INTJ Motivation: How the INTJ Handles Procrastination

INTJs are often excellent at motivating themselves, but even the most focused person can struggle with procrastination at times. Most of us deal with moments where we lack a bit of motivation and find ourselves struggling to find answers or solutions to these problems. We really want to be able to keep moving forward but it just doesn’t always come naturally and pushing sometimes makes it worse. Here are a few ways the INTJ struggles with motivation, and how they can break free from the procrastination hurdles.

Why INTJs Procrastinate

There are often misconception that INTJs just don’t procrastinate and are always perfectly organized people, but this is not the case. While INTJs are great at keeping things organized and do have an internal sense of drive to success, this doesn’t mean they never experience feelings of inner doubt and a lack of sincere motivation to move forward.

Sometimes INTJs can procrastinate or struggle to get things done, simply because they have taken on too many things at once. While the more balanced INTJ will understand their own limits and won’t push themselves too far, there are some who might not have this sense of inner awareness. They see all of the things they want to accomplish and don’t really know how to scale things back the right way. Instead this INTJ takes on so many tasks and projects all at once, and this can cause them to become overloaded. They believe that they can do all of these things and they don’t want to be someone who is incapable of doing so. This causes them to bite off more than they can chew, feeling overwhelmed once they have. They try not to let this drag them down, but they do struggle to avoid procrastinating certain tasks when this happens. This is where the INTJ might struggle the most with getting certain things done and finding motivation to finish everything in time.

Internal distractions can sometimes be a struggle for the INTJ, since they do have such rich inner minds. They have so much going on inside of their thoughts and this can actually be a bit more rewarding for them than the world around them. When this happens the INTJ may start to procrastinate and find it difficult to complete certain tasks in time. They do tend to find the motivation at the very last minute though, since they don’t appreciate failure in their lives. Even still this type of procrastination can lead the higher stress situations, and so it is a bit frustrating for the INTJ. They do better when they don’t have to leave things to the last minute. For the INTJ having such a vivid inner minds can certainly be the distraction in these situations, and is unnerving oftentimes, since their inner world is just more interesting.

INTJs do also have a fear of failure, and don’t want to be in situations where they feel like they might not succeed. Most of the time they are capable of pushing past these feelings, but not in every situation. When the INTJ is stressing about being able to succeed at a task or project with the level of perfection they prefer, it can cause them to procrastinate until they feel like they are ready for it. They want to be sure they can accomplish these goals with efficiency and focus, and so they would rather be sure they are ready before diving in.

How to Find Motivation

For the INTJ finding motivation comes from focusing their energy and not allowing themselves to become overwhelmed. Taking their projects one step at a time, instead of allowing it to seem like too much all at once. They need to process each step to ensure they are getting everything right. INTJs do put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed and this pressure is often the biggest motivational struggle for them. They want to think of themselves as incapable of failure or of giving up, and so this can sometimes make the situation worse. INTJs don’t like falling behind and want to be sure they are accomplished and impressive people. It is best for them to avoid this type of pressure on themselves, or else they can feel a bit stuck. For the INTJ focusing their energy on what is in front of them and just keeping organized is really the best way to avoid this lack of motivation.

Once the INTJ gets started on something they are often capable of finishing it, and so they just need to find ways to organize the process in order to keep going. Otherwise they do become a bit frustrated with having too many things at once, and not having a direction to go in. Organization is something which helps them set their guidelines and figure out exactly which steps to take next. Using both their organizational skills and intuition together, is the winning combo for the INTJ. They need to tap into the intuitive mind in order to foresee the future they want, and figure out why they want those things. Being able to connect with their goals on a more personal level can really help them find the motivation they need.

Balance is important for the INTJ, as sometimes overworking themselves is why they struggle to really get certain tasks finished. They need to find time for relaxing and rewarding themselves for what they accomplish. If they don’t find this balance they will lose sight of their goals, and won’t be capable of really getting things done the way they want. When they maintain a sense of balance in their lives and are capable of relaxing, they will feel energized and ready to motivate themselves for the task at hand.

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