The Enneagram 153 Tritype is often called “The Solution Master” or “The Achiever.” This tritype consists of individuals who predominantly resonate with Type 1 (the Perfectionist or Reformer), Type 5 (the Investigator or Observer), and Type 3 (the Achiever) on the Enneagram model.

Here is a brief understanding of each type:

  • Type 1 (Perfectionist or Reformer) is principled, ethical, and self-controlled. They have tremendous discipline and work hard toward their goals while striving to maintain a sense of order and correctness.
  • Type 5 (Investigator) is perceptive, curious, and innovative. They typically possess a strong thirst for knowledge, preferring to observe and understand the world from an intellectual and detached viewpoint.
  • Type 3 (Achiever) is pragmatic, ambitious, and adaptable. They are defined by their desire to achieve success, recognition, and validation for their efforts.

When blended into the 153 Tritype, these three types create a unique personality profile. Individuals with this combination are highly goal-oriented, insightful, and detail-oriented problem solvers. They have an innate desire for knowledge and excellence in their pursuits. This combination gives them a unique capacity to see the overarching issues, dissect them into manageable components, and systematically address them.

Individuals with the 153 Tritype tend to be quite analytical, logical, and organized. They bring a very diligent and methodical approach to their work and have high standards of performance for themselves and others. Frequently, they are critical thinkers who prefer dealing with concrete and tangible elements, rather than abstract concepts.

As perfectionists, they may struggle with procrastination due to their fear of making mistakes, and may sometimes appear overly critical or impatient when things aren’t done correctly. Despite their intelligence and efficiency, their ability to adapt emotionally to others can sometimes be inhibited due to their focus on their internal standards and principles.

However, understanding one’s Tritype can be invaluable, as it adds depth to our understanding of our own personality, pushing us to engage in continuous personal growth and develop strategies to manage our weaknesses effectively while leveraging our strengths.


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