HSP ENFJ: The Highly Sensitive ENFJ

Someone who is an HSP or highly sensitive person, experiences life in a much different way. They are naturally sensitive to the world around them, whether this be through emotions or even physical stimulus. They find themselves rather sensitive to things in ways that make them feel different from the majority of the people around them. Some HSPs will hide these traits, wanting to fit int and avoid standing out too much. Experiencing ridicule for being “too sensitive” is something which can only make those feelings harder to process. Being an HSP does not make someone an emotional mess, it does not make them weak, in a lot of ways it can be used as a strength or tool to connect with people and the world on a much deeper level. Being an HSP is not something which is naturally correlated with personality type, although some might be more commonly seen with these types of behaviors.

ENFJs are naturally sensitive to the feelings of others and the world around them, but that doesn’t immediately make them an HSP. The HSP ENFJ is even more in tune with the emotions of those around them, but they can also find themselves exhausted by this even quicker. The highly sensitive ENFJ is not necessarily going to appear much different from an outside perspective, since they try hard not to let anyone notice this about themselves. They try hard to appear a certain way, not wanting others to see these sensitivities as a weakness. The HSP ENFJ is the same compassionate person they ordinarily are, but they are much more sensitive to the world around them in ways that other ENFJs might not be.

Emotional Sensitivity

ENFJs are naturally very sensitive to the emotions of others, and care deeply about helping them. They are also in touch with these feelings, and can easily sense when something is wrong with another person. The HSP ENFJ becomes even more sensitive to these feelings to the point where it can actually weigh them down personally. They become overwhelmed when they are around too many people who might be upset or dealing with conflict. Feeling all of these emotions is something the HSP ENFJ can struggle with after a while, finding that they become overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted themselves. They might try to mend the situation, but when it continues they can find themselves wanting to escape. They feel guilty if they cannot solve the problems of others, but they might want to avoid conflict because of how much is drains them. They are so sensitive to the emotions around them, that feeling so many people who are anxious or unhappy can leave the ENFJ feeling inundated and constantly stressed themselves.

For the HSP ENFJ these feelings are also connected to things like movies or music, and they find themselves moved by things rather easily. This can cause people to call them sensitive, and so the ENFJ might start to hide those feelings from others. They don’t want to be seen as weak, and when they are younger they might encounter ignorant people who just don’t understand how much of a strength their sensitivities truly are. They might find themselves wanting to avoid horror movies or things which can leave them feeling emotionally drained, since they simply cannot shut off their sensitivity to what they see on the screen. It can be hard for the ENFJ when they are younger, since they find that most people just don’t understand why they need to avoid these things or why they can’t get over it after they watch it.

Physical Sensitivity

The HSP ENFJ is going to be much more sensitive to their surroundings, sometimes feeling overwhelmed by too much physical stimulus. ENFJs are already sensitive to things like touch and sound, since they are acutely aware of these things, and being an HSP makes this even more intense for them. While they want to be around people and are very social individuals, they might find themselves needing to dip out of crowds when people don’t expect it. Some might peg this as being weird or not wanting to be around others, when in reality the ENFJ often feels very guilty over it. They might even push themselves to endure these environments, not wanting to upset anyone around them. When this happens the ENFJ can become anxious and on edge, and might struggle to really keep this inside. They can start to snap at people without meaning to, because they are pushing themselves to do something which is overwhelming for them. Things like large crowds where there is a lot of noise and chaos, can be too much for the HSP ENFJ.

How to Cope

Being highly sensitive to their environment can be hard for the ENFJ, since they really enjoy being around people and are naturally very social. They want to be able to help others and make them happy and often enjoy being a great host or hostess. This is why it is so important for the HSP ENFJ to start to recognize this about themselves, in hopes of understanding it better and learning how to deal with it. Instead of feeling guilty and blaming themselves, the ENFJ can learn how to set certain boundaries. The more they learn to set these boundaries for themselves, they can figure out ways to avoid situations which drain and overwhelm them. ENFJs are hardworking people who will often push themselves to get things done, but it is important for them to take time to relax without feeling guilty over this. Their sensitivities make them even more compassionate people who are capable of helping others immensely, and so it is important for them to learn to see this as a strength and not a weakness.