INFJ Spirit Animals: What Best Symbolizes the INFJ

It is said that we walk the earth with various spirit guides, some of which include animals. While to some people, the idea of a spirit animal seems like a cute and fun thing, to others, it is a serious inner and spiritual belief. Many cultures believe in spirit guides and their ability to help us through challenging times and lead us down the right path. For some, this includes animals, and we can potentially have different guides for different times in our lives. There are also spirit animals that stay with us, ones that represent our personality and who are inside. There are other animal guides that are just meant to help us through a specific time in our lives and give us a sense of guidance toward the right direction. It is also said that we do not choose our guides, but rather they choose us. It is important to be open to the different spirit animals around us and the signs they are trying to convey along the way.

While it is important to uncover your spirit animal on your own, that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential animals that might connect with each type the most. There are certainly a few spirit animals that most INFJs will find themselves connected to at one point in their lives, sometimes because they share similar qualities and other times because the message is truly important to them. INFJs are intuitive people, but there are times when they might need a little help to inspire them in the right direction. For them, it is valuable to be open to these animal guides in hopes of learning more about themselves and the paths they should be following in order to accomplish the best possible outcomes. INFJs are often very connected to animals naturally, and so for them, the belief in spirit animals might be something they are rather receptive to.

Owl- The owl spirit animal is very connected to the INFJ since they are representative of wisdom and intuition. The INFJ does have a rather powerful sense of intuition, and their owl spirit often shows them to follow and trust in this belief. They might have difficulty trusting in this at times, possibly searching outward for answers. When the INFJ is really struggling to rely on their own intuitive abilities, the owl guide will come to them in hopes of helping the INFJ trust in themselves more. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence, and INFJs care deeply about learning and using their inner minds to accomplish things in life. INFJs have such rich inner worlds that sometimes they find themselves buried in their own thoughts and imagination. The owl spirit does connect with this part of the INFJ but also shows them to trust in themselves and the things they know.

Owls also represent a sign of change or death of the past, which can mean it is time for the INFJ to accept change in their lives. When they feel a connection to their owl animal, then that means the INFJ needs to be more receptive to something new. Change can actually be difficult for the INFJ at times since they prefer to remain within their comfort zones. While it might be a challenge, change is inevitable, and sometimes the INFJ needs to become more open to this in their lives. Their owl guide comes to the INFJ in hopes of telling them it is time to open up to this change and to be comfortable with letting go of the past so that they can move towards bigger and greater things.

Bat- The bat spirit guide represents intuition and reading the signs around them. INFJs are strong intuitive people, and there are times when they need to learn to develop and trust in this ability. The bat guide helps them turn to this inner part of themselves and stop fearing what it might mean. INFJs might encounter a bit of self-doubt in their lives, especially when people attempt to challenge their knowledge. Having a strong intuition can be challenging, especially when everyone around them continues to doubt their behaviors. People might not easily understand the abilities of the INFJ, since they sometimes have obvious explanations for where their predictions come from. The INFJs intuition isn’t some sort of magical or unrealistic thing. It simply comes from picking up and processing information through their inner minds. While this is something that happens naturally, people might not trust it. This can make it hard for the INFJ to trust in themselves, especially when they feel strange because of it. Their bat guide is telling them to stop turning to others for reassurance but to look inward because they do best when they trust in themselves and what they know.

INFJs might experience a connection to the signs around them at times or even recognize dreams as important. Their bat guide might come to them in dreams and help them learn to trust in these parts of themselves. INFJs really do need to learn to understand their own abilities and feel a sense of confidence for what they have gone through. INFJs have so many unique skills and talents. It is vital to learn to grow in these special parts of themselves. Their bat guide simply wants to teach the INFJ that their intuition is a powerful tool and one they should not abandon for the sake of pleasing those around them.

