Here’s How Good of a Wingman You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people are naturally good at watching out for their friends, and being someone who can help them be more likable and charming. Others have a hard time letting others shine in this way, so they really don’t make for great wingmen and women. Here is how good of a wingman you are, based on your personality type.



INFJs are often excellent at being the wingman for their friends, since they know how to help bring out the right emotions in the room. They can help their loved ones feel more confident and comfortable, and give them inspiration in any given situation. INFJs are supportive people who like being able to help others reach their goals, or simply feel better about themselves and who they are. They can certainly stand by their friend and watch them shine, being the perfect wingman in any given situation. INFJs realize it can be hard to put yourself out there, and so they want to be able to inspire others to be more at ease with themselves.


ENFJs definitely know how to be good wingmen for their loved ones and friends. They are great at standing by their side and even talking them up to people. ENFJs are outgoing people who aren’t afraid of speaking to strangers most of the time, and this can really help them be good sidekicks. When the ENFJ needs to help their friends stand out or feel more confident, they are great at giving inspiration and being supportive. They can often paint a great picture of their loved ones to others, which makes them absolutely perfect wingmen.


INFPs might not be the best wingmen in situations where they feel overwhelmed by the atmosphere. They can become a bit drained having to interact for long periods of time, and certainly don’t like having to “sell” someone to others. INFPs are good at talking positive about their loved ones though, especially if they feel they deserve it. They can be supportive friends who do their best to give advice and inspiration for the people close to them. They want to be sure they are being sincere, but they do like being able to stand by their side and give them inspiration to move forward with something.


ENFPs are often good at being supportive and helpful, but they can sometimes struggle to share the spotlight. They do enjoy being in the thick of things and want to be connecting with others. They don’t do this intentionally though and can sometimes feel badly if they have failed to be good wingmen. They want to be supportive of their loved ones and help them to reach their goals, and will certainly try their best to do so. They are charming people who can often talk up their friends and really highlight their positive qualities.



INTJs can be good at giving advice to their friends and loved ones, and in that sense don’t make for bad wing-people. They know how to help others find the most logical way to approach a situation, and will give them advice on how to adjust their behavior. Where INTJs struggle is with the emotions support aspect of being a wingman, and they might have a hard time really inspiring confidence in this way. They also don’t really enjoy having to talk someone up or being forced to interact with people in order to get the desired result.


ENTJs can definitely be good wingmen, especially since they know how to sell things fairly well. They will be good at talking up their loved ones, and pushing them to be more confident in themselves. ENTJs might not be the best at the emotional support aspect, but they do know how to motivate people. If someone they love needs a little help in a situation, they know how to have their back and get them to where they want to be. ENTJs are loyal people who will do whatever they can to help the people they have made a commitment to.


While INTPs do care about their loved ones, being their wingman isn’t usually something they strive for. They can stand by their friends and try and help them figure things out in their life, but finding ways to chat them up to strangers isn’t always the easiest. INTPs can actually be a bit awkward in social situation, especially if they are tossed into something they aren’t happy about. Having to be someone’s wingman isn’t usually very appealing for them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to find ways to help.


ENTPs can be charming and helpful people, especially when it comes to their loved ones. While they are often good at chatting someone up, they can struggle sometimes with sharing the spotlight. ENTPs don’t do this intentionally, they simply have such outgoing and gregarious personalities. There are times when they might be trying to play wingman, but turn out being the person who is center of attention. ENTPs can still find a way to help their friends feel more comfortable though, and will do their best to be supportive.



ISTJs don’t usually like having to play wingman, mostly because they don’t like being bothered all that much. ISTJs are loyal friends though and will do what they can do be helpful and supportive. While the ISTJ will be good at talking positive about their loved ones, and will try and help give them confidence- they aren’t great at being emotionally supportive. The ISTJ will motivate their friend and give them the tools they need to succeed, they just don’t know how to show a sense of compassion and emotional sensitivity when needed.


ESTJs can certainly be good wingmen, since they enjoy being able to talk someone up. They are loyal to their friends and do whatever it takes to make them happy. If the ESTJ needs to play wingman for a bit, they will work hard to be the best they can at this task. While ESTJs aren’t great at being emotionally supportive, they are good at proving their affection through practical means. If they need to be a good wingman in order to make their loved ones happy, this is exactly what they will try to do.


ISFJs are supportive and loving people, who simply want to make their loved ones happy. They actually can play great wingmen to the people around them, simply because they do whatever it takes to be supportive. They are also great at talking positive and shining a great light onto their loved ones. ISFJs see the best in people, and are also good at finding out what others want to hear. They can be excellent in this role, since they know exactly how to make others look good and use their sense of empathy to do this.


ESFJs can be excellent wing-people, especially when they truly care for someone. When the ESFJ is close to someone they often see them in a truly positive light, and will do whatever it takes to make them happy. If someone in their life needs the ESFJ to be their wingman and talk them up, they will know exactly how to do this. They are good at understanding people and what they want or need, and so it is natural for them to help their loved ones achieve whatever goals they have in mind.



ISTPs can be good wing-people, especially with someone they truly want to help. While ISTPs are seen wanting to be on their own most of the time, that doesn’t mean they lack for charm. They often know how to say and do the right things and set their friends in a positive light. ISTPs also don’t mind stepping back and allowing someone else to shine, which helps them in this situation. They will do whatever they can to be supportive and because of this they can be great wingmen.


ESTPs can actually be some of the best wingmen, since they know how to be charming but also supportive. They can be the one to swoop in and grab someone’s attention, only to show just how amazing their friend or loved one is. ESTPs enjoy bringing their friends up, and want others to realize how special they are. When they care for someone they will do whatever it takes to make them happy and be supportive of them. This often makes them great wing-people, especially since ESTPs are naturally good salespeople.


ISFPs might not be the best at being wingmen, since they can become distracted somewhat easily. ISFPs will be good at talking up their friend and enjoy telling people just how great they are. When they care for someone they often see them in a wonderful light, and can make others see this as well. But in some situations the ISFP can be protective of this friendship, and may not want to risk losing it to those around them.


While ESFPs do enjoy being center of attention, that doesn’t mean they fail as wing-people. They want to see their loved ones happy and enjoy talking positive about them. ESFPs are also good at selling things or convincing people of something, which helps them in these situations. They use their sense of charm to show just how amazing their loved ones are, and this often makes them superb wingmen.


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