Here’s How You Feel About Documentaries, Based on Your Personality Type

To some a documentary film is a way to tell the truth, tell a vibrant story, or simply learn about something important. To others the idea of sitting through a documentary is a bit boring and definitely not their idea of a good film. Here is how you likely feel about documentaries, based on your personality type.



INFJs often enjoy entertainment and fantasy ideas, but at the same time they enjoy learning. For the INFJ documentaries can often be a good way to dive into something valuable, but only with subjects that spark their interest. They often have their own unique things that they are drawn to, and sometimes the INFJ will be able to enjoy a documentary film about something they find truly intriguing. They might not be someone who sits around watching documentaries constantly, but INFJ do enjoy learning and often value being able to absorb information.


While ENFJs might enjoy the occasional documentary film, since they do enjoy learning. For ENFJs it is often challenging to find the time to actually sit down and enjoy a documentary, and so when they have downtime there are likely other things they would rather do. For ENFJs fantasy and comedy are often more enjoyable subjects, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like being able to watch documentaries about subjects that they are passionate about.


INFPs often do enjoy certain documentary films, since they enjoy being able to learn about something new. While others might be bored by their documentaries, INFPs like having the opportunity to absorb this knowledge. While they might not watch documentaries about the typical subjects, INFPs might enjoy a music documentary or something about their own personal passions. INFPs simply like exploring new things and oftentimes learning is actually exciting and entertaining for them.


ENFPs are often seen as fun and passionate people, who enjoy things that are exciting for them. While they might enjoy watching movies that are about fantasy subjects, they also have another side to their personality. ENFPs enjoy learning and absorbing knowledge, so they often love watching documentaries. While they might not watch the typical documentary, they also might enjoy TV shows that are centered on real people doing things like surviving in the wild. These shows are interesting because they help the ENFP really learn about something valuable.



INTJs often love watching documentary films, since they are constantly looking to learn and grow. They often enjoy many different types of documentaries, since it gives them a chance to relax and still be learning about something new. For the INTJ documentaries are rarely boring, especially when they are based on reliable sources and the INTJ knows they are actually gaining valuable knowledge. While others might find more interest in watching stories that aren’t based on true events, the INTJ often finds documentaries to me more substantial.


ENTJs often enjoy documentaries since they can learn something new by watching them. While ENTJs do enjoy documentaries, they don’t feel the need to constantly watch substantial films. They like to have fun as well and sometimes when the ENTJ has downtime they just want to relax with something a bit mindless. They have such active minds already that it is often enjoyable to just kick back for a while and watch entertainment that doesn’t push their already active thoughts.


INTPs often enjoy documentaries a lot, since it gives them a chance to learn something. INTPs are almost always doing research about some new subject and truly love being able to find different ways to learn. While INTPs might like watching other types of shows and movies, for them documentaries are definitely some of their favorites. Being able find a documentary film about a subject they already enjoy, or something they are interested in but haven’t spent much time researching, this is sincerely rewarding for the INTP.


While ENTPs aren’t like to only watch documentary films, they often enjoy them quite a bit. ENTPs like having a combination of imagination and realism in their lives. While they might like certain movies that are entirely made up stories, they still like being able to learn something valuable from documentaries. ENTPs are constantly trying to grow and absorb knowledge, and to them documentary films are often a great way to sit back and enjoy learning about a different subject that they might be passionate about.



ISTJs often enjoy documentary films, since they love being informed. ISTJs don’t like feeling like they are left behind or lacking in information. For them being able to sit down and watch a documentary is a great way for the ISTJ to learn about something and absorb information that could be useful to them. ISTJs rarely become bored with things like this, since it helps them feel more prepared.


ESTJs often enjoy the occasional documentary film, especially with subjects they feel connected to. With things that the ESTJ doesn’t care much about, they likely will find those documentaries rather boring. They often enjoy being able to relax during their downtime, but they might enjoy more realistic TV shows. They might like survivalist shows or reality TV that shows people out in the wilderness living their lives. This has a learning aspect but is still entertaining enough that the ESTJ won’t get distracted.


ISFJs often enjoy the occasional documentary film, but only about things they are truly passionate about themselves. They can become bored watching documentaries about learning subjects that they just don’t find all that interesting. They are likely rather picky about the types of documentaries they find interesting, since most ISFJs would probably prefer reading about something rather than watching a documentary about it.


ESFJs rarely find themselves all that entertained by documentary films, unless it is a subject they are intrigued by. For them watching shows that are realistic can be enjoyable, and they do like to learn about certain subjects. ESFJs simply find themselves getting bored easily with most documentaries, feeling like they are being forced to watch something like this. When they do get some time to themselves ESFJs would likely rather enjoy watching something that relaxes their mind and puts them at ease.



ISTPs enjoy living in the present and often documentaries can be a bit boring for them. They prefer to dive into something first hand in order to really learn about it. They do like doing research when they have the time, but often ISTPs prefer to read rather than watch a documentary. ISTPs want to live their lives exploring their passions rather than standing still in the same position.


ESTPs do enjoy learning but oftentimes they prefer to read rather than watch documentaries. They might enjoy the occasion film about a subject that inspires them, but ESTPs can become bored easily by most things. They might prefer to watch movies that are more imaginative during their downtime, feeling like documentaries can be a bit boring for them. ESTPs definitely enjoy learning when they can, but that doesn’t mean they want to sit around watching documentaries all day.


ISFPs are more interested in living in the moment and can become a bit bored with documentary films. They would rather be doing something that sparks their imagination and their passionate side. For them documentaries can be a bit boring at times, since they would rather focus on things that are entertaining and imaginative. ISFPs might enjoy learning but they often do this through reading more than watching documentaries.


ESFPs are very rarely interested in documentary films, and find most of them a bit annoying. For ESFPs it is often more enjoyable to watch movies that entertain them and spark their imaginations. They like to live in the present and often find themselves more interesting in diving into something that requires action. ESFPs might enjoy the occasional movie based on different eras in history, but that doesn’t mean they want to watch a documentary about it.


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