Here’s How Much of a Natural Healer You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people find that they have a healing nature which helps them when someone is truly in emotional distress. Their warmth can truly help people overcome their emotional turmoil, and bring them to a more positive place. Here is how much of a natural healer you are, based on your personality type.



INFJs are definitely natural healers, and find themselves constantly comforting others. They are extremely empathetic people, which helps them understand what others need in order to heal. They can easily give people comfort and work to ease their pain in whatever situations they get themselves into. INFJs are warm people, and do not judge someone who is opening up to them. This judgement free environment helps the INFJ to truly comfort others and guide them in the right direction for a better future. They are definitely emotionally healing people, especially when they invest their energy into helping someone.


ENFJs are natural healers, and find themselves seeking out people to help. They are extremely empathetic and can easily put themselves in someone else’s shoes. This helps them find ways to aid others and bring them towards a more positive place inside of themselves. ENFJs care for others and want to do anything they can to help make them happy. Their warmth and compassion makes the ENFJ natural healers, and gives them an ability to put others at ease and help them ease their emotional distress.


INFPs can definitely have a healing nature, and can help people who are in need. INFPs have a natural ability to either harm or heal, depending on their state of mind. A healthy and caring INFP will definitely want to find ways to help others and to heal their suffering. They will do whatever they can to ease the suffering of the people around them, and can often help them find ways to heal by allowing themselves to feel what they are going through. INFPs understand that in order to move forward they need to feel their emotions deeply, and then find a way to heal from them.


ENFPs have an ability to be both healing and destructive, and oftentimes neither of which occur intentionally. They live their lives with a sense of passion and curiosity, and continue to always seek out new experiences. ENFPs have powerful emotions which can sometimes control their responses. They might find themselves becoming the perfect healer for someone close to them, and will help that person simply by being themselves. In some instances ENFPs can be a bit reckless and damaging, depending on their level of maturity and the person they are encountering. This only aids to the fact that ENFPs are naturally unpredictable people.



INTJs are definitely natural teachers, but they aren’t really made for healing emotional wounds. INTJs have a hard time understanding the emotions of others, and because of this it is not in their nature to heal their pain. INTJs don’t enjoy causing harm to others, but they simply aren’t naturally made for healing. They do however strive to remove ignorance from the world, and are constantly searching for ways to learn and grow. They make a difference by trying to teach others and provide truth where they can.


ENTJs are not naturally healers, even though they do work to protect their loved ones. In order to be someone who easily heals the emotionally distress of others, it requires being at ease with feelings and emotions. ENTJs struggle to really understand the emotions of others, which makes it difficult for them to feel comfortable around someone who is in pain or behaving overly emotional. ENTJs are better at protecting their loved ones from others, than they are with healing their emotional turmoil. ENTJs will do their best to be there for the people they care about though, and do want to help them.


INTPs don’t really find healing to be their natural ability, but they do believe in finding ways to help. INTPs are precise people, and believe in finding out the truth and uncovering facts. They won’t simply avoid being honest in order to protect people and are fully aware that sometimes it is important to be open to uncomfortable situations. They aren’t always at ease with the emotions of others, nor are they aware of their own deeper emotions. INTPs care for their loved ones and will work hard to help them in whatever way they can. While they might want to help, they aren’t naturally at ease trying to heal the emotions of those around them.


ENTPs are not natural healers, although they do care to help their loved ones. ENTPs believe in making a difference by spreading the truth and teaching others how to grow. While they do want to be there for the people they love, dealing with complex emotions is not within their comfort zone. ENTPs will become uneasy with too much emotional expression, which is what keeps them from being emotional healers. ENTPs work hard to grow and improve, and do want to make a difference where they can. While they strive to help, they aren’t naturally skilled at healing the pain of others.



ISTJs are not natural healers, since they don’t find themselves at ease around emotions. They care about their loved ones and seek to help them through practical means. They will provide safety and assistance in whatever way comes naturally for the ISTJ. While they care deeply for their loved ones, healing their emotional turmoil isn’t something that comes naturally for them. They will try and show their support, but they don’t have an understanding or ease with emotions.


While ESTJs care deeply for their loved ones, they aren’t naturally healers. They will do whatever they can to provide for the practical needs of the people around them, but healing their emotions is not natural. ESTJs struggle when it comes to understanding the feelings of others, and might become uneasy when someone is upset. They will want to find a practical way to solve their problems, which isn’t always easy to do.


ISFJs definitely have a healing nature, and care deeply about their loved ones. They don’t become uncomfortable around emotional expression, and instead will strive to heal the pain of others. ISFJs will do whatever they can to comfort the people around them and want to do what they can to improve their lives. ISFJs do have the ability to care for the emotions of others, because they are strongly empathetic and caring people. Their compassion helps them to provide a safe space for others to work through their emotions.


ESFJs are definitely natural healers, because of their strong sense of empathy. They connect with the emotions of others and can easily understand what they are going through. This helps the ESFJ provide a safe place for others to express themselves, and they will do whatever they can to ease their pain. ESFJs help others work through their feelings and do their best to heal them when they are struggling. This is something they naturally possess, which is why they can be burdened with it in some ways.



ISTPs aren’t naturally inclined to connect with the emotions of others, and can find feelings to be a bit overwhelming. ISTPs might even become uneasy when people are overly emotional in front of them. While they care for and want to help their loved ones, ISTPs aren’t natural healers. Emotions can be a bit difficult for them, especially their own. Healing the emotional distress of others simply isn’t something ISTPs are naturally good at.


While ESTPs will do whatever they can to help their loved ones, it isn’t natural for them to be at ease with emotions. ESTPs do try to be more understanding when they can, and are often more capable of healing than they realize. It might feel like a struggle for them to be at ease with emotions, but they care deeply for the people in their lives. ESTPs might become uneasy when someone is in distress, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of being an empathetic individual.


ISFPs dislike seeing others in pain, and because of this they try hard to be understanding. ISFPs do not like to cause pain in others and want to try hard to help them through. ISFPs are sometimes seen as flighty, but at the same time they can definitely be healing. ISFPs have a warmth and a positivity within them that can truly help provide others with a safe and healing space. They can connect with others on a deep emotional level, and work to help them feel more at ease with whatever they are struggling through.


ESFPs can be bother destructive and healing, depending on their current state of mind. ESFPs are ruled by their emotions and live very much within the present moment. They are capable of providing others with a safe and healing environment, but it can be challenging for them to put aside their own feelings sometimes. When the ESFP cares deeply for someone and is not distracted, they can certainly provide them with a sense of healing and warmth.

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