ENTP Entrepreneurs: The Pros and Cons of Being an ENTP Entrepreneur

While many people might consider the independence and pride which comes from meaning an entrepreneur. The ability to make your own career choices often seems like a dream, but it also comes with heaps of responsibility and often financial risk. Being the person to take these steps on your own to manage your own business or businesses, is something which not everyone can do just because they think it seems like a good idea. It is something which takes incredible dedication, effort and skill.

ENTPs are often seen as naturally great entrepreneurs, since they are charming and inventive people. Their minds are certainly equipped for these types of positions, but they have many other qualities which might surprise people as well. Just like anyone there are certain natural talents and even weaknesses which can affect the way the ENTP handles being an entrepreneur. They are definitely drawn to the independence and being capable of following their own rules, since ENTPs don’t like answering to other people.

The Pros of the ENTP Entrepreneur

ENTPs are imaginative people who actually enjoy being able to come up with new ideas. They don’t like when things become stagnant, which is why they often enjoy anything which allows them to explore different options. Their creative inner minds can be truly useful when it comes to being an entrepreneur. While others might struggle to really come up with new ideas for the business, the ENTP is often filled with them. They are boiling over with new ideas and innovative ways to progress their business forward, and this is an incredible asset in these positions. They don’t like feeling stagnant and so they won’t allow their business to become stuck in a comfort zone. ENTPs know how to come up with creative new ventures, and can really find ways of setting themselves apart from the rest.

ENTPs are outgoing people as well, who are often great at connecting with others and seeing what they are drawn to. This helps them when it comes to networking and they can often excel in making these important connections for their business. ENTPs also have a way of charming people and drawing them in, which is great for any business they are trying to grow. This can help the ENTP run successful social media accounts and create a presence which really sells their brand in a great and forward thinking way. Where others might be nervous about how their image looks, the ENTP knows exactly how to portray this to others in a positive light. Their larger than life personalities really can be a great asset when it comes to being an entrepreneur. The ENTP is not afraid to approach people, and this can really help them along the way.

ENTPs are natural problem solvers and are capable of seeing so many different angles of any given situation. Their ability to see all of the different potential scenarios is something which helps them to predict future outcomes much better. ENTPs can see the patterns and uncover which path will be the best one for them to take. This also helps them to come up with unique ways to solve problems, which ultimately helps them handle these stressful situations better than most people can. While others might become stressed when something goes wrong, the ENTP knows how to remain logical and use their minds to come up with creative solutions. They are highly adaptable people, and so they can often navigate the changes and unique struggles that come with being an entrepreneur. So many people find themselves drowning in the many different challenges which arise as business owners, but the ENTP often enjoys these curveballs more than people realize. They really hate stagnancy and can become bored so easily, and so the ENTP often needs things which help shake them up a bit. The different hurdles and problems which arise can often be intriguing for the ENTP, since they can use their logical minds and sense of intuition to overcome whatever stands in their way.

The Cons of the ENTP Entrepreneur

ENTPs are not always the most organized or focused people, which can sometimes be a struggle. They need to be able to keep things organized and meet certain deadlines, but if they become distracted this is challenging for them. While they really need to be able to maintain this sense of focus, the ENTP might need to hire people to assist in this area. That doesn’t mean ENTPs are incapable of finishing things or getting the word done, they just might have a tendency to forget about certain deadlines because they become distracted by something else. Their minds are constantly going in different directions, and so it can be helpful if they have people around them to help keep them on track.

Since the ENTP has such grand ideas, they can sometimes be too focused on the bigger picture. Instead of taking things one step at a time, the ENTP has a tendency to take on too much all at once. They become so excited about future endeavors and the growth they can see ahead of them, but this causes them to lose sight of the here and now. The ENTP needs to learn how to take a step back and really process things more slowly. Instead of wanting to do too many things before it is time, they need to allow themselves to focus on the tasks which need to be built in the present.