ISFP Primary Function: Understanding the ISFPs Introverted Feeling (Fi)

Understanding the primary function of each personality type certainly helps give a better idea of how they respond to and take in information. Their dominant function is definitely going to be what stands out the most and is represented to the world around them. While the dominant function works in combination with your other functions, it is still the one which helps people signify your personality and is often what is presented outwardly. It is definitely the lead function in making decisions and in helping to form a strong sense of self. While understanding all of the functions and how they work together is truly important, knowing someone’s primary function is certainly the first step to knowing them a bit better.

ISFPs are often seen as quiet and sometimes pegged as emotional people, but there is so much more beyond this. They aren’t always quiet people, they can actually be rather outgoing and friendly when they are feeling connected to the world around them. Their dominant function is their introverted feeling, but ISFPs are often more expressive using their extraverted sensing function. People get a strong sense that the ISFP is adventurous and curious, wanting to explore the physical world around them. Their extraverted sensing is what is often most obvious to the outside world because it is the function which presents itself outwardly. While this might be what people see, the ISFPs primary function is their introverted feeling, which can easily be misunderstood by people. Most don’t realize what this function really does for the dominant Fi user, and so diving a bit deeper to understand how these functions work in each placement, can be truly helpful.

How Fi Works

Introverted Feeling (Fi) is a function which is focused on the users inner world and sense of inner morals. Fi is what creates this strong sense of right and wrong and helps the dominant user to become rather rooted in these beliefs. Someone who uses strong Fi is going to focus a lot of understanding themselves and what they feel is truly the right path to take. They want to be sure that they are following a sense of morals and not straying from this too much. When they do make mistakes they can actually be rather hard on themselves, wanting to find a way to make amends. They care deeply about doing what they feel is right and want to be sure that they are not going against these inner morals. While this is an introverted function, it is still very much connected to the world in the sense of caring for what state it is in. The Fi user might not gain those morals and beliefs outwardly, but they do want to be sure that they consider how their actions are affecting others. It is however, based on the person’s own internal sense of values, and is rarely something which can be affected by the outside world or social norms. Instead it is based on what the Fi user feels is right and what they know to be true in their hearts.

There are common misconceptions that Fi is simply a strong connection to inner feelings, but it goes much deeper than this. This is how the INFP/ISFPs make decisions, and how they help to understand the best choices to make for themselves and others. It is tied to their values and morals, causing them to strive to do what they believe to be good and right.


For the ISFP their introverted feeling or Fi is what helps them to make most of their decisions since everything is weighed against their internal morals. They follow what they believe is right and feel like it is always important to consider their sense of values when making choices. ISFPs have strong inner beliefs and they don’t like compromising them for the sake of what others might expect from them. This causes them to be somewhat independent when it comes to their choices, and wanting to ensure they process information and ideas through their important moral system. This causes the ISFP to often be considerate of others and their feelings, maybe even stepping in when someone is struggling or being mistreated. They don’t like seeing people hurt or pushed around and often want to do something to fix or mend this situation. ISFPs might appear focused on living in the present moment, but that doesn’t stop them from making moral choices. Their Fi is actually what helps them make these choices in the moment, since they already have a strong moral system in place. They know what they believe to be right versus wrong, and go based on this sort of gut instinct they have about situations and about people.

ISFP Functions

The ISFPs dominant function is important but their other functions are meant to help serve or aid this function and help the ISFP be the best version of themselves. Without their other functions they would not be able to really operate or respond to the world in the right way. Their auxiliary function is what helps the ISFP collect data from the world around them and makes them very connected to the present moment. They notice the subtle changes and things in their physical world and care deeply about recognizing the beauty in places others might miss. ISFPs use their senses to understand and pay attention to the world around them, and this helps to pick up information which can be filtered through their Fi. They take in all of this information and their introverted feeling is what processes everything and decides which information is good or bad, right or wrong. It also is filtered in a way which helps the ISFP to decide which choices they need to make in order to progress in the right direction for their own sense of ideals and values. These functions need to work together in order to make the ISFP a well balanced individual.