INFJs Jobs & Career Matches: How to Find the Best Job For the INFJ

It can be challenging to find the right career which seems to match your inner desires and personality. Sometimes we find ourselves considering jobs which don’t truly suits your personality and behaviors. For the INFJ this can be a long process, since they are complex people who can find themselves fitting into many different situations, even if they don’t necessarily feel happiest in them. Finding the right career for someone so unique can be a process, but there are certain jobs which might be ideal for these types. The important thing to remember is that this doesn’t make the INFJ incapable of handling different career paths, or that they should shy away from certain jobs simply because they aren’t mentioned as bested suited for them. Every individual is different and sometimes this means venturing down the unexpected path, which isn’t an unlikely choice for the unique INFJ.

Career Choices for the INFJ

While INFJs might not feel inspired by some of these options, they do tend to be ones which they fit nicely to. It is important not to take the suggestions as the only options for the INFJ personality, since they are open and imaginative people who can often find themselves drawn to something unexpected. They are also highly capable individuals which means they can adapt to a career which others might not believe possible for them. INFJs should not feel restricted by their best “fitting” job, instead they should follow what excites them most, because that is where they will find true passion and joy.


INFJs are empathetic and understanding people, which makes the job of a counselor truly perfect for them. They are great at listening to people and providing them with a sense of warmth and compassion. INFJs can often get people to open up to them, without actively trying to do so. This is because their warm and understanding nature helps others feel as if they are being heard and not judged. They can often provide a safe place for people in need, which makes the job of counselor truly natural for the INFJ. When they take the time to listen and show their understanding, their patients often feel safe and comforted by this. INFJs can also take a lot away from this type of career, feeling comforted by the fact that they can actually make a difference in the lives of others. Being someone who can help people is deeply important and valuable for the INFJ personality.

INFJs also enjoy sciences and more complex studies, which is why diving deeper into the career of a psychiatrist or psychologist is exciting for them as well. Being able to study the human mind and how they process things, is often deeply interesting for them. The reason psychiatry can be a great career for the INFJ, is because it mixes the more complex sciences of the human mind, with being able to help people understand themselves and potentially heal from certain wounds or abuses. They care about helping people and so the mix of science and caregiving can be very rewarding for the INFJ.


INFJs often enjoy certain medical careers where they can care for others and help them. Whether this be a doctor or a physical therapist, simply being able to help people is enjoyable for them. They also have naturally compassionate personalities, and this sense of empathy is definitely needed in the medical field. They will not be cold and indirect, instead they are capable of showing a sense of caring and warmth to their patients which makes them excel in their careers. INFJs also enjoy being able to learn and grow their own minds, and so getting into more complex medical positions can be rewarding for them personally. It combines their ability to work their inner minds, with their ability to make others feel safe and comforted. Not only does the INFJ get to help people, they also get to feel knowledgeable and continue to learn about complex information.

Not all INFJs are drawn to sciences, but the ones who are will likely find themselves excelling in a medical career. The opportunity to tend to others and make a difference in their lives is something which is truly rewarding for the INFJ. Just getting the chance to help and potentially save the lives of the people they are caring for, is something which gives them a sense of purpose and makes their worklife a rewarding one.


INFJs are also great in education careers, and often thrive as teachers. Whether this be teaching children, or even being a college professor- INFJs can often be well-suited for these positions. Being able to educate others and help make a difference in their lives by enriching their minds, is certainly going to be rewarding for the INFJ. While this can be viewed as a more extraverted career, INFJs still possess a great deal of understanding towards people. For them avoiding interaction in their careers can be a mistake, even though it can sometimes be draining. For the INFJ who chooses a highly interactive career, they simply need to make time for themselves when the work day is over, so that they can recharge and feel energized once again.

