The Extroverts Guide to Quarantine: How to Survive Social Distancing as an Extrovert

For introverts being stuck at home without social interaction for long periods of time, really isn’t the worst thing at all. They are accustomed to this time spent alone and feel energized and recharged by it. When it comes to extroverts, the idea of social distancing can feel like somewhat of a death sentence. At first it might not seem so bad, as everyone can benefit from some time spent by themselves. After a while this is something which starts to wear on the extrovert, leaving them feeling emotionally exhausted and craving interaction from just about anyone. Waving anxiously at the mail-person, just hoping they will give you some sign of social presence. Wanting work video chat meetings to last longer when you are stuck working from home, just so that you can feel connected to someone else.

As an extrovert this time can be challenging, but there are ways to survive those feelings of cabin fever for a bit longer. Ordinarily it isn’t hard for an extrovert to find ways of interacting with others and getting this much needed social connection. When they are stuck with the rule of social distancing, it can become really difficult for them to process their feelings of loneliness. Being stuck inside without any means of connecting can start to really weigh heavily on the extroverted personality, and so finding little ways to keep busy or distracted is important. While an introvert can certainly come up with useful tips, it isn’t quite the same for them. So here is the extroverts guide to social distancing, written by an extrovert.

Video Chat/ Phone Calls

While it isn’t quite the same as in person interaction, video chatting and voice calls are truly helpful. Texting can seem like a nice way to keep in contact with friends and loved ones, but not being able to hear someone or see their face is just not the same. Extroverts might start to get the idea that as long as they are communicating, it won’t be so bad. Eventually this is going to wear on them, leaving them feeling completely disconnected from what matters most to them. Video chatting with friends can be a great way to feel close to someone, being able to hear them speak and watch their body language and facial expressions can make a big difference. While it isn’t the same as being able to hug and feel close to someone, it is definitely an improvement from being completely distanced from others. Taking time to be able to actually sit on camera with someone and hear about their day and connect with them this way, is going to help the extrovert make it through the struggles of social distancing. It can also help to send voice messages to friends throughout the day, as hearing them speak can help clear the extroverts mind just a bit.

Explore Creativity

Creative avenues can be really helpful for the extrovert who is trapped inside all day. Having some way to express those inner emotions and keep themselves distracted can be beneficial. Whether this means writing, painting, drawing, or something truly creative can help the extrovert feel a sense of connection. It can also help to share this with their loved ones, showing them what they have been spending their days working on. While not everyone is naturally artistic, there are still plenty of creative activities which can help keep the extrovert from going too stir crazy. Being an extrovert can often mean forgoing some of your favorite creative ventures so that you can spend time with loved ones. Instead of enjoying those means of expressing ourselves, we extroverts might choose to go out with friends and spend time discussing things with them. While this is part of who we are, it can actually be nice to take this time to explore our creative side once again. There is something truly rewarding about it, especially if we can share it with the people we trust and love.

Write it All Down

For some people journaling can feel silly, but it can be a great way to keep from going a bit stir crazy. For the extrovert who has a busy mind which they cannot seem to quiet, writing down those inner thoughts and feelings can be truly beneficial. Just taking time to write down what you have done throughout the day, and all of the thoughts and feelings which might have plagued you as well. It can be the good, the bad and even the unusual thoughts, but just putting it down onto paper can help give you a sense of clarity and comfort.

Immerse Yourself Into a Hobby

For some video games can be an amazing outlet, for others it can be great to listen to an audiobook. For extroverts the audiobook can help them feel connected and even more immersed into the idea of this other world with these other people. Just taking time to put yourself into the minds of these characters and their other worlds, can help the extrovert feel connected and keep their minds distracted.

Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care

Self-care is important for everyone, especially someone who is stuck in the house for long periods of time. For some people this means not being able to work, and this can make the time go by even slower. Instead of finding yourself stuck without actually tending to your own personal needs, it is important to practice some self-care. Not seeing others can make it really easy to neglect this part of ourselves, but I highly recommend that you don’t. Sure, spending one day in your pajamas is perfectly fine, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your emotional or personal health in the process. Whether self-care means meditating, doing your hair, putting on a face mask or just spending time exercising, it is important not to let this slide during your time of social distancing.


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