INFJ Intuition: Understanding the INFJs Sense of Intuition

Each personality type has some sort of intuition, it is simply more powerful for some than for others. Not only does the potency of intuition vary from type to type, there are also different types of intuition which are expressed in very different ways. For some there is extraverted intuition, while for others it is introverted which is much stronger and more naturally used. In order to understand how each personality type will respond and experience things, knowing their intuitive strengths and weaknesses is certainly important.

When it comes to intuition the INFJ actually uses their introverted intuition as their dominant function. For them this is the way they process the world around them and navigate it as well. It is important for them to trust in this sense of intuition and allow themselves to rely on their own natural strengths. For the INFJ their introverted intuition is just that, it is introverted and focused inwardly rather than something others can easily visualize and understand about them. Many people view this as some sort of psychic ability, since all these get to see is the INFJ predictions coming true. In truth it is far more complicated than this,

INFJ and Introverted Intuition

The INFJ introverted intuition is often something people struggle to fully understand. They often see it as some sort of magical ability, since they don’t realize where the information is coming from. The INFJ intuition gathers information and filters it in a much more subconscious way, ultimately providing the INFJ will future predictions. Their intuitive abilities can be rather impressive and often accurately predict future outcomes in ways which shock and confuse even the INFJ at times. They don’t necessarily know where this information comes from, as it is often filtered in a much less obvious manner. Since the INFJ doesn’t necessarily have the steps readily available to them, they can become a bit confused by their own mental predictions. This sometimes causes them to doubt themselves, even though they would do much better if they just trusted in themselves and their intuition.

The INFJ picks up information from the world around them and filters this internally. Over time all of these facts and patterns are compiled to create a clear image of what is likely to happen down the line. When this happens it is obvious to the INFJ, and they can see it unfolding in their minds. This is something which can be stressful for them at times, since they can’t always explain to people where they came up with this prediction. This is how the INFJ processes information and ultimately makes decisions, but people don’t always trust this and so the INFJ can doubt themselves sometimes as well. The more they doubt their own awareness and knowledge this can actually cause the INFJ to feel stressed and distanced from those around them.

The INFJs intuition is also connected with their auxiliary function, which is their Fe or extraverted intuition. The INFJ can easily read the emotions of others, and this is something which really helps them to predict those around them and their needs and behaviors. The INFJ can see through the image that people want others to see, and deep into their true intentions and feelings. This really helps them process information about people and when used with their intuition it becomes even more formidable and accurate.

Trusting in Their Intuition

It is important for the INFJ to learn to trust in themselves and their intuition in order to feel like the best version of themselves. It isn’t always an easy process for them, since they will experience doubts from others and often internalize this doubt. They want to be able to trust in themselves and what they know, but it isn’t always easy as they feel different from most people. Feeling misunderstood is not a new thing for the INFJ, it is something which they encounter from a young age. In order to truly rely on their intuition, the INFJ needs to connect with people who appreciate them. They also do best to learn more about themselves and what makes them who they are. Taking time to reflect and observe their own inner desires, can really help the INFJ to begin trusting in their abilities and knowledge. Instead of ignoring their predictions, the INFJ will do best if they learn to trust in them. The more they logically understand where this is coming from, the better they will do. INFJs are actually logical people as well, and so they enjoy having information which helps them to better understand where their sense of intuition comes from. When they learn that it is simply an incredible strength and not some sort of psychic ability, the INFJ can start to rely on it much more with a sense of confidence. 

When the INFJ trusts in themselves and believes in their intuitive strengths, they start to feel more like themselves. They can grow in confidence and rely on the things which will guide them towards their future. They can easily connect with people and not feel the need to alienate themselves from people who actually care for them.

Intuitive Weaknesses

INFJs can actually become overwhelmed by too much date at once, since they need time to process all of this information. When they receive an influx of facts and information, the INFJ can feel instantly exhausted by this. They often process these things over time and this helps them to accurately sift through everything and reach a deeper understanding. INFJs can also be so focused on the big picture, and this causes them to miss out on some positive details around them. They become so drawn to the future and the big picture, that they don’t appreciate the little things and can become trapped in their own negative thoughts because of this. While the INFJs intuitive can be an incredible strength, it is also important for them to pay attention to their other functions and not bury themselves inside of their own inner world.

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