ENTJ Loyalty: What Being Loyal Means to the ENTJ

Loyalty is truly an important ideal, for some it is one of the most vital qualities to have. People who value loyalty might have their own idea of what represents being loyal and standing by the people closest to them. Mots people value loyalty to some extent, since this type of trait is seen as innately good. But for some being loyal is not just a nice thing to be, it is one of the most important and necessary parts of someone. Without knowing that a person can be loyal, they likely don’t want to connect with them or be close to this individual. It is important to know how people will view loyalty and what type of meaning it holds for them, especially if you want to understand this person on a deeper level.

For the ENTJ loyalty is one of the greatest values in relationships and close connections. For them there are few things which could be more important than remaining loyal to those you are meant to care for. ENTJs might not be emotionally driven or expressive people when it comes to feelings, but their sense of loyalty is a major way they show their affection towards someone. For the ENTJ loyalty means many different things, and is always held as an important ideal. When it comes to the ENTJ, loyalty is a non-negotiable for any significant relationship in their lives.

What Loyalty Means to the ENTJ

For the ENTJ loyalty means standing by someone no matter what, even when it becomes challenging. They believe in loyalty as standing up for those close to them, and never turning their back on them. ENTJs also feel this is something which should be done even when that person is not around. If there are people talking poorly about someone they care for, the ENTJ feels that it is important to stand up for them, and they expect this type of loyalty in return. The ENTJ does not believe in allowing people to attack the character of those closest to them, especially if they are not being logical about their comments. While ENTJs do believe in being completely honest with the people around them, that doesn’t mean they are okay with outsiders trying to insult them or tear them down. It is about standing by the people they are close to, even if other people decide to turn their back on them. ENTJs expect loyalty from others as well, and want to know that they can trust them completely. For the ENTJ loyalty and trust go hand in hand, and are two things which cannot truly exist with each other. In order to trust someone, the ENTJ needs to know that they will remain loyal through the good and the bad times together.

When it comes to romantic relationships the ENTJ also believe in fidelity as a sign of loyalty. They believe in being honest with the person they are in a relationship with, and this means not hiding or having secrets from one another. Cheating or lying are signs that they are not truly loyal and cannot be trusting. This is why ENTJs can appear blunt sometimes, but they just don’t want to ever be dishonest to those they care for. This sense of sincerity helps the ENTJ to trust in someone and truly believe that they are committed to them. For the ENTJ means trust, honesty and full commitment to their relationship, and so they need all of these things to feel secure and happy with someone. When the ENTJ has these things they will do just about anything for this special person, and will stand by them no matter what. ENTJs are truly amazing people to have in your corner, and will go above and beyond to help their loved ones succeed. This sense of support is part of why loyalty is so vital for the ENTJ, since they really do care about being a good friend and loved one. They want to be able to have honest connections, ones which means helping each other grow and become the best versions of themselves they can be. Relationships for the ENTJ are meant to provide a sense of support, and to them this brings incredible value and connection which is something they don’t want to let go of. This is why loyalty is so valuable to them, because when they commit to someone they want to do whatever it takes to make this last.

How They Handle Betrayal

ENTJs don’t respond to betrayal by simply allowing it to happen, instead this is something they really need to take notice of. Betrayal is one of the worst things for the ENTJ, especially when it comes to their relationships. The ENTJ handles betrayal by analyzing the situation and why it occurred, and trying to evaluate whether or not this will happen again. If someone does something small which they feel can be mended, then they will consider the logical aspect of the situation. If the person has truly hurt the ENTJ and damaged the relationship, then they will likely need to move on from this person entirely. For the ENTJ it depends on the intentions and why this person betrayed their loyalty, since ENTJs are analytical and logical people. If they see that this person is likely going to do it again, then they certainly won’t be able to forgive their transgressions. If it was simply a mistake which they know won’t continue to occur, they may be able to try to move forward and mend things between them. It also depends on the severity of the situation, as there are some betrayals the ENTJ simply cannot bring themselves to forgive, as they are a sign of disrespect for them.

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