Are You Any Good at Giving Presentations, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people are naturally great at putting together presentations, while others struggle with the organization as well as public speaking. Giving presentations is actually rather challenging, but some people are great at doing this in a way that translates well to others. Here is how good you are at giving presentations, based on your personality type.



INFJs are often good at putting together good presentations, since they have a sense of organization and direction. INFJs are often good at obtaining information and can be naturally good when it comes to school and learning. Because of these skills and their capacity for understanding things, INFJs are great at putting together good presentations most of the time. While they might be good at putting things like this together they can struggle with the oral aspect of it, since they don’t like having to stand up in front of others and feel like everyone is watching them.


ENFJs are often excellent at giving presentations, especially about subjects they are more passionate about. They are focused and hardworking people who do whatever they can to get things done. ENFJs are also perfectionists, and so they don’t like failing behind on anything they do. They work hard to be the best at everything, and so if they have a presentation in school or work that they need to give, the ENFJ will be sure to make it excellent and impressive to anyone who witnesses this. They are also outgoing people who often know how to give speeches without feeling too awkward.


INFPs are capable of using their creativity to put something together which would be unique and interesting. These skills can help them with certain aspects of presentations, but INFPs aren’t always in favor of having to organize and don’t really like having to enlist a certain amount of structure. INFPs are often better at giving presentations when they can work with someone who helps use their creativity but yet save them from having to do the boring aspects. INFPs can be outgoing people but sometimes the public speaking aspect can be unnerving for them, unless they are really passionate about the subject.


ENFPs are often great at the public speaking aspect of giving presentations, since they are outgoing and charming people. Even if they are nervous inside this rarely shows outwardly since they are friendly and social. ENFPs can often use their creative abilities to create a presentation which is a bit more interesting than most people’s stricter ideas. While ENFPs can be good at presentations, they can find themselves easily distracted and might struggle to get to their deadlines ahead of time.



INTJs are often excellent at giving presentations, since they strive to be good at anything which is important to them. If they need to give some type of presentation the INTJ will be great at finding the right information and putting it together in a way which will really help others learn something valuable. INTJs often enjoy being able to put together some sort of presentation which will really express their intelligence and help others learn from it. They are also capable of giving the presentation themselves, even though they aren’t seen as social people they are still capable of giving a good presentation.


ENTJs are often excellent at giving presentations, since they are organized and logical people. They do their best to get things done and value a sense of efficiency more than anything else. ENTJs focus on finding a way to progress and strive to do just about everything as perfectly as they possibly can. When ENTJs have to get something done they don’t want to let anything stand in their way. If they have to give some sort of presentation they will work hard to make sure it is done to their rather high standards. ENTJs also are outgoing people who aren’t afraid of taking charge and giving a presentation that others can follow.


INTPs are often good at putting something together which conveys accurate information in a way that would be interesting to those who can understand it. They can comprehend things rather naturally, and so they might find themselves truly good at putting together a valuable presentation. While the INTP might be good at creating a great presentation, having to present it out loud to others could be a bit overwhelming for them. INTPs really fans of having to give public speeches most of the time and become truly drained by this.


ENTPs are often good at putting together presentations which are both factual and interesting. They are creative people and so they might want to put something together which isn’t going to be boring for everyone to listen to. ENTPs will want to give a presentation which is enlightening and creative, and possibly a bit humorous. They don’t like things which are drawn out and boring and so their presentations might bounce around just a bit, in order to make things more interesting.



ISTJs strive to be good at just about everything they do, especially if it is important for their future. When they have something they need to get done the ISTJ will work hard to achieve this with a certain level of perfection and efficiency. When it comes to having to put together a presentation ISTJs will often do a great job at this. They are factual people and they will be able to put something together which is rewarding and informational. They might not enjoy having to really give that presentation, but they will push themselves to do a great job.


ESTJs are often great at giving presentations so that others can understand and absorb the information. They are focused and driven people who don’t like allowing anything to stand in their way. If giving a presentation is important to building their futures, the ESTJ will be sure to make it an excellent presentation. They can put things together with their sense of organization, but they are also great at using the information inside of their minds and expressing in a way that others can comprehend.


ISFJs are often organized people who are highly capable of putting together presentations which are informational and truly well done. While they can put together a good presentation, having to share it in front of others can be a bit draining since they can sometimes feel drained by public speaking. While this might not be something ISFJs enjoy, they will do their best to live up to the expectations of others. ISFJs don’t like failing at anything they do, and so they will work hard to give an excellent presentation.


ESFJs are hardworking people who don’t like failing at anything, so giving a presentation will likely be important to them. When they are in a situation where they need to give a school or work presentation, the ESFJ will work hard to get this done efficiently. They don’t like making mistakes or letting others done, so they will want to work hard to be great at anything they do. The ESFJ will be able to give excellent presentations, even if they do it in a more perfunctory manner.



ISTPs are factual people who strive to be precise and accurate in the things they do. While they might be good at finding the accurate information for their presentation, they can become a bit drained with the process after a while. ISTPs can become bored somewhat easily, and so if they are forced to give a presentation they might become distracted by something else before they finish. ISTPs also aren’t fans of feeling the pressure to perform a certain way, so their ability to give a presentation depends on their desire to do so.


ESTPs will often be fairly good at giving presentations, especially the things which are important to them. If they truly want to accomplish some sort of goal, they will work hard to do this. ESTPs are factual people and so their presentations will often be filled with accurate information, expressed in a very direct and precise manner. ESTPs might be good at giving presentations filled with accurate information, they can be a bit scattered sometimes with how they deliver it.


ISFPs might not enjoy having to give a presentation, especially if it isn’t something they are passionate about. When they are forced to put together a presentation they might feel a bit drained by the experience. ISFPs aren’t often fans of public speaking, and so having to do this might cause them to feel a little bit anxious. ISFPs are truly passionate people who believe in going after what they want, but they don’t like feeling forced to do what others expect of them.


ESFPs are outgoing and friendly people, which is something that often helps them when it comes to giving presentations. While the ESFP might not enjoy the organization and boring aspects of presentations, they are often more capable of it than people realize. If getting a good grade or impressing people at work is important to the ESFP, they will often be able to put together a presentation which has a bit of personal flair to it.


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