INTPs Jobs & Career Matches: How to Find the Best Job for the INTP

For the INTP sometimes finding the right career choices can be difficult, since they can be bored by many options. They need something which challenges them and keeps their minds active, not something which feels monotonous and drab. For the INTP their career is important, but they might find most things to be underwhelming and uninspiring. For the INTP searching for the right career is important, but at the same time they might need to bounce around for a bit before finding what really feels right for them.

Career Choices for the INTP

While INTPs are often rather intelligent and highly capable people, there are certain careers which they will likely enjoy more. They are good at most things they do, capable of finding ways to improve and learn about a subject even if it is foreign to them at first. It is also important to realize that every individual is unique and different, and while something might work for most INTPs, that doesn’t mean it works for all of them. A big part of being able to figure out which career is right for you, is about uncovering more information about yourself and really diving into those inner thoughts and desires. For the INTP sometimes exploring options is the best way to figure out which one really suits them the best.

Computer Programming

INTPs are often natural when it comes to coding and computer programming work. They find that their minds can really grasp this process where others might struggle or fail. There is also the added bonus that it isn’t a very social career choice, giving them plenty of time to themselves to work and be away from the stress of people. They have the opportunity to work through these more complex problems, which helps to keep the INTPs mind challenged. They will often find themselves truly rewarded by this career, enjoying the opportunity to really push themselves and keep their minds challenged in exciting ways.

The only downside is that since INTPs do naturally find themselves capable of diving into their own inner minds, programming can pull them even deeper into this. An INTP who chooses this career needs to make some time to socialize and get out of this deep thought process. They need to ensure that they don’t get so sucked into it that they fail to focus on others aspects of their lives, and actually enjoy exploring their more social side. As long as they can find this balance, computer programming can actually be a very rewarding career for the INTP.

Web Developer

INTPs are often drawn to careers involving computers and working online. For them this possess so many complex problems to solve and information to uncover. It helps them to keep their minds busy, and they enjoy the occasional challenges within these fields. If something is too boring or monotonous, this is when the INTP becomes truly bored with their job. Working as something like a web developer often poses different options and experiences, which keeps them interested. Having these different tasks which they must complete and complex systems to solve, can really keep the INTP challenges in the right ways. They are often naturally skilled at these types of jobs, and of course it is rewarding that they can overcome the tasks and problems and be someone that others turn to for help in these areas.

When it comes to most computer science careers the INTP often excels and can truly fit nicely into these jobs. For them it is about being able to have this time to themselves to work, and not have to constantly interact with people or deal with a job which doesn’t keep their minds working the right ways. There is often so many different tasks and problems to solve, and so these careers aren’t constantly the same processes over and over again.

Artist/ Animator

It might surprise some to discover that many INTPs are actually artistic people as well. Their minds might focus on complex problems and scientific research, but they also have a side to them which might enjoy things like graphic design. It is the fact that INTPs are naturally creative people with in depth imaginations, which makes them drawn to these types of careers. Many animators are actually INTPs, since this works with problem solving in a creative manner. They can often think outside of the box and come up with imaginative ways of creating animations. It is another career which leaves the INTP working with computers, but in a truly imaginative way which can satisfy their more artistic traits. This can be a deeply rewarding job for the INTP, since it often gives them a lot of freedoms to do things their own way without constantly feeling like their creativity is being stifled by their bosses.


Since INTPs enjoy diving into research and knowledge, they often make for excellent professors. They might spend years studying and learning about a subject, which makes their knowledge something they want to share with others. For the INTP being able to teach and share what they have learned with others, is often more beneficial at a higher level like a professor. They need to be able to share this knowledge with adults and help them really advance and grow their minds. While for some it might seem like the interaction and social aspect is draining for the INTP, in this situation it really isn’t something which leaves them feeling quite as drained afterwards. Being able to use their minds and help others come to these conclusions, is actually much more rewarding and fulfilling for the INTP.


INTPs might not enjoy medical fields, but research and behind the scenes science fields are rewarding for them. Their minds are often very capable of picking up the complex information, and so they enjoy being able to challenge themselves in this way. They are also interested in scientific studies which allow them to think outside of the box and uncover new information which might be hard for others to grasp. Their ability to see things from so many different angles actually makes the INTP well-suited for the sciences, they just need to take time to figure out which one inspires them most.

Careers to Avoid

Retail is always going to be a struggle for INTPs and many other introverted personality types. For the INTP it is especially exhausting because it doesn’t really leave them feeling fulfilled, rather it can be deeply frustrating for them. Having to deal with working in sales or retail is something which can feel meaningless for the INTP, something which doesn’t challenge them in the right ways. It also puts them in constant social settings, which are likely to exhaust the INTP and cause them to feel short-tempered and on edge around others.

Secretarial work can also be particularly exhausting for the INTP, since it is often social and means having to answer to someone else. Having to constantly tend to the needs of others is not something which lies within the INTPs strengths. It does not challenge them in positive ways, but rather exhausts and frustrates them in stressful ways. Having to answer to others isn’t often a good choice for the INTP, even if they have to work under someone else. They need to have some freedoms and often secretarial work is not enough space for them to feel comfortable.

Anything repetitive or monotonous is likely to be a career the INTP needs to avoid. Without having options and freedoms they end up truly hating their jobs. The INTP needs careers which challenge them and often change from day to day. Something like working in a factory, or having to repeatedly do the same tasks, is absolutely on the bottom of the INTPs career list. This is why most office jobs are stifling for the INTP and really won’t be a good option for them and their futures.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Of course INTPs possess many strengths, but some of the greatest ones are their problem solving skills and imagination. INTPs are very capable of thinking outside of the box and don’t need to follow constantly proven methods in order to figure things out. They are capable of seeing things from many different angles, and this helps them in jobs which require unique problem solving and being able to uncover patterns. INTPs are also rather creative people, naturally capable of coming up with new ideas and approaches. This is why careers which give them freedom and challenge their minds, are going to be much more rewarding for the INTP.

INTPs are not the most social people most of the time, and can be a bit withdrawn around others. They keep a lot to themselves and so having to deal with jobs which immerse them in social settings, really won’t be rewarding for them. INTPs are also very analytical people, which is both a strength and a weakness. This can sometimes cause them to overthink things, and so they need ways of processing these thoughts or some sort of outlet to keep them from overthinking to the point of exhaustion.

INTPs are capable of working in many different careers, but it is important that they find one which does not leave them feeling exhausted after each day. They need something which challenges and excites their minds, and often gives them some sort of creative outlet as well. INTPs might find themselves settling for something which doesn’t really inspire them, and so it is important that they take time to dive into their own feelings and desires enough to make the right choice for their futures.

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