Something Your Myers Briggs Type Would NEVER Say

Everyone is capable of surprising you, but there are certain things we would be completely shocked to hear people say. So we decided to write out something that each Myers Briggs type would probably never say!

INFJ- “I prefer quantity over quality, when it comes to friends.”

ENFJ- “I hate when people burden me with their emotional problems.”

INFP- “I really love loud parties, where I can be bombarded with strange smells and obnoxious strangers.”

ENFP- “I never procrastinate, I finish all my work ahead of schedule.”

INTJ- “I can never do anything right. I give up trying to accomplish my goals.”

ENTJ- “I really hate being in charge. It just bothers me when I have to tell people what to do.”

INTP- “I just can’t figure out the answer to this problem. I’m not smart enough.”

ENTP- “We must follow the rules that authority has set out for us! It’s the only way!”

ISTJ- “I really don’t feel comfortable following a daily schedule.”

ESTJ- “Its ok, I’ll let you make all the decisions and just fade into the background.”

ISFJ- “I am not worried about your well-being at all. Get your feels away from me!”

ESFJ- “I feel really uncomfortable when people express their emotions to me.”

ISTP- “We should sit around all night and share our emotional sad stories. You go first!”

ESTP- “I hate taking risks and would prefer to live a safe, excitement-free life.”

ISFP- “I really love taking advantage of people who are in a worse situation than me.”

ESFP- “I hate being center of attention, it makes me uncomfortable.”

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