Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s What Your Bucket List is Like, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone has certain accomplishments and experiences that they want to add to their list before it is too late. Each person is likely to have a very different type of bucket list, but there are some things that are likely to be on the list of each personality type. So here is what your bucket list might have on it, based on your personality type.



INFJs are likely to have a lot on their bucket list, even if they simply want to dream about doing these things. They might have a list that includes a wide range of accomplishments and experiences, ranging from experiencing a whirlwind romance, traveling the world and all the way to something that helps them change the world for the better. INFJs often want to experience many different things, all of which are very personal for them. Usually a few things on their list will include making a difference in some way, or doing something truly admirable. They also want to experience a few things for themselves, like seeing beautiful places or meeting people who spark their soul.


ENFJs often have a somewhat specific bucket list, having a lot of things they want to experience or accomplish within their lives. They often have many things that include their loved ones and finding ways to provide a certain level of happiness for them. ENFJs also are passionate people with many goals and aspiration, wanting to achieve so much and striving to reach for these things that they dream of. ENFJs will often have things like traveling on their list, but also some out there goals that some people would be strangely surprised by. They are far less predictable than people realize, they just don’t expose all of those secrets to everyone they meet.


The INFPs bucket list often includes a lot of their inner and very personal dreams. They often imagine doing and accomplishing so much in life and they likely think about it frequently. INFPs often have thoughts of making a difference and wish to really do something that sets them apart. In their hearts they often believe they are meant for bigger things and so this is something that is a major goal in their lives. INFPs often have finding people who love them unconditionally, and someone they can share a great romance with, as truly valuable bucket list items.


The ENFPs bucket list is mostly likely a very long one, one that is filled with both adventure and even a bit of leisure. They have so many dreams and hopes that they think about constantly, and truly do have vivid imaginations. ENFPs are passionate people with so many new ideas and desires running through their minds all at once. They often have things they desire, but also have goals that they want their loved ones to accomplish as well. Their bucket list is often a truly long one, ranging from important and meaningful goals, to experiences that are simply exciting like skydiving.



INTJs often have rather lofty goals in life and they intend to accomplish them. They focus on getting things done and spend a lot of their energy learning and researching ways to improve themselves and their minds. The bucket list of the INTJ often includes many accomplishments, as well as some that might seem a bit challenging to others. INTJs often want to find a way to become comfortable enough to spend some time away from the people and large crowds. Possibly moving to some remote place where they can be in peace. They might enjoy the thought of travelling the world as well, wanting to see places and learn about the culture.


ENTJs often have many large goals that make up their bucket list. They might want to accomplish things like gaining degrees, advancing in their careers, and likely making a large accomplishment which is noted by others in their field. ENTJs also have goals of being able to see the world, and possibly enjoy the idea of doing this with someone they care for. While their career goals will differ for different ENTJs, they almost always want to accomplish something that not just any person can do. Whatever that means for their line of work, the ENTJ wants to achieve greatness.


Having a bucket list can actually be challenging for the INTP, since there are many things they want to accomplish but many things they are unsure about. They often want so much out of life that it can be hard for them to really narrow this down and find a direction. The INTP might struggle to truly know what they want and what will fill this bucket list. They have goals and dreams of accomplishing something truly great and memorable, and yet they might have more modest hopes that they never share with anyone.


The ENTPs bucket list is often a bit all over the place, with many different tasks and accomplishments in their minds. It is also an ever changing list, constantly adding on new things that seem truly amazing to the ENTP. They often have a list of things that are accomplishments, but many which are simply experiences. Things like travelling to see far off places, or simply witnessing events which are special and enlightening for them. ENTPs simply want to experience life and don’t like the thought that they might allow fear to put restrictions on their actions.



ISTJs might be a bit unique with their perspective on buckets lists, and may not even have one at all. While they have many goals and accomplishments that are valuable to them, it isn’t necessary about acquiring these things before they no longer can. For the ISTJ it is about making the most out of life and working hard to be someone that they can personally be proud of, as well as making their loved ones proud. They are natural providers, working to improve each day, no matter how long it takes. It isn’t really about achieving greatness, more about doing the best they can while they are here.


ESTJs often have many things they want to accomplish, but rarely in a bucket list sense. They simply want to do their best to accomplish their goals and provide for their family. For the ESTJ it is about making others proud and doing their best to make themselves proud as well. They simply seek to do their best while they are here, and don’t often need to accomplish things in the sense that others might see it. They do have goals though and often those are related to making others proud and being someone others can admire in some ways.


ISFJs might not have a typical bucket list, since the main goal for them is making their loved ones happy. They might seek out things like finding love, traveling and being financially comfortable enough to take care of their loved ones needs. There are often things the ISFJ wants to experience but the greatest accomplishment for them is being able to connect with people who love and appreciate them. Having a family is often truly important to the ISFJ (this doesn’t always mean having children), and simply being able to share a happy home with them.


ESFJs do often have certain things they want to see and accomplishment, but most of all they just want to please their loved ones. For them it is truly important to make the ones around them happy and be someone that they can be proud of. ESFJs might want to do things like travel, or accomplish something pertaining to their career of choice. Whether this be publishing a book, owning their own store, or simply gaining an impressive promotion, they do have career goals. ESFJs do often want a family more than anything, and want to be able to share their accomplishments with the ones they love.



ISTPs often live very much in the present moment, and so they might not have the typical idea of a bucket list in their minds. They want to experience things that excite them and sate their boredom, but these things aren’t done as a bucket list items. Their main goals are often to travel or accomplish something big in their chosen career or the hobby they are most passionate about. For the ISTP it is simply about living their lives how they see fit.


ESTPs often have a rather long bucket list, even though they might not think of it this way. They often have adventures they want to seek out, and more serious accomplishments that they value. ESTPs are seen as adventurous and thrill-seeking people, but at the same time they often have more of a driven personality than people realize. They have certain things they want to accomplish, whether it be obtaining degrees or simply advancing in their trade. ESTPs also want to experience traveling and enjoying things they might be a bit afraid to do.


ISFPs often have things that they want to accomplish, some of them tied to their desire for excitement and others simply their passions. The ISFP will likely want to do something notable within their chosen career, whether that be as an artist, writer or whatever field is most exciting for them. They want to be proud of these accomplishments and feel capable of sharing them with others. The biggest thing for the ISFP is often being able to find love, whether it be friendship or romantic, with someone who accepts them unconditionally.


ESFPs often have many things on their bucket list, ranging from falling in love to traveling the world. They often want to experience different places around the world, and enjoy the idea of living an adventurous life. They also want to experience these things with someone they love deeply and can feel free to be themselves around. For the ESFP the most valuable thing is having people who love them and who will always be proud of them even when they make mistakes.

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