Why You Would Enjoy Volunteer Work, Based on Your Personality Type

For some people being able to volunteer their time and energy to helping others, is truly rewarding. Everyone can benefit from volunteer work, but some are for more drawn to it than others might be. Here is why you would enjoy volunteer word, based on your personality type.


INFJs actually would benefit quite a bit from volunteer work, especially if they are feeling caught up inside of their own thoughts. When the INFJ spends too much time thinking about themselves and their own lives, it can actually leave them a bit unhappy and they might overthink things in a negative way. They care about others and they care about wanting to make a difference on a larger scale. If they have the opportunity to volunteer and witness their actions actually affect others in need in a positive way, it will be deeply rewarding for the INFJ.


ENFJs would definitely enjoy volunteer work, and they would be rather good at it. They care about helping others, but sometimes they can get caught up in just helping their loved ones. This can cause the ENFJ to feel like they lack appreciation from those people, and so taking some time to volunteer for those truly in need, can really feel rewarding. Just knowing that their actions are really making a difference and helping someone who needs it, is going to be rewarding and fulfilling for the giving ENFJ.


INFPs might not always find themselves drawn to the idea of volunteering, since they can become so caught up inside of their own thoughts. When the INFP is wrapped up in their own mind and feeling held back by this, volunteering can actually be a deeply rewarding experience for them. INFPs do care about people, and they want to be able to make a difference in the world around them. Volunteering and doing what they can to help people who are in need, is something which gives the INFP a clearer sense of perspective and helps them feel like they are accomplishing something valuable.


ENFPs might not find themselves getting into volunteer work, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy it. They can become caught up in their own thoughts and lives, searching for things which are inspiring and exciting for them. While they find themselves becoming distracted at times, ENFPs would actually benefit from volunteer work. They often care deeply about others and want to be someone who can truly make a difference in the world around them. For the ENFP volunteering can give them a better perspective, and help them feel like they are doing something worthwhile.


For the INTJ volunteering can certainly be enjoyable, but only if they can find something which avoids a lot of socializing. For them having to constantly interact with other people is going to make the entire experience draining and miserable, and distract from the past of it which they might have been able to enjoy. Doing volunteer work which gives them the chance to avoid too much interacting but still make a difference behind the scenes, will definitely be rewarding for the INTJ. Many INTJs do like giving back, and this is often why INTJs seek to educate people, since to them this is a good way to make a difference and help others.


ENTJs can sometimes be very direct and focused people, who search for ways to constantly be improving. They can become so caught up on their ambition and trying to be efficient, and so they might overlook the chance to volunteer their time. ENTJs do like teaching people though, and if they can volunteer in a way which helps others learn and grow, it will be rewarding for them. Deep down most ENTJs really do enjoy helping people, they just have the find the right volunteer work which doesn’t end up feeling counterproductive for them.


INTPs often become caught up inside of their own minds, finding themselves trapped in a circle of analyzing. While this is part of their ability to come up with new conclusions, it can also get them very caught up in themselves. For the INTP this can be something which makes them feel down on themselves, and fearful of the future. Being able to volunteer often gives them a sense of perspective and can help the INTP feel rewarded by making a difference for others. They will do best if they can volunteer in a more behind the scenes way, since feeling forced to interact is going to make the experience the opposite of enjoyable for them.


ENTPs are often very caught up in bouncing around to new ideas and exploring different options. Their minds are constantly running through a million different thoughts and ideas, and this can be something which keeps them distracted often. ENTPs might not consider volunteering, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy it. For them it could provide a sense of perspective, and connect them with their empathetic traits in a positive way. It can also help the ENTP distract themselves from the sometimes negative thoughts which can plague their minds.


ISTJs do enjoy making a difference and being someone who is a valued member of their community. This desire to be someone who provides for others and makes a difference in the world, would certainly cause the ISTJ to find joy in volunteer work. As long as they have the spare time in their lives to help out, ISTJs do want to be someone who helps others and really brings something useful to the table. They are efficient people and so they can often volunteer in a capacity which helps them improve the conditions.


ESTJs want to be valued and useful members of their community, and so for them it is often rewarding to do some sort of volunteer work. They want to be seen as someone who makes a difference, since they do care about being able to help out and be appreciated for this. ESTJs work hard in their daily lives, but they can certainly benefit from helping others and being someone who provides for people in need. ESTJs will feel like a useful member of their community and so this will make volunteer work rewarding for them.

ISFJs are caring and giving people, and so for them volunteering is often very rewarding. They feel fulfilled by making a difference for others and by helping them improve their lives. For the ISFJ volunteering gives them a chance to help people who are receptive to their assistance. They enjoy knowing that they have actually made a difference, and search for ways to really be supportive and giving people.


ESFJs will definitely enjoy volunteer work, especially since they are so focused on helping and providing for others. ESFJs care about making a difference in the lives of those around them, but they also want to be able to help people who are truly in need. For them it can deeply enjoyable to volunteer for people who really do need their giving nature, since they will often feel truly useful and appreciated in these types of situations.


ISTPs can become so caught up in doing their own thing, that they might not consider themselves drawn towards volunteer work. They are independent people who don’t like feeling obligated to things. For them volunteer work will only be enjoyable if they can do something behind the scenes which does not require constant social interaction. If they can volunteer in a way that is focused on problem solving and doing things on their own, then it can certainly be enjoyable for them.


ESTPs don’t always consider volunteer work, since they can become so caught up in their own thoughts and actions. They focus on helping their loved ones and in living their own lives as well. ESTPs are independent people who can become distracted by the things which inspire and excite them. While they might not automatically be drawn to volunteer work, they do enjoy feeling like a useful person who can actually make a difference.


ISFPs are often deeply caring people, who believe in doing whatever they can to make a difference in the world. For them volunteer work is an opportunity to make a difference and help people, even if it only means helping a small group for a short time. For them it feels truly good to know that they have done something to improve the world around them. ISFPs might enjoy volunteering in a more creative manner, maybe using their own creations and artistic side, and volunteering those things.

ESFPs are caring people, but they can become focused on doing their own thing. For them volunteer work is actually deeply satisfying and leaves them feeling like they have impacted the world around them in a positive manner. ESFPs enjoy focusing on the good around them, and so volunteering can be a chance to make a difference and leave them feeling like they have a accomplished something truly worthwhile. One of the most rewarding things for the ESFP would be volunteering at an animal shelter.


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