ENFJ Weight Loss & Dieting: How to Burn Fat

Dealing with weight loss and healthy dieting is a struggle for so many people, and so we are often looking for tools and ways to make this easier. Sometimes finding more personal means of becoming healthier is the best way to be successful in your approach. So many diets and methods are not personalized and they end up being more of a struggle for people than they are a help. This is why diving deeper into your personality type can actually be a helpful tool in uncovering better steps towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan. While it sometimes requires more professional assistance, there are some important things to learn about which might be beneficial for each personality type.

When it comes to dieting and losing weight, stress can often be one of the biggest struggles for the ENFJ. They take on so many things at once and find themselves needing to balance it all perfectly. ENFJs are often very driven people and when they truly set their minds to something they will do whatever they must in order to make it happen. While ENFJs are great at getting things done and will be able to juggle many things, they can still struggle with weight loss just like everyone else. The fact that they focus so much on others can certainly make it hard to take the time to tend to their own physical needs, especially when it comes to healthy eating. The ENFJ might find themselves struggling to refrain from making poor food choices when they are out with friends or at certain events.

Best Type of Exercise

For ENFJs social exercise is often best since it allows them to interact with others and keeps them on track. Knowing that other people are witnessing their efforts makes them work even harder to impress those around them. ENFJs can also be very competitive people, and so they want to be sure they are the best in their group when it comes to just about everything they do. Being able to participate in workouts which are done with friends or group classes can really inspire the ENFJ to push themselves even harder. They do best when they are held accountable in this way, as they don’t want to let anyone down or appear as if they have failed in some way. Being around others is something which is comforting to the ENFJ, as they are social and outgoing creatures. They enjoy having this time with friends and will continue to find themselves motivated when it comes to attending classes and focusing hard on their work out schedule. Once they plan something and make a schedule for themselves, they will find it much easier to stick to this. ENFJs are not good at winging it, and prefer to have things planned out so that they have some clear direction to follow. Once they have this in place they find it much easier to get things done and focus on working out regularly. It is even better having friends to do this with, as it actually gives the ENFJ something to look forward to and they find themselves excited about those days spent exercising with friends.

ENFJ Diet Plan

ENFJs struggle more with diet than they do with exercise, as they often enjoy being able to feel physically in good shape. They simply have a hard time with things like stress eating, or snacking on the go. This is why having healthy snacks around them can be really helpful for the ENFJ who is having a hard time maintaining their diet. They can also benefit from certain phone apps which can help them calculate calories while they are out at restaurants with friends. It can be hard for them to turn down their friends who want to go out, and the temptation at their favorite restaurants can be a challenge. This is why forming those habits and focusing on foods which are good for them, can help give the ENFJ some kind of balance. They also benefit from planning out their diet for the week, instead of just going for whatever they can find in the moment. Without having things somewhat planned the ENFJ can find it easy to become distracted and might make mistakes when it comes to their healthy dieting choices. They want to be able to maintain focus, but they often have a lot going on in their lives at once.

The Struggles for the ENFJ Diet

ENFJs struggle when things are too in the moment and really need to be able to plan things out. Working on a workout regiment and making sure they keep both this and their diet in place, is important for them. They need to schedule their meals and ensure that they don’t skip a meal and end up overeating later. For the ENFJ, planning things out is one of the best ways to ensure that they can maintain focus and work on building these positive habits. They don’t need things to be strict or constantly organized, they just need to have some clear goals in mind. For the ENFJ having set goals really helps them focus and gives them a sense of purpose when it comes to just about everything in life. They are naturally goal-oriented people who focus very much on the future, which means they need to have certain milestones to celebrate and look forward to. This is why it can be so important for them to make time to celebrate their victories when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, instead of constantly being so hard on themselves. ENFJs can find it easier to just focus on getting things done, and don’t often take time to celebrate their accomplishments. When they are doing well and maintaining these healthy choices, it is good to take time to give themselves credit for this. They can benefit from focusing on and celebrating each step forward, even if they seem like baby steps.