Here’s What is Most Insulting to You, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s What is Most Insulting to You, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people have rather thick skins, there is always the right insult to leave them feeling hurt and angry. Here is the most insulting thing for each personality type.


INFJs are caring people who spend a lot of their energy giving to those around them. Their compassion and consideration makes it easy for their loved ones to hurt them. While they can often be hurt by the people they care for, INFJs are not easily hurt by strangers and can often let their words bounce off of them. For the INFJ being told they aren’t caring or that they are selfish, is both insulting and frustrating. They give so much to others, so being told they are being selfish hurts them and makes them feel completely used by those around them.


ENFJs are compassionate people who spend so much of their energy taking care of others. They work hard to ensure that everyone around them is happy and that their needs are met. For the ENFJ being told they aren’t working hard enough, or that they are lazy, is one of the absolute most insulting things possible. ENFJs can push themselves into exhaustion trying to take care of others, which is why they become so completely insulted when people accuse them of not working hard enough.


INFPs are caring and moral people, and to be told they are bad or selfish is honestly one of the most insulting things for them. They work hard to always do the right thing and become sincerely hurt when people accuse them of being insincere or lacking a sense of values. They are very firm about their beliefs and their sense of morals, which is why they become so very insulted when people accuse them of being insincere. INFPs do everything from their heart, and strive to always stand up for what is right.


For ENFPs being called fake is one of the all-time worst insults they could receive. Being accused of being fake both hurts and infuriates the ENFP. They are sincere and honest people, who don’t do things without trying to follow their heart. ENFPs don’t appreciate being called fake by anyone, and will become especially hurt if it is someone they care for. It can send the normally considerate and kind ENFP, into a full on rage towards the person insulting them.


INTJs are not easily insulted, since they don’t allow most people to affect them. While they are definitely thick-skinned, there is a line that can be crossed when the INTJ cares for someone. They will be most insulted if their loved ones do not trust them and believe in their knowledge. While intelligence is what INTJs value most, simply having the people close to them stop believing in them is what will truly insult and hurt them the most. They want to be viewed as capable and knowledgeable people.


ENTJs are hardworking people, who value efficiency above everything else. If someone close to the ENTJ calls them lazy or incapable, it will certainly be insulting for them. While they aren’t the most sensitive people, they care about their loved ones deeply and want them to believe in them. ENTJs want the people close to them to rely on them for the important things, and want to feel like they are someone they can truly trust.


INTPs are logical and intuitive people, who spend a lot of time inside of their own inner minds. While INTPs enjoy focusing on analysis and facts, they do have a softer side to them. They aren’t great at expressing themselves but their loved ones certainly can hurt them and insult them easily. INTPs want to be someone that people can rely on and trust, and will become extremely insulted if the people around them do not believe they are trustworthy. They want them to be able to depend on them for information and to trust their words.


ENTPs are logical and imaginative people, but they have a deeper side to them. While they aren’t easily insulted by strangers, their loved ones can certainly hurt them. If the people close to the ENTP accuse them of being uncaring, it will actually insult them immensely. While they don’t easily express their feelings, they do possess them and being accused of being selfish and uncaring is actually extremely hurtful for the ENTP. They also feel insulting if someone calls them boring, but it isn’t a sensitive spot for them since they are well aware they aren’t boring at all.


ISTJs are focusing on getting things done and have a very strong work ethic. They are driven people who care deeply about making sure those around them are cared for in a practical sense. ISTJs can also be somewhat competitive since they strive to be the best at whatever they do. They aren’t easily insulted but if their loved ones act as if the ISTJ isn’t doing good enough, it can be very hurtful for them. They do their best to perform at high standards, and become upset when those close to them don’t see it.


ESTJs are efficient and loyal people, who dislike being accused of being selfish. If someone accuses the ESTJ of failing in some way, it becomes extremely frustrating for them. ESTJs will become insulted if their loved ones accuse them of being a failure, and want to be someone people can trust and rely on. Feeling like they haven’t lived up to the expectations of others is truly hurtful for the ESTJ, and can cause them to feel overwhelmed.


ISFJs are considerate and giving people, who work hard to take care of their loved ones. They have a strong sense of responsibility and believe in doing their best to tend to the needs of others. When someone tells the ISFJ they are being controlling it is both upsetting and infuriating for them. Everything they do is for their loved ones, and they can become easily hurt if those people don’t appreciate their efforts and consideration.


ESFJs are caring people who go out of their way to provide for the people they love. They want to make their loved ones happy and will go above and beyond to do this. For the ESFJ the most insulting thing is having people not fully appreciate their efforts and hard work. Everything they do is for the people they love, and being told they don’t do enough for others is the worst thing they can hear. Being called selfish is both insulting and infuriating for the ESFJ, since they rarely spend time taking care of their own needs.


ISTPs are adventurous people who enjoy experiencing new things without reservation. While ISTPs are not the type to constantly flash their knowledge, they can become frustrated by people who challenge their awareness. They don’t want to just be seen as someone who lives in the moment and doesn’t dig deep, since the ISTP does spend a lot of time analyzing and absorbing new information.


For ESTPs it can be very insulting when someone challenges their knowledge and intelligence. They become quickly frustrated when people do not listen to the facts that the ESTP presents. They care deeply about their loved ones, but they value intelligence and proper information. Ignorance is one of the most annoying things for the ESTP, so they want to be able to spread the truth wherever they can. If someone accuses the ESTP of not being fully informed, they will become very insulted.


ISFPs are moral people, who believe in following their hearts. If someone accuses them of being selfish or unreliable, it can be extremely hurtful for them. They want to be someone others can trust and dislike when their loved ones don’t see who they truly are. ISFPs are reliable and trustworthy people, they just live so much in the present moment that they can become caught up and distracted. While they are easily distracted, they care for the well-being of others and want this to be seen.


ESFPs are fun-loving people who enjoy living in the present moment. They want to focus on things that are positive, and dislike being pulled down. ESFPs can appear like nothing really affects them, but they care deeply about their loved ones. When the ESFP is accused of being selfish, it is both insulting and extremely hurtful. They want those close to them to realize just how much they care, and will become hurt if people believe they are self-centered.

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