, especially if they are around loved ones. This is a way for them to escape their boredom, and hopefully entertain the people around them.


ENTPs can actually become bored rather easily, especially if they don’t have constant stimulation in their surroundings. The bored ENTP is actually rather unhappy, and might start to think about negative things. It is best for the ENTP to keep plenty of outside stimulation in their lives, so that they do not become bored. They need to feel challenged by their career, as well as their personal relationships. ENTPs want to push the limits and find ways to continuously grow as a person. When the ENTP is stagnant for too long, their thoughts can run away with them in a somewhat depressing direction.


ISTJs often become bored by other people, or when they have finished all of their work early. When the ISTJ has pushed themselves to get everything done ahead of schedule, they can become bored with nothing to do. The bored ISTJ can actually become a bit silly and goofy, as a way to entertain themselves. They will often just find a way to become entertained by the smallest things, in order to keep from going crazy. ISTJs are hardworking people, but they also can be rather fun and playful when they are in the right mood.


ESTJs often keep themselves busy and are constantly moving forward. They dislike being around boring people, and will attempt to avoid them at all costs. ESTJs when they are overly bored can become rather talkative and outgoing. They will attempt to entertain themselves by being goofy and maybe a bit louder. ESTJs might seek out friends and loved ones in order to find entertainment to escape from their boredom. A bored ESTJ can be rather anxious and fast moving, since they feel like there is always something that should be getting done.


ISFJs actually have a pretty high threshold for boredom, because they will find ways to entertain themselves. Whether it be a TV show they enjoy, or reading a book- ISFJs are pretty simply people. They don’t require an intense amount of stimulation in order to feel entertained. ISFJs can often keep themselves entertained, just by utilizing their own mind and inner thoughts. They are hardworking people and often enjoy having some time to themselves to relax and recharge.


ESFJs are very focused on the emotions and needs of others, which often keeps them active. There always seems to be something that needs to get done, which makes it difficult for ESFJs to have much time to themselves. ESFJs rarely become bored, since having some relaxation time is actually a nice break for them. When they do become bored they might seek out their loved ones for entertainment. They enjoy spending time with people and will likely try to find some sort of shared activity to escape their boredom.


ISTPs definitely become bored if they do not have plenty of activities that stimulate them. They dislike doing the same things over and over again, and become frustrated with stagnancy. They will often need to find new activities and challenges in order to keep themselves entertained. ISTPs can become bored by certain people, and will become even more sarcastic if they are forced to be around these people. ISTPs who are bored can be rather sardonic, and might find themselves making out of line jokes. They might actively seek out adventure, and might even partake in some risky behavior in order to feel entertained.


ESTPs truly hate being bored, and will often try to find a way to escape their boredom. They will seek out friends to go on adventures with, and might even take a long road trip. ESTPs will do whatever it takes to escape their boredom, and are often great at finding new ways to entertain themselves. They prefer to have company though, and will often drag their friends along with them. ESTPs dislike being still for too long, but they will definitely find something to entertain themselves.


ISFPs can become bored with being around too many people, especially if the conversations are shallow. ISFPs are actually pretty good at entertaining themselves, especially since they have active inner minds. They dislike being too stagnant though, and will need to take themselves outside and find an activity to dive into. ISFPs can become bored with the same monotonous task, and require something new in order to feel stimulated. ISFPs who are overly bored might seek out their favorite person to help them through it. They can be a bit needy when it comes to their loved ones, especially when the ISFP is feeling overly bored.


ESFPs absolutely hate being bored, and require a lot of stimulation to keep themselves entertained. Whether it be watching movies, going shopping, or just having long conversations with friends- ESFPs prefer to have plenty of activities. They can become rather anxious and needy when they are bored, and will seek out their loved ones to help them. ESFPs truly dislike being still or stagnant for too long, and enjoy seeking out adventure and entertainment in their lives. ESFPs when bored can become extremely chatty and even goofy, as a way to entertain themselves and others.

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