Swan- The beautiful swan spirit guide represents many wonderful qualities that the INFJ is usually quite drawn toward. The swan represents a sense of loyalty and love, and the INFJ indeed connects to this part of themselves. INFJs are compassionate people who genuinely care about helping those around them, and care about being loyal to the people in their lives. This is why they are often naturally connected to the swan guide since they are creatures who represent faith and love. The swan is about connecting to these relationships but also finding a sense of self-love, which can sometimes be challenging for the INFJ. When the swan guide comes to them, it is trying to help the INFJ learn to use this inner sense of love and caring and turn it on themselves as well. While they care deeply for other people, finding compassion for themselves can be difficult for them at times. And so their swan spirit guide wants the INFJ to show themselves a sense of love and patience, which they often give to those around them.

The swan also represents inner strength and beauty and seeing this beauty in those around them. INFJs can grab onto this inner strength and find a sense of confidence in their abilities and who they are, and in order to do this they need to rely on themselves and really dive inward. Their swan guide is helping them to see the beauty within and become confident in their own strengths and power. The swan also represents an understanding of the future, which intuitive INFJs naturally possess.

Raven- The raven guide represents introspection and looking inward to understand themselves and their true path. While INFJs do have a rich inner world, there are times when they might neglect their own needs and feelings for the sake of others. When the raven guide comes to the INFJ, they must take time for introspection. While INFJs spend so much time alone inside their minds, that doesn’t mean they easily dig deep into their own feelings and needs. The INFJ can feel guilty really focusing on their own desires because they become so caught up in what everyone else wants around them. Their raven guide is trying to tell the INFJ that it is time to look inward and gain a stronger sense of self-knowledge. In order to learn about themselves, the INFJ needs to take this time without feeling guilty about it. They need to be comfortable focusing on themselves and really diving into their own inner desires and emotions for a while. This will help the INFJ to uncover what they want and work towards accomplishing their true goals without feeling a sense of guilt over this.

The raven guide is meant to give the INFJ confidence and courage along their path in life. While they might need to embark on a journey that is a bit difficult for them, their raven guide is there to give them inner strength. When the INFJ feels connected to the raven, it is time to find their inner courage and accomplish their true life goals. It can be challenging for them to take this journey towards introspection and understanding their needs, but it is essential if the INFJ wants to grow and develop themselves into the person they are meant to be.

Eagle- The eagle guide represents a sense of freedom and resilience, which are important to the INFJ. They care about having a sense of independence in their lives, and feeling free is more important to them than people realize. The INFJ might feel crushed by the weight of those around them, and they will still strive to live up to their expectations. While INFJs need to feel independent, they might not get this in their current situations. Because of this, the INFJ who is giving into their sense of guilt likely doesn’t feel completely like themselves. During this time, it really can be overwhelming for the INFJ, which is why they are deeply in need of the presence of their eagle guide. Their eagle spirit animal comes to the INFJ when they need to connect to this desire to be free and make their own choices. When they feel stifled by those around them and trying to help those people, the INFJ really needs to take a step back and consider themselves. Their eagle guide shows them that it is okay to take time for themselves and break free from those restrictions and that feeling of guilt they might be experiencing.

The eagle guide also represents healing, which is definitely connected to the spirit of the INFJ. They are naturally healing people who believe in doing what they can to help others improve and feel better. INFJs are often natural healers who care about helping people and really want to be capable of tending to their needs. This part of the INFJ connects them to the eagle guide since they have this natural ability to heal the emotional wounds of those around them and help them feel a sense of compassion and safety when they are around the INFJ.

While the INFJ certainly can experience a connection to many different spirit animals throughout their lives, these are the ones who seem to connect most to their inner selves and their needs. When the INFJ experiences a connection with a certain animal, it is important to figure out why and try their best to be receptive to the message they are receiving. INFJs find themselves naturally connected to animals, so their connection with their spirit animal is likely a powerful and meaningful one. They have certain traits which might connect them with the animal listed above, but of course, it is more complex than that. Plenty of other animal guides might be the perfect match for the specific INFJ and the message they need to hear at any given time in their lives.

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