Awkward INTP: Why INTPs Are So Weird

Being called weird or awkward can certainly have negative connections to it, but to some people it can be endearing and sets people apart from being ordinary. Certain personality types can become pegged for being strange, simply because they have unique characteristics which don’t always fit into certain social norms. Of course these traits aren’t only tied to personality types, as anyone can be seen as different or “weird” to those who don’t understand them, or even to those who do. For some it seems to be a common occurrence, as many people see them as weird, especially if they feel awkward around others and have tendencies which express this outwardly.

INTPs aren’t often ones to fit in easily, which can certainly make them seem weird to others. They have a rather unique way of seeing the world, as well as how they respond to it. INTPs are also somewhat uncommon personality types, which makes it hard for them to feel understood easily. Most of the time they struggle to really connect with people in the way they want to, and so most of the time others can see them as strange or just misunderstood what makes them so special. INTPs don’t really find themselves wanting to blend in most of the time, since they become much more caught up in their thoughts and analysis. It can be challenging at times being someone who feels different from most people they encounter, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who appreciate what makes them so unique.

A Rare Personality

Being a rare personality type is often a big part of why the INTP can feel weird or even awkward around some people. They don’t easily find themselves relating to the way most people think or behave, even if they are capable of empathizing to some extent. Where the INTP struggles is with feeling understood and truly appreciated by others. Most people don’t respond to the world or process things in the same way as the INTP, and this sets them apart. Their minds process information and ideas rather internally, and explaining their process and patterns can be nearly impossible for the INTP. They come to these conclusions in ways which can be complex and difficult for people to follow, since it is deeply connected to a combination of their Ti and Ne. Being someone who processes things in this way can lead to misunderstandings, and people simply seeing them as unusual. INTPs being a less common personality type, is definitely a factor in feeling misunderstood, often from a very young age. Parents and adults and see them as strange, seeing how they are often somewhat introverted and keep themselves even when they are young. 

They Don’t Care for Social Norms

INTPs rarely find themselves wanting to conform, and can struggle when it comes to authority. They don’t feel a need to be like everyone else or follow things that people expect from them. Someone being in an authoritative role is rarely a good enough reason for the INTP to listen to them, which can get them into trouble when they are younger. They don’t find it easy to simply listen to what someone tells them, and want to challenge just about everything to be sure it is true. They cannot take things as fact until they have analyzed it themselves and really get a chance to dive into the information. This is why the INTP can be seen as strange or awkward in some situations, since they don’t simply blend into what people expect or want from them. Instead they have a deep thirst for knowledge and want to be able to learn more about the world around them. For the INTP taking time to analyze and research is part of what makes them so capable of discovering things that no one else can see. Their inability to simple walk the straight and narrow path, might make them seem weird to some, but in reality it makes the INTP incredibly special and often highly intelligent people. While some people follow social norms, the INTP is willing to challenge what they see in order to uncover what they sincerely believe in.

They Have Rich Imaginations

INTPs have incredibly rich and vivid inner worlds, which can certainly make them hard for people to understand or relate to. The INTP can spend so much time inside of their own thoughts, that they might even alienate themselves from others. People can view this as strange or weird, since they don’t really understand why the INTP is so distracted or lost in thought. It gives them a bit of a standoffish demeanor at times, even when the INTP is not intending this at all. They don’t always appear interested in others, since a lot of their thoughts and emotions remain inside. The fact that their inner minds are so filled with incredible imagination and rich thoughts processes, makes them appear weird to the outside world at times. People often misunderstand them, and don’t realize that the INTP also has deep emotions and can be very caring people.

The Awkward INTP

Much like anyone, the INTP can certainly have an awkward side to them. INTPs aren’t naturally connected to the world around them, instead they become caught up inside of their own thoughts and imagination. INTPs also struggle when it comes to expressing themselves verbally and emotionally, which can make certain social situations a bit awkward for them. When they feel like they are out of place, or have pressure to perform a certain way, it can make it hard for them not to behave a bit awkwardly in that type of setting. This doesn’t mean they are always this way, and some INTPs find it easy to blend in if they intentionally try to do this. For the INTP who wants to try and relate to others, there are certainly social situations which make them feel awkward when they feel the need to express their feelings a bit more obviously.


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