How Rebellious You Are According To Your Myers-Briggs Type

Many people go through a rebellious stage during their teen years, but some people simply have that rebel nature inside of them. While some people enjoy breaking the rules, others prefer to follow them. Here is how rebellious you are, according to your Myers-Briggs type.


INFJs do have a rebellious nature, even though they are rather caring individuals. There is a natural part of the INFJ that hesitates to follow orders and abide by rules. Deep down the INFJ often knows that authority can be rather corrupt, and following rules is not always the wisest move to make. When someone is in a place of power, INFJs often have a natural desire to challenge that individual. They may not do this directly, but inside their inner minds they think of ways in which that person may be unfit for their position.


ENFJs tend to follow in their own path and are constantly wrapped up in their own chaotic world. They dislike following orders, and are often the ones giving those orders. They know how to get things done, even if that requires working around the system. ENFJs know how to rebel without actually getting caught doing so. They often don’t mind following rules, as long as those rules don’t stop them from doing what they want or need to get done. There is a part of the ENFJ that likes to rebel, just for fun on occasion.


INFPs may be seen as kind and gentle souls, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a rebellious streak in them. When an INFP sees something that does not fit into what they believe is right or fair, they will find themselves unable to hold themselves back. They stand up for what they believe in and are not afraid to stand against someone who appears more assertive than they are. INFPs are normally passive people, but can be rather rebellious when it comes to something they believe in.


ENFPs are often seen as very rebellious individuals, and they certainly do not like being told what to do. ENFPs enjoy following their own set of rules, because they simply do not want to be held back by others. They are exciting and fun individuals, who sometimes rebel just for the sake of it. Their natural rebellious side is actually a rather appealing aspect of the ENFP, and makes them intense and fun individuals to be around. Their need to explore new things, is part of what makes the ENFP so willing to rebel.


INTPs tend be very rebellious in their younger years, mostly due to them feeling different from those around them. INTPs will often struggle with authority- especially teachers- since they are often smarter than those individuals. Their sharp intellect causes the INTP to feel stifled and disrespected by those people above them. They often will rebel against those individuals, and may even get into trouble from time to time. INTPs may grow out of this outward rebellion as they get older, but that is simply because they will find new ways to challenge authority.


ENTPs are some of the most naturally rebellious individuals, and simply do not enjoy being told what to do. When someone tries to order an ENTP around, they will often do the opposite just to prove that they can. ENTPs are especially rebellious when they are young, but they may actually struggle to grow out of this. They enjoy being able to make their own decisions and actually have a natural desire to challenge others, this includes people in positions of authority. ENTPs will often debate with others just for the excitement and fun that it brings them. When it comes to being rebellious, ENTPs are often very smart about how they challenge the system. They are somehow very good at getting themselves out of whatever trouble they get into.


INTJs don’t necessarily have a rebellious nature, they simply do what they believe is right and smart. They will follow the rules that they believe are right, since they do respect the need for authority. If they are in a situation where a rule or law seems stupid and ignorant, the INTJ will struggle to follow it. The benefit is that INTJs are often very skilled at finding ways around the things that they do not agree with. They have a natural desire to challenge others intellectually, but they may not be the most rebellious individuals.


ENTJs do not mind following rules, but they are usually the ones giving out the instructions to others. They often do not have a need to rebel, since they work rather hard to put themselves in a place of authority. ENTJs dislike following stupid rules, but they know how to work the system in order to get what they want. They understand the benefit of sucking it up and following rules, as long as it will get them somewhere useful. ENTJs are hard-working individuals who are often capable of getting whatever they want. Because of this natural ability, they often see no need to rebel against others.


ISTJs are not generally rebellious individuals, they actually enjoy following the rules. They respect authority and the need to get the more difficult jobs done properly. They don’t mind following orders and are often extremely good at it. ISTJs don’t feel the need to rebel, they favor being a part of a team and a part of the community. They enjoy being someone that others can depend on and that leaves little room to be rebellious. Just because ISTJs are serious and hard-working, doesn’t mean they don’t have a fun side. They can be rather entertaining individuals, they simply aren’t that rebellious.


ESTJs often do not have a hard time following orders, but in some cases they may rebel a bit. ESTJs are strong-willed individuals, who often find ways to put themselves in places of authority. If an ESTJ feels like they can overthrow someone in command, they may rebel against the system in order to do so. ESTJs do not mind fitting into a specific role, as long as they feel like the person above them is being entirely efficient.


ISFJs do not mind following the rules and are not generally rebellious people. They are kind and caring individuals, who work very hard to do their best at everything. ISFJs often do not desire to be rebellious and would much prefer to be good and law abiding individuals. They want to make people happy and this often leaves very little room or time to be rebellious.


ESFJs are generally known as caring and giving individuals, who enjoy following the rules. They want to make others happy, but they might become rebellious depending on the people closest to them. ESFJs give everything they have to the people they love, so if they find themselves caring about someone who likes to rebel, they might mimic that behavior. Even though ESFJs tend to follow the rules, they do not moments of wanting to rebel. They may become overloaded with their often “perfect” appearances, and have a moment where they want to break the rules.


ISTPs are definitely rebellious individuals, but this purely because they enjoy making their own decisions. They don’t want to follow the rules that others set out for them, they simply enjoy doing what they want. ISTPs live very much in the present moment and if that moment requires that they rebel against the rules, then so be it. ISTPs are not rule followers by nature and are actually some of the more subtly rebellious individuals.


Younger ESTPs are often very rebellious individuals, simply for the sake of having fun. They enjoy living in the moment and like to take advantage of whatever opportunities present themselves. ESTPs will often rebel against authority when it seems like the best choice for them in that moment. They enjoy being able to make their own choices, if someone stands in the way of that the ESTP will definitely rebel.


ISFPs are not always rebellious, but they may rebel if they are standing up for something they believe in. They tend to enjoy spending time by themselves and will keep away from people who are too argumentative. ISFPs strive to be good people and simply want to make the world a more beautiful place. They don’t always feel the need to rebel, and really only do so if it seems like the right thing in the moment.


ESFPs can sometimes be rebellious people, simply because they enjoy living in the moment. They love making the most out of their situation and don’t always see why they should have to follow the rules. There is something exciting about the way that ESFPs like to rebel, since they do it in a purely lighthearted and fun way. They enjoy making the most out of life and this makes them extremely enjoyable people to spend time with.


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