ESFJ Love: How the ESFJ Falls in Love

Everyone falls in love differently and each person has their own response to these powerful emotions. For the ESFJ falling in love can be a process, since they are fearful of jumping into anything unless they are sure of it. For the ESFJ it is important to take love seriously, but they aren’t always great at holding back once they develop feelings for someone. They love with their whole heart and give so much to the people they fall for. It means a lot to the ESFJ to be able to find someone they can connect with and share their lives with.

They Fall Hard

While ESFJs might be fearful at first, when they do fall they fall rather hard. They care so much about the people in their lives and just want to do whatever they can to make them happy. When the ESFJ loves someone it isn’t something they can shake off, and is going to last for a long time. They become deeply connected to this person and think about them often. For the ESFJ it is impossible to fall in love with someone without giving it their all, especially when they feel that special connection. There are so many things the ESFJ might fall in love with, so many qualities which draw them in and make them feel inspired. Sometimes it is something deep inside a person, which can get the ESFJ into tricky situations. They fall for someone’s heart and who they are inside, and sometimes they seek to help these people improve themselves and their lives. For the ESFJ it is about more than what is on the surface, and when they fall in love with someone they will do whatever they can to help them and see the best in them. This also means being loyal and defending their loved ones no matter what happens.

They Give Everything

ESFJs give it their all when they love someone, and this means going above and beyond to make them happy. They will work hard to tend to the needs of their partner, wanting to find ways to help them improve their lives. ESFJs are highly sensitive to the emotions and needs of others, and will do whatever they can to ease their troubles and stress. When the ESFJ can sense that their partner is upset they will go above and beyond to take care of this. They want to be the person that others come to when they are struggling, doing whatever is needed to make them feel safe and happy. For the ESFJ it is impossible to hold back when they care for someone, as they think of them often and are always concerned with their well-being. They will do just about anything for the person they love most in the world, which is why the ESFJ gives their whole heart when they are in love. While some people might think of themselves and their own needs most of the time, the ESFJ puts others first. When they care for someone the ESFJ will put that person first, often thinking of them before they even think of themselves. They actually invest a lot of energy into making other people happy, especially when they truly love someone. This can be a challenge at times though, since ESFJs can drain themselves trying to care for those around them. They really need to feel appreciated for all that they do, which is an important part of being with an ESFJ.

They Take Things Seriously

ESFJs take love seriously and so they value commitment when it comes to the person they are in love with. When the ESFJ falls for someone they want to be able to commit to them and be loyal to what they have. This is also something the ESFJ expects and values in their partner, and so they want someone who is capable of committing to them. This doesn’t mean they won’t rush into that stage until the relationship is ready for it, they just want to know that the person they are with is capable of this. If someone is flighty and clearly not able to commit and stay loyal, this will be a major turn off for the ESFJ. They want to be sure that the person they love is capable of standing by their side and actually wants to make things last. When they sense that this isn’t the case the ESFJ might start to question the relationship. They are highly capable of commitment and actually search for this in relationships. They want to be with someone who is capable of this type of connection, and so that is certainly a vital part of any romantic relationship for the ESFJ. 

They Keep Fighting

ESFJs will keep fighting for the person they love, even when things get a big rough. They are capable of working hard for their relationship, and want to do whatever it takes to make things work. Once the ESFJ loves someone and is committed to them, they will want to make sure that the relationship will last. They will fight for this person even when no one else will and will stand by them. This can certainly be hard on the ESFJ at times, since they will work hard for someone they love even if that person doesn’t entirely give this back in return. ESFJs will continue to push themselves to ensure that things work out, but this can be draining after a while. It is important for their partner to be giving and appreciative as well, especially if they want to keep the ESFJ for the long haul. While the ESFJ will go above and beyond and exhaust themselves for the person they love, if their partner wants to make things last then they need to give something back and show that they care as well.