Why You Procrastinate Christmas Shopping, Based on Your Personality Type

Many of us have years where we procrastinate our Christmas shopping until the very last minute, sometimes for different reasons. For some this is highly unlikely to happen, since they prefer to get everything done ahead of time. Here is how likely you are to procrastinate Christmas shopping and why, based on your personality type.



INFJs don’t like leaving things do the last minute, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They will do their best to get all of their shopping done ahead of time, instead of procrastinating it. While they might prefer to get their shopping finished early, they do have reasons why they may procrastinate a bit. INFJs aren’t fans of having to go out into the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season, and can become seriously drained by being around people in this type of situation. They’ll find themselves feeling overwhelmed and will lose their patience for shopping because of it. The INFJ who utilizes online shopping certainly has it easier, and will find themselves capable of getting things done early. They do however have some years where they fight feel a bit disillusioned with the idea of celebrating Christmas based on presents, and so this is a reason why they may procrastinate.


ENFJs are often the type of people who like to get things done ahead of time, rather than save it for the last minute. They often care about Christmas and the holidays and want to make sure that everyone is taken care of during this season. ENFJs usually have a long list of things to do and presents to buy, but this can actually be the reason why some things become left up to the last minute.They likely find themselves trying to buy gifts for too many people, and so sometimes there is shopping which gets done right at the last minute. It’s not that they procrastinate, so much as they have far too much to do and not enough time to do it.


INFPs do have a tendency to procrastinate many things in their lives, but this isn’t from a lack of caring. They simply have so many things going on inside of their minds, and often find themselves losing track of time. For the INFP the most likely reason that they have procrastinated holiday shopping, is often because they keep thinking they have more time than they actually do. They aren’t often fans of gift buying or having to show their affections with purchases, and so the idea of venturing out in the busiest time of year, can feel a bit overwhelming for them.


ENFPs are often procrastinators and so they have a hard time really focusing on getting things done ahead of time. They are likely to save their holiday shopping until the very last minute, finding themselves often frustrated with themselves for doing this. They also feel like they have more time for things, continuously feeling like Christmas is just “still so far out,” even when it is only a week away. For the ENFP these things are hard to really make time for, since their minds keep them distracted and sometimes they just lack the motivation to go out and buy presents.



INTJs often feel obligated when it comes to Christmas shopping, and might find the whole idea a bit silly. For them it feels like everyone is trying to be impressive by getting the best gifts, and this type of “celebrating” can feel a bit exhausting for the INTJ. They are not the type of people to procrastinate on getting things done, so usually they do their best to get their holiday shopping finished ahead of time. The INTJ who does leave this to the last minute, likely does this because they are focusing on more important tasks and might find themselves miserable at the thought of going out and purchasing obligatory presents.


ENTJs don’t often like being forced to do something and so sometimes Christmas shopping can feel a bit draining for them. They do want to please their loved ones, but might not know exactly what to get them. ENTJs might overthink what they should purchase for those around them, and so this is often the reason they procrastinate or put it off until the last minute. They are usually the type of people to finish things ahead of time, but overthinking will leave them wondering if they are buying the best gift for that special someone.


INTPs are naturally procrastinators, and find themselves often leaving things until the last minute. They don’t necessarily do this on purpose, they just find their minds constantly moving in different directions. INTPs might feel like they have more time to finish something than they actually do, or they become distracted and move onto something else before they can actually get things project done. INTPs also might struggle to come up with the right gifts for someone special, and so overthinking can cause them to wait until the last minute.


ENTPs do have a tendency to procrastinate or leave things until the very last minute. They simply find themselves distracted so easily and this makes it difficult to finish certain projects. They follow wherever they feel the most inspiration, and so ENTPs might not be all that interested in doing obligatory holiday shopping. They care about their loved ones, but if they have a list of people they need to shop for, it might feel like some of these people are just receiving presents because the ENTP feels obligated to do so.



ISTJs don’t often procrastinate and are often the type of people to purchase their holidays gifts ahead of time. They enjoy getting things finished and don’t want to feel rushed at the very last minute. It is very rare that the ISTJ will procrastinate with their holiday shopping, since this would likely leave them feeling more stressed than if they had just finished it ahead of time. The ISTJ who does leave their shopping until the last minute, likely found themselves wrapped up in work or daily chores and couldn’t find the extra time to get it finished. This is often stressful for them though, and leaves the ISTJ feeling a bit overwhelmed to get things purchased.


ESTJs often prefer to get things finished early, rather than leave it until the last minute. While they prefer to get their shopping done ahead of time, there are reasons why they might not accomplish this the way they hoped. ESTJs can become so busy and caught up on getting other things done, that they don’t have the extra time to shop for their holiday gifts. The ESTJ who finds themselves doing things last minute, can also do this because they are struggling with figuring out the right gifts to buy their loved ones.


ISFJs enjoy being able to buy nice presents for their loved ones and often want to get this finished ahead of time. They don’t like leaving it to the last minute and often feel more stressed if this happen. ISFJs are often organized people who like to do things right to the letter. If they do procrastinate Christmas shopping it might because they are feeling down about the holidays for some personal reason. They usually will push past this though, since they want to make others happy even if they are having a hard time.


ESFJs don’t like leaving anything to the last minute, and will be truly stressed if they couldn’t get their holiday shopping finished early. The biggest reason that ESFJs find themselves buying fits last minute, is because they have already purchased presents but feel like they should be buying even more. ESFJs who procrastinate likely do this because they have so much they are trying to get done, and find it difficult to really find the time for holiday shopping.



ISTPs are naturally procrastinators, especially when it comes to things they aren’t all that inspired to do. They might find themselves struggling to motivate themselves when it comes to purchasing holiday gifts. It’s not that ISTPs don’t care to make their loved ones happy, they just find it easier to get things done with a bit of a deadline. Doing things at the last minute is simply how they operate, mostly because they find themselves distracted by so many different activities.


ESTPs try to get holiday shopping ahead of time, but they might leave certain details to the last minute. They do enjoy buying presents for their loved ones though, and often feel like this is a good way to show how much they care. ESTPs put a lot of personal thought into their gifts and do their best to get them the things that show what they mean to them. ESTPs try not to procrastinate their Christmas shopping, but they do naturally leave some things to the last minute. They are likely to get a lot of shopping done early, but then leave certain finishing touches to the very last minute.


ISFPs enjoy buying nice gifts for their loved ones, but they do sometimes struggle to really get things done ahead of time. They naturally procrastinate and find themselves doing most things at the last minute. For the ISFP this happens because they find themselves distracted, and sometimes just fail to really recognize how little time they have left. They might not fully recognize that they are procrastinating, but once they do realize time is almost up, they do their best to put a lot of care into their gifts.


ESFPs enjoy buying presents for their loved ones and often put a lot of time and thought into them. For the ESFP buying presents is actually a way to show how much they care about someone. They might be the type of people who procrastinate things, but Christmas usually isn’t the time where they do this. ESFPs procrastinate with things they don’t actually want to do, and for them shopping isn’t usually one of those things. They actually enjoy celebrating their loved ones with nice gifts, and so they often get this done ahead of time.


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