ISFP Love: How the ISFP Falls in Love

ISFPs are deeply romantic and affectionate people who feel things on a personal level. They crave connection, but at the same time, they are introverts. This can cause them to appear a bit shy at times, and so people aren’t always fully aware of the romantic which lies inside of their hearts. ISFPs are also dreamers, and this is a major reason why they are so compelled by the thought of falling in love and of being enamored by the person they are involved with. ISFPs don’t want to settle, which is why they might fall in love more frequently than people realize.

They Fall Fast and Hard

It isn’t that ISFPs are flighty and bounce around, but they do fall in love rather quickly. They are completely sincere in their feelings when they do fall for someone. They just get swept up in those emotions and the romance of it all. ISFPs still value this love, even if they realize that it isn’t the one to last them the long haul. When the ISFP falls, they do fall rather hard and fast, diving headfirst into love and those emotions which carry them away. This comes from a very real and deep place, even if people might not realize this about the ISFP. They will hold onto that person, even when they are no longer in love with them in the same way. The reason ISFPs might appear to bounce around is because they are looking for something which can last and truly capture their souls forever. This doesn’t mean they don’t care about the people they have fallen for in the past. It just means they love them in a much different way. ISFPs are searching for their soulmate, someone who can share their passions and deepest secrets with them. They don’t want to settle for something which only taps the surface, which is why they can seem a bit insatiable at times.

They Are Passionate

ISFPs are deeply passionate people, and this is something that translates into their love life. When they fall for someone, they want to be immersed in those feelings, and they don’t want to just let them pass by. The ISFP wants to allow themselves to fall and will enjoy every step of the process. ISFPs are dreamers, and so they see the world and love differently than most people. Instead of only seeing things as they are, the ISFP sees things as they could be. They see the potential in love and the way it can shape and change their futures. They see the inside of someone’s heart rather than just what is on the surface. The ISFP can be wildly romantic when they are in love with someone, wanting to get swept away in the excitement and intensity of it all. They also can enjoy the relaxing aspects, the ability to get so comfortable around this person that they feel safe sharing anything at all with them.

They Are Warm

ISFPs are warm people who actually enjoy listening to what their partner has to say. When the ISFP is in love with someone, they want to hear everything about them, down to the details they don’t share with anyone else. They seek to be that go-to person, wanting to be the safe place for their partner to come when they are in need of an ear. ISFPs don’t want something shallow when it comes to relationships. They actually want something which goes beneath the surface. This is why they seem to bounce around when they are younger, simply because they are searching for someone to share everything with. The ISFP is capable of incredible warmth and love, especially with someone who will open up to them. They are supportive people who care about always being understanding, even when the situation seems somewhat impossible. They aren’t afraid of taking risks, especially when it comes to falling in love and being in love. For the ISFP, it is about being there no matter what and allowing their partner to express their emotions even when they have fears and doubts about them. ISFPs realize that it can be horrible to express a deep dark secret or emotion and have someone reject this, so they strive never to do this to the person they love most.

They Are Imaginative

ISFPs are creative and imaginative people, and they certainly bring this into their sense of romance. When they fall in love with someone, they can daydream about them for hours, just imagining all of the future things they want to experience with that special someone. This is part of the introverted traits of the ISFP since they don’t always need to be physical around the person they love. They share those feelings without having to always be in the presence of the one they love. They hold onto their emotions and that love, daydreaming about the person they care for and enjoying those thoughts and inner imagination. ISFPs do, however, try their best to express those feelings outwardly as well. This is something that just takes time and patience, as they can be nervous about it at first. ISFPs are highly capable of being expressive people and enjoy being able to share their inner thoughts and feelings once they feel safe around someone. They want to build a bond and connection which allows them to open up completely. It just takes some time for them to do this without any hesitation or fear. Once the ISFP does feel safe, they enjoy being the one who shares all of those inner romantic thoughts and feelings with their partner, enjoying the openness and ease.

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