Here’s How Your Auxiliary Function Presents Itself, Based on Your Personality Type

Each function in your stack presents itself in a different manner depending on your personality type. It is important to understand these details in order to understand each type better, and to learn how to communicate with them. Here is how your auxiliary (secondary) function presents itself, based on your personality type.



The INFJs secondary or auxiliary function is their Fe, which definitely works to make them the compassionate and understanding people they are. The fact that their Fe is in their second placement makes the INFJ understanding and caring, but at the same time not as hovering. They know how to give people space, and don’t like pushing them in ways that makes them feel overwhelmed. They also have a subtle way of making others feel comfortable sharing things with them, and can really easily get to the heart of the matter. The auxiliary Fe of the INFJ makes it so that they understand people very well, and can be extremely empathetic people.


The ENFJs auxiliary function is their Ni, their introverted intuition. This is what makes the ENFJ connect with the future and gives them a sense of what is to come. While this is something that can appear supernatural, it is simply the way they process and take in information from around them. ENFJs will subconsciously pick up pieces of information and comes to conclusions based on this. Having this in their second placement causes the ENFJ to focus a lot of the future of their loved ones, and helps them predict their most likely to responses to certain situations and behaviors. It makes the ENFJ somewhat of a human lie detector, and gives them a strong sense of how to behave around people.


The INFPs auxiliary function is their Ne, which is their extraverted intuition. This is part of what makes the INFP so creative and all gives them such overactive inner minds. This combined with their introverted feelings gives the INFP a sense of curiosity and passion which is difficult to rival. They have these rich inner minds which are constantly exploring different possibilities and imagining things that most people couldn’t even conceive of. The INFP can run through so many thoughts all at once, and this is largely attributed to their auxiliary function.


The ENFPs auxiliary function is their introverted feeling (Fi), which makes them in touch with their inner morals and emotions. This can present itself in much different ways when it is their secondary function, making the ENFP in touch with their feelings but not as ruled by them. They might not spend as much time sifting through their emotions, instead they let it be a guide that works more in the background. They are drive by their curiosity and desire to seek out inspiration, and their Fi helps provide a guidepost for what they believe is right and true to themselves.



The INTJs auxiliary function is their extraverted thinking, which causes them to focus strongly on factual information. INTJs pick up information and their Te helps them weed out whichever pieces seem to be completely illogical. They sift through all of this information and uncover what the truth is, which makes them rather capable people. They value accuracy over most things, and don’t like doing anything that seems illogical or flighty. This being their auxiliary function does help the INTJ to be less outwardly aggressive than their extroverted counterpart. Their intuition combines with their extraverted thinking, helps the INTJ to process things in a calm and precise manner.


The ENTJs auxiliary function is their introverted intuition, which helps guide them when it comes to the information they have picked up. ENTJs are very focused on accuracy and uncovering the truth, and while they constantly pick up information their intuition helps them get a grasp on which things just don’t add up. It can help them weed out the things that are clearly not right, and it processes these things subconsciously. While ENTJs can seem like they base everything on obvious facts, a lot of what guides them is this intuition, since it gives them a feeling about which situations are clearly missing appropriate information.


The INTPs auxiliary function is their Ne, which is a big reason why they are such curious people. Their Ti is how they process information inside of their minds, but their Ne comes up with many different patterns and potential solutions. This become something that combines well with their introverted thinking and causes the INTP to process things in an imaginative and out of the box manner. Their Ne can often be pulled in by their Ti, causing the INTP to process everything they absorb and sift through it inside of their minds.


The ENTPs auxiliary function is their Ti, which is their introverted thinking function. This combines with their dominant Ne, and helps the ENTP process information inside of their minds. While they are sifting through patterns and potential solutions, their introverted thinking can help them to decide which answers are the most logical ones. It helps to narrow down all of their ideas and come up with the ones that really make sense and most likely the answers they are looking for. This function might be their auxiliary function, but it is a big reason why ENTPs do actually enjoy having some time to think things through on their own.



The ISTJs auxiliary function is their Te, which is how they process facts and information. While ISTJs mainly focus on proven methods, they want make sure they have facts and evidence to back this up. Their extraverted thinking helps them to dig through the information and figure out which pieces are actually true. They don’t like simply winging it, because they value knowing the truth before stepping into something. This desire to be sure of everything comes from the ISTJs extraverted thinking, which picks up facts instead of flighty ideas.


The ESTJs auxiliary function is their introverted sensing (Si), which focused on the past. The ESTJs uses this to figure out which situations were proven the most effective in the past. They are often drawn to the things they know and understand, as a means of ensuring that they make the right choices in life. ESTJs don’t like walking into things blind, and prefer to be within their comfort zone. This comes from their sensing function wanting to draw from what they already know and have experienced in the past, instead of stepping into something unknown.


The ISFJ auxiliary function is their Fe, which is what makes them such compassionate and caring people. They are focused on taking care of their loved ones and seek to ensure that they are happy. This presents itself by making the ISFJ someone who is constantly focusing on tending to their environment and their loved ones, wanting to create a sense of peace and comfort. This works with their dominant function (Si), and causes the ISFJ to use past methods to ensure that their loved ones are happy, and everything it maintained perfectly.


The ESFJs auxiliary function is their introverted sensing, which causes them to draw from the past. The ESFJs main focus is their loved ones and ensuring that they are taken care of, and their Si often aids them in this. It works to create a comfortable environment for those around them, and strives to be efficient by using proven methods that they know will work well. ESFJs don’t like stepping too far outside of their comfort zone, and their introverted sensing is often to blame for that. They simply don’t want to take risks that could lead to them failing, since they can be perfectionists most of the time.



The ISTPs auxiliary function is their Se, which is their extraverted sensing function. This causes the ISTPs to take from the world around them, and makes them more focused on the present moment. This often combines with the dominant thinking function, and picks up as much information from the world as they can in order to process it in a logical manner. ISTPs are focused on the things that are tangible and can be proven, instead of ideas that aren’t readily proven. Their Se causes them to be less focused on stepping outside of the realm of reality, instead they want to look at what is real.


The ESTPs auxiliary function of introverted thinking (Ti), causes them to be internal thinkers. They process everything they absorb and learn, and sift this through their inner minds in order to figure out what makes the most logical sense. While they are focused on the real world around them and enjoy diving into experiences, ESTPs are also very factual and precise people because of their introverted thinking. They like to be sure about things and don’t like seeing people spread information that simply cannot be proven.


The ISFPs auxiliary function is their Se, which is their extraverted sensing function. This causes the ISFP to pick things up from the world around them, and makes them very connected to the physical. They are also drawn to things they find aesthetically beautiful, and enjoy visual stimulation. ISFPs extraverted sensing combines with their introverted feeling, and this is part of what makes them so focused on following their hearts. They process things through their inner morals, but also focus on how they are in feeling in the present moment, instead of the past or future.


The ESFPs auxiliary function is their introverted feeling, which focused on their emotions and morals. They are deeply passionate people because of this, and choose to follow their hearts more than their minds. ESFPs do know how to approach things logically, they simply don’t value this as much as their emotions. They do what feels good in the moment, instead of obsessing over the past or the future. This can cause the ESFP to appear a bit spontaneous and sometimes reckless, but it is part of what makes them such fun and exciting people.


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