INTJ Guide to Happiness: How to Find Joy as an INTJ

Most people seem to be searching for happiness, whether it is on a larger scale or in small meaningful ways. Finding a sense of joy in life can be challenging for most people, especially when they don’t necessarily feel understood by the outside world. While the majority of people are often searching for ways to make themselves happy and find a sense of joy in their lives, this can be something which they struggle with if they don’t figure out the keys to what makes them feel fulfilled. Sometimes knowing one’s personality type can aid in this search for joy, and knowing the specific needs and desires which will make someone feel like they are being valued and rewarded in their daily lives.

INTJs aren’t really known for searching out the idea of happiness, and might think it to be a bit unrealistic. They are practical people who favor facts and logic over emotions and inner feelings. This doesn’t mean that INTJs don’t want to be happy, it just means they often view it differently than others. To the INTJ happiness can mean many things, but it is often something very personal and connected to more concrete accomplishments and stability in their lives. For them it is important to understand what they need, and not seek out what other people expect them to desire. They have their own personal needs and things which will provide them with a sense of joy and personal accomplishment.

Understanding Self-Care

For the INTJ understanding self-care can actually be a challenge, but it is important for them to work on this in order to be content. The more the INTJ comes to recognize their own physical and emotional needs, the better they will feel about themselves. Learning to take time to focus on their physical health is something which they can struggle with at first, since they become so caught up inside of their thoughts. Having such a strong intuition and inner world makes it difficult for the INTJ to pull out of their minds sometimes, which can distract them from tending to their physical needs. While this might be something they struggle with, working on mending this is truly important. Taking time and scheduling out ways to care for their health is important, and after a while this starts to become a habit they form. Eating right and getting time to exercise are things which can really help the INTJ feel better about themselves and their lifestyle. This might not be something they would think to put at the top of their list, but the more the INTJ dedicated time for self-care, the better and happier they will feel.

Alone Time, But Not Isolation

Being that they are introverts the INTJ personality needs plenty of time alone, but they have to be careful not to isolate themselves. While isolation might sound appealing to them in theory, they do need to make connections in order to be truly happy or content. INTJs can certainly go long periods of time without interacting with others and enjoy being self-sufficient people. They can still maintain boundaries and time alone, while still ensuring that they remain connected to their loved ones. For the INTJ it is about the quality of their relationships, not the quantity. They need to find people they can trust and feel close to, without feeling guilty when they need time to themselves. When they have loved ones who appreciate and understand them, the INTJ does best when they find a balance with those people. They still need to feel close to them and spend time with those people, learning how to hear them out and show their appreciation as well. These connections aren’t going to make the INTJ feel unhappy or drained like they might think, instead they give them a sense of purpose and outside goals. They just need to be particular about who they get this close with, and find the right people who do not drain them like others do.

Personal Freedom

Having some sort of personal freedom and independence is truly vital for the INTJ. This is something which needs to extend throughout all aspects of their lives, not just career. They need to be able to make their own choices in life, without constantly feeling like people are smothering or stifling them. When it comes to independence and the freedom to do what they want, the INTJ needs to set down those boundaries rather clearly. They still have respect for others and their needs, they just also need to feel like they are not constantly being forced to follow a strict guideline of what other people expect. They need some sort of independence and autonomy in their lives, especially when it comes to their daily workplace. They also value some sort of freedom in their relationships, and struggle being around people who seek to control them and their choices.

Career Satisfaction

For the INTJ career satisfaction and success are definitely important parts of finding a sense of happiness. They need to feel as if they have accomplished something important and valuable, especially when it comes to their work or creative life. INTJs want to feel comfortable in their job, but also challenged at the same time. They want to know that they are in a position where they are financially secure, as this does give them a sense of comfort and joy. For the INTJ it is about knowing that they have worked hard to achieve this, and don’t have to scramble to constantly outdo everyone else. They do enjoy constantly feeling challenged though, and so best in a career which gives them room to grow and improve at the same time. INTJs often know when they will feel truly satisfied in a job rather quickly, and can intuitively sense when something just isn’t right or when it is will be an ideal fit. They are focused people who are not afraid of taking what they want, and so finding the right career really is important for them.