How You Feel About Labels, Based on Your Personality Type

How You Feel About Labels, Based on Your Personality Type

While certain labels can help you express yourself and show parts of who you are to others, there are some that can seem a bit harmful. While some people enjoy placing labels on themselves, others hate the idea entirely. Here is how you feel about labels, based on your personality type.


INFJs don’t mind certain labels that they place on themselves, but often hate the feeling of someone else trying to label them. They rarely feel truly understood by others, and can become extremely frustrated by strangers attempting to define who they are. INFJs often enjoy having a close loved one who they trust label them in some ways, especially if that person understands and appreciates the depths of who they are. INFJs understand that some labels can help them express themselves more and define qualities that about their personality. INFJs might enjoy labels such as dreamer, lover, and empath- but they don’t want others to try and pigeonhole them.


ENFJs enjoy some labels, especially the ones they feel connected to. For them labels can be a great way to express who they are and what truly represents them as people. ENFJs might enjoy when their loved ones label them, especially when those people know them and understand them on a deeper level. They likely enjoy labels like caretaker, lover, and on occasion mom-friend. ENFJs simply enjoy taking care of others and that is a big part of who they are- these qualities are things they don’t mind having labelled in a positive way.


INFPs don’t mind certain labels but in some cases these things can feel like a horrible way to place them in a box. INFPs want to feel free to be themselves without constantly having someone trying to label them. They might enjoy labels they pace on themselves, things such as dreamer, artist or maybe musician. INFPs just don’t enjoy having strangers attempt to define them when it takes a lot to actually know who the INFP is on a deeper level.


ENFPs can become frustrated by certain labels since it often puts people into a box. ENFPs want to feel free to be themselves, but also to change their minds if they please. Being stuck in some niched out label can really annoy the ENFP, and cause them to rebel in some ways. They don’t mind the labels they place on themselves, but in some situations they might even want to break out of those definitions. ENFPs simply enjoy being able to explore new things, and don’t like feeling held back in any way.


INTJs can often become annoyed by labels, especially when others attempt to define them. INTJs know who they are, and dislike when others feel they share this awareness. Most people don’t fully understand the INTJ, especially not on a deeper level. When they find someone who actually does appreciate and understand who they are, they value this deeply. INTJs simply don’t want labels placed on them, since it places them in somewhat of a box. They might have certain traits or qualities that they don’t mind labelling within themselves, but this is something they do for their own benefit.


ENTJs don’t mind certain labels, especially the ones that help get their image across properly. They want people to understand who they are and what their intentions are. Certain labels can be a good way for the ENTJ to convey who they are to others, without having to express this constantly. They don’t mind labels as long as they are sincere and seem to actually express who they are in some ways. ENTJs just don’t want to have constant attention paid to labels, and can find it exhausting after a while.


INTPs don’t mind certain labels as long as they are the ones labelling themselves. They enjoy being able to define who they are, and don’t mind exploring different possible labels. INTPs will often explore different characteristics of themselves and are constantly redefining who they are. They enjoy exploration and some labels can leave them feeling a bit too trapped in one idea. For INTPs it is important to always be moving forward and to always challenge themselves in different ways.


ENTPs do enjoy being able to experience new things, and dislike too many labels because of this. Some labels can leave the ENTP feeling stuck or trapped, and this is something they truly dislike. They want to feel free to explore new things and feel like these doors are open to them. For ENTPs it is more enjoyable to dive into new hobbies and experiences so that they can get to know themselves better. They might try different things just to test them out, even if they don’t end up liking those experiences. Because of this ENTPs really aren’t fans of labels, at least not in a long term way.


ISTJs don’t mind certain labels and enjoy being able to define themselves in this way. It can actually make it easier for them to have labels in some ways, since it leaves them without having to verbalize things as often. ISTJs enjoy certain labels that help them express who they are and what they enjoy to the people in their lives. There are certain times where people labelling them can leave the ISTJ feeling annoyed though, especially when those people don’t seem to understand them at all.


ESTJs don’t really mind labels, especially the ones that seem to represent the things they are most proud of. While they don’t mind certain labels ESTJs rarely care to put these on themselves. They don’t find it all that interesting to constantly be trying to place labels on themselves. They are more interested in getting things done and finding ways to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones as best they can. ESTJs don’t need to label themselves, instead they would rather be efficient and focused.


ISFJs don’t mind certain labels, especially the ones that seem to define them properly. They enjoy being able to express who they are in certain ways, and won’t feel trapped by labels. They often like labels such as caretakers, empath, chef or maybe even artist depending on their hobbies. ISFJs do like being able to share who they are in this way, since they don’t want to constantly feel the need to verbalize it or talk about themselves.


For ESFJs certain labels can be a great way to express who they are to the ones close to them. ESFJs don’t spend as much time talking about themselves and are often more focused on others. Because of this the ESFJ can end up feeling forgotten or like they aren’t really expressing themselves properly to others. While ESFJs don’t mind labels to an extent, they dislike when these go too far. They can find people who feel the need to label everything as a bit exhausting and maybe foolish.


ISTPs don’t really care for labels and don’t feel the need to constantly express themselves to others. Labels can seem like a foolish way for people to pigeonhole themselves into a stagnant position. Having to constantly place labels on things or people seems a bit exhausting for the ISTP. They want to feel free to explore different things and different parts of themselves without these uptight labels keeping them stuck.


ESTPs don’t mind certain labels especially when it helps them express themselves to others. They don’t like feeling stuck though, and often become annoyed when others try to force certain labels upon them. ESTPs are more interested in being free to dive into new experiences without constantly being hung up on different labels that keep them feeling trapped in the same position.


ISFPs don’t mind some labels, especially ones that help them express themselves better. They don’t enjoy when other people try to label them though, since they can often feel misunderstood when this happens. ISFPs simply enjoy being able to express themselves to their loved ones and the people they care for. In many situations though the ISFP prefers to live in the present and not become obsessed with certain labels.


ESFPs prefer to focus on living in the moment and don’t like becoming obsessed with labels. They don’t mind smaller labels which help them express themselves to others, but they dislike taking it too far. Some labels can leave the ESFP feeling stagnant or stuck in the same boring place. They enjoy being able to be themselves without feeling constantly trapped in labels or definitions of who they are by the people around them.

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