Simple Ways To Motivate Each Myers-Briggs Type

Even the most hard-working and passionate individuals can have a hard time finding motivation. Everyone has different ways in which they are able to find their inspiration. Here are the best ways to motivate each Myers-Briggs type.


INFJs are often extremely self-sufficient individuals, who need to look within in order to get their lives on track. Sometimes the best solution to help motivate an INFJ is to lend them an ear when they are feeling troubled. Having someone listen to them and give helpful insight can really get the INFJ motivated. Express how much you value them and share something with them that is personal. The INFJ also needs to time to recharge their social batteries, so they might just need some alone time in order to motivate themselves. For the INFJ to feel properly motivated, they have to believe in whatever it is they are doing.


ENFJs are often very self-motivated individuals who rarely find themselves in times of staying stagnant. The thing that motivates them the most is knowing that what they are doing it tending to the needs of those around them. They work very hard to take care of everyone’s needs and will go the extra mile to get the job done. Most ENFJs are constantly motivated, but like anyone they have their moments of feeling incapable of moving forward. If it is made clear to the ENFJ that someone they care about will be happy if they accomplish their goal, it will motivate them rather quickly. Knowing that people believe in them and are depending on them, is how they motivate the best.


For an INFP to feel motivated by something, they need to feel internally inspired by it. The best way to help motivate an INFP is by showing them that this task requires their unique creativity and imagination. They need to understand that their special abilities are important and should be shared with others. Sometimes if the INFP is feeling like they cannot become inspired, some kind of reward can help them accomplish their task. When they are feeling down, just knowing that they are working towards something rewarding, can help the INFP succeed. A sense of purpose and intent is one of the best ways to motivate the INFP.


ENFPs can sometimes have a competitive streak, which is a great way to motivate them to accomplish their goals. When they see someone else working hard towards something similar to what the ENFP wants, it can really push them to work harder themselves. Their competitive nature can really be a key way to get them more motivated and help them snap out of a slump. Exploring new ideas or places can also be a great way to kick-start momentum for an ENFP. Just taking them out and trying some new things with them, or diving into intense conversations, might help the ENFP get going.


INTPs can be challenging to motivate, especially if they are required to do something that they do not enjoy. INTPs often need something that they can feel passionate about in order for them to work hard towards a goal. Sometimes discussing the issue with the INTP and coming up with logical reasons why they should get it done, can help them push past the wall they are experiencing. They need to be able to analyze their situation in order to become motivated by the potential outcome. Sometimes creating a reward for the task they need to accomplish can help the INTP gain a better habit towards doing what needs to be done.


ENTPs are motivated by anything that excites them, they dislike remaining stagnant for too long. If the ENTP feels stuck in a rut, the best thing to do is take them on new adventures. Be willing to sit and debate with the ENTP for hours, just to get their minds going about something they are interested in. Sometimes discussing the task the ENTP needs to accomplish can help them gain some reasoning and understanding about their lack of motivation. ENTPs are often great are self-motivating, but if they need a little push it can really help to just get them outside of their comfort zone. They enjoy competition and anything that they see as a challenge really gets them excited.


INTJs will often become motivated if they feel like the task can only be accomplished by someone like them. If it appears like another person won’t be able to get the job done, the INTJ will want to take that on themselves. They are hardworking individuals, who rarely need others to help them get motivated. They need to have some sort of interest in what they are doing and if the work is not challenging enough the INTJ may not feel motivated to do it. The best way to motivate an INTJ is by ensuring them that they will gain much knowledge from their experience, making it hugely beneficial to them and everyone else.


ENTJS enjoy competition and will often be most motivated by something that seems challenging. They have a strong work ethic and value efficiency within their world. If the ENTJ is convinced that no one else is capable of getting the job done to their standards, they will quickly be motivated to take the task on themselves. The ENTJ needs to know that this is something that requires their specific abilities and they will soon feel motivated. ENTJs are usually fairly motivated individuals, which makes getting them on the move again rather easy.


ISTJs value hard work and in most cases they are very capable of motivating themselves. When the ISTJ sees that a task needs to be done, they will often step in and make sure it is done well. They are rather serious about their goals in life and do not enjoy being laid back about their future. If an ISTJ does not seem keen to accomplish a certain task, simply explain to them how important it is and they will be sure to get motivated rather quickly. When they realize something needs to be done for practical reasons, they will be able to become motivated.


ESTJs are often very driven individuals, but they need to see the practical implications of a task before they do it. If you can prove to the ESTJ how important this work is, then they will soon be motivated to get it done. Sometimes the ESTJ needs clear demands and order for them to feel motivation towards a project. When they see the logical reasoning for their goals and the ways in which is can be accomplished, the ESTJ will be ready to take on whatever task that is required of them.


In order for an ISFJ to feel sincerely motivated, they need to realize how important their task is. They take their commitments to others very seriously and dislike the idea of letting anyone down. ISFJs are often easily motivated when their tasks will benefit those around them. As long as the ISFJ can clearly see that what they must get done is important to their loved ones, they will feel quickly motivated to get it done.


ESFJs are highly motivated by the people that they love, which means those are the best people to get them going. If the ESFJ feels stuck in a rut, then they may be losing site of the needs of those around them. Once it is made clear to the ESFJ that their loved ones require their assistance, they will feel quickly motivated to jump to their aid. As long as their goals are aligned with those around them, the ESFJ will be able to become motivated.


ISFPs enjoy participating in something that they can feel proud of or inspired by. ISFPs dislike having to accomplish tasks that do not connect with their soul on a personal and deep level. If the ISFP feels like they have to do something that goes against their beliefs, they might have a hard time feeling motivated. The best way to motivate an ISFP is to steer them towards a goal that they can feel passionate about, something that is not shallow.


A great way to motivate an ESFP is by giving some sort of tangible reward for their task. ESFPs enjoy living in the moment, so they need some sort of immediate gratification in order to feel motivated. They want to soak up life and get the most out of everything, which means that anything fun will be interesting to the ESFP. If you can make their task enjoyable by giving them rewards for certain accomplishments, they will instantly feel excited about it.


ISTPs enjoy anything challenging and exciting, which means they may become bored easily by certain tasks. If the ISTP does not feel motivated, sometimes making the task more challenging can be helpful. They enjoy competition as well, so it can be helpful to request that they “prove” to you how they would get the job done the best way possible. Giving logical and upfront reasons why the ISTP should accomplish their task is also a great way to help motivate them.


ESTPs are rather upfront but also very caring individuals when it comes to the people closest to them. If it is clearly expressed that the ESTPs skills are needed to get something done, then they will be ready to jump in and accomplish the task. When it appears like no one else can get it done as well as the ESTP, they will feel motivated to step in. Sometimes the ESTP needs clear reasoning why they MUST get the job done, as well as explaining the negative results if they do not take care of things.


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