For the INFJ who is willing to step out of their comfort zone an education career can certainly be a rewarding one for them. Being able to help others grow and learn gives them a great sense of purpose, and this purpose is important for the INFJ. Working in a career which doesn’t give them a chance to make a real difference, is going to leave them feeling unfulfilled and a bit empty when the day is over.

Writer/ The Arts

While INFJs can be drawn to science careers, they can also be drawn to the arts. Most INFJs are natural writers, even if they don’t consider themselves as such. They often find that the complex thoughts and feelings inside of them, are more easily expressed through writing. They enjoy being able to get out these thoughts by writing them down and can express things much more clearly this way. INFJs can often thrive in a more artistic career, as long as this is something which leaves them feeling fulfilled. Sometimes this can distance them from others, since they may spend long periods of time inside of their own bubble. INFJs can certainly excel in these types of jobs though, especially the more artistically inclined INFJ. Writing is often a natural skill for them, and something which helps them express themselves to the world around them, without feeling quite as afraid of doing so.

Careers to Avoid

While INFJs can fit into just about any career, there are often some which will leave them feeling drained and a bit like they are losing themselves. The type of jobs which often drain the INFJ, are ones where they find themselves sitting in a cubicle all day long. Feeling stuck inside having to work a job which doesn’t really feel as if they are making a difference, is going to be exhausting for the INFJ. Most office type jobs really aren’t suited for the INFJ personality, especially ones where they aren’t capable of helping others in any way. Something where they feel as if they are simply aiding to their corporate bosses and helping them make more money, is really not going to be the right choice for the INFJ.

Sales careers are also unlikely to leave the INFJ feeling fulfilled or at all happy. They might be capable of being great salespeople, but this type of job is highly draining for most INFJs. Having to find ways to sell something to another person almost against their own desires, makes the INFJ feel immoral. They don’t want to feel this need to force someone or trick them into something.

INFJs also don’t enjoy most retail positions, as this type of interaction is exhausting for them. Having to deal with people shopping and just wanting to spend their money on shallow things, is likely one of the worst options for the INFJ. This type of career is often rather soul-sucking for the INFJ, and doesn’t fulfill or reward them in any way. Even being a manager and growing in these types of positions, is not going to make the INFJ happier but likely even more miserable as they climb the ladder.

Strengths & Weaknesses

It is important to remember that each individual is different and most INFJs are highly adaptable when it comes to career choices. While some of these options are truly rewarding for most INFJs, it isn’t always the care. They need to look at their strengths and weaknesses as ways of understanding what they will enjoy and where they will thrive.

Strengths for the INFJ are often connected to their inner sense of empathy and compassion. Any careers which focus on the INFJ helping people in a sincere way, is going to truly bring out the best in them. They are naturally in tune with the emotions of those around them, and can provide people with a safe and comforting place. This is why they are so often suited for counseling, teaching or medical fields, but these aren’t their only options. INFJs are also intellectual people who enjoy focusing on ways to grow their minds and learn about different subjects. Combining their minds with their sense of empathy, is going to make for a rewarding career for the INFJ.

Weaknesses for the INFJ are often their disdain for anything insincere or shallow. Being in a career which does not leave them feeling like they have made a difference, is likely to be unfulfilling for them. INFJs also need time to themselves and so a career where they work with large groups can eventually becoming draining for them, especially if they have to pander to these people in some ways. INFJs are also less drawn to jobs where they have to deal with constant data and details. This type of overly specific information can be a bit overwhelming and actually a bit boring for the INFJ. They are also perfectionists, and so they don’t enjoy a situation where they feel as if they are failing, and so careers which continuously challenge them in this way might actually be a negative for the INFJ.

They are highly capable people who might find themselves in careers which don’t suit them, simply because they do them well. INFJs also have a tendency to seek out ways of making their loved ones happy, and so they might not choose a job based on their own personal needs and desires. It is important for the INFJ to take the time to really think about what is right for them, often doing research can help. The INFJ needs to figure out a choice which will fulfill them, and this often means making some sort of difference in the world.

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