What Each Personality Type is Like As a Sibling

A sibling is like a permanent best-friend, one that you can’t get rid of (even if you kind of want to). Sometimes they drive you crazy, but in the end you love them deeply. Although it is hard to pinpoint exactly how people will behave as siblings, we have done so by applying your personality type to the mix. Enjoy!


As siblings INFJs are often loyal and warm. They have a tendency to be naturally protective of their siblings, and seek to maintain their happiness. They may have high expectations for them, but that is only because they believe very strongly in them. They definitely struggle with their need to be alone, especially if they have an extroverted sibling. They try to be patient though, and often put their siblings needs ahead of their own. They prefer to bite their tongues when they are angry at a sibling, and will often refrain from saying anything hurtful. Of course they have their limits, those limits are hard to reach when it comes to family.


ENFJs as siblings are often very giving, especially when it comes to the last slice of pizza. They will willingly give what it theirs to make sure that their siblings are happy. They may face the occasional rivalry because of their competitiveness, but in the end are more concerned with caring for their siblings than beating them. They strive to impress their loved ones, and might even enjoy being admired by their siblings. They are not afraid of the responsibility of being the person that their family members look up to.


INFPs are often warm and affectionate towards their siblings, as long as they aren’t trying to change them. In a home where they are accepted and allowed time to be alone, they will definitely show large amounts of love for their siblings. They may dislike it if their parents push them to be more like an extroverted sibling, but will try to refrain from placing blame on them for that. They sometimes lash out with words when they are upset, but will regret it later and be very apologetic. If they have a strained relationship with their siblings, it is probably because they have a hard time condoning their behavior. In the end they are very loyal and dedicated to their family. They enjoy their space, but are also the sibling you go to when you really just need a comforting word or hug.


ENFPs are often wonderful as siblings. They enjoy having the closeness and being able to have a constant friend to chat with. They probably enjoy getting into mischief with their siblings, and often strive to make them happy. They are extremely loyal to them, and will probably stand by them no matter what. They may have occasions of feeling frustrated towards them, but their love will most likely override that. They truly just want to feel connected to their siblings and are happiest if those relationships are strong.


INTJs are often very loyal, and feel a strong need to see the best in their siblings. They are not the most openly affectionate, but in the end they will stand by their family. They also have high expectations for their siblings, but this comes from a place of love. They believe that they can achieve good things in life, and desire to push them towards this. In the end they will allow them to make their own choices, but definitely want them to make the best choices.


ENTJs are siblings can be very loyal, but seek that same loyalty in return. They may become frustrated if their siblings do not stand by them, and have high expectations for them. They are outgoing and often enjoy taking part in social engagements with their siblings. They enjoy being able to be proud of their family, and feel a connection to their accomplishments. They can be somewhat short tempered with their siblings sometimes. They will freely brag about their siblings and will ultimately stand by them.


INTPs as siblings are extremely caring, but often from a distance. They want to give their family space and do not want to appear as controlling towards them. They often do not want to overstep any boundaries, so they wait for their siblings to make those first steps in their relationships. Although they do not openly expression affection, they are often extremely loyal and caring towards their siblings. They probably worry often about their well-being, and only wish the best for their family.


ENTPs as siblings are often fun and enjoyable. If their siblings are willing, the ENTP will definitely enjoy getting into trouble with them. They see their siblings as partners in their excitement, and truly just want them to have fun together. They take their family bond seriously, although they may not outwardly show it. They will cherish the chance to have long and enthusiastic debates with one another. They enjoy their space and freedom, but also enjoy their sibling bonds.


ISTJs are very loyal towards their siblings, but also do not openly express their affections. They try to show that they care in much more subtle ways. They may tend to be hard on their siblings because they hold them to a similarly high standard in which they hold themselves. They will do whatever it takes for their family, and honor duty and loyalty above all else.


As siblings ESTJs are fun but somewhat controlling. They have a tendency to believe that they know what it best for their siblings, but it is done from a place of caring. They often see how their family could be doing better, and desire to push them in that direction. They may become frustrated with their siblings inefficiency, and become short tempered because of this. In the end though, the ESTJ is extremely loyal towards their siblings, and can be called upon in times of need.


ISFJs are quiet but loving siblings. They strive to make their family happy, and that is not different with their brothers and sisters. They want to do what is best for their loved ones, and may try to push their siblings towards the right path. Sometimes they use manipulation to do this, but it comes purely from a place of love. ISFJs may be slightly frustrated if their siblings appear cold or inconsiderate towards other family members. This may make them become slightly passive aggressive towards their siblings, but it is not intentional. Ultimately the ISFJ just wants their family to be close and to avoid discord. It makes them very unhappy when their family fights.


ESFJs as siblings are loyal and strong-willed. They want their siblings to be happy, and will often sacrifice their own happiness to see this brought to light. They are extremely defensive of their siblings and are quick to anger towards those who seek to harm them. They may find themselves making enemies in an attempt to protect their siblings. Their protectiveness is very strong, and sometimes can be seen as harsh by others. All they really care about is making their family happy, and they will often do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. ESFJs will often become frustrated with themselves if they cannot make their siblings happy, and put a lot of pressure on themselves to do so.


ISTPs as siblings are often fun and laid-back. They tend to keep their distance and give their siblings the space that they would wish in return. They do not like to attempt to manipulate or push their family in any direction. They just allow their siblings to make their own decisions in life, and expect that they will do just fine. They can be very fun to have in the family, and often push their siblings to enjoy new and exciting things.


As siblings they are often very easy to get along with. They know just how to give their brothers/sisters enough space, but also are there to support them if they need it. They enjoy being able to go out and have fun with their family, and might even enjoy getting into exciting new things with them. They might dislike some of their sibling’s choices, but will reserve judgement and try to get along. They ultimately just want them to be happy, as long as they wish the same in return.


ISFPs as siblings are warm and fun to be around. They often find little things to admire in each of their family members, and do not judge them for their faults. They are open and caring, and loyal to a fault. Even when they become frustrated with their siblings, they often strive to see the good in them. They enjoy sharing new experiences with their siblings, and are very enjoyable to be around.


ESFPs as siblings are fun and exciting. They always want to get their siblings to join in on the party, even if they don’t want to. They can sometimes be clueless to what their siblings actually want, but in the end they truly care about them. They see the good in their siblings, and often admire them.

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