ENTP Flirting & Dating: How to Attract an ENTP

When it comes to dating and flirting, most ENTPs are natural charmers, but there is much more to them than this. They often behave differently than people expect when it comes to being in a relationship, so it is important to know their values and what they are searching for. Everyone has their own hopes and desires for romantic connections, some more demanding than others. 

ENTP Flirting

ENTPs can actually be rather flirtatious people since they are naturally outgoing and playful. They enjoy having fun in life and don’t want to feel trapped by fear or hesitation. ENTPs are often friendly and can seem flirty even when they are just joking or being playful with someone. They don’t usually find it difficult to flirt with someone, especially someone they are interested in. While others might seem nervous or hesitant with someone new, enjoy actually enjoy the excitement and the thrill. For the ENTP feeling stagnant or bored is a horrible thing, which is why they sometimes enjoy pushing themselves or moving past certain boundaries. When it comes to flirting, sometimes, the ENTP likes to see how far they can go with it, just where the other person’s boundaries might be, as well as their known. Some people might be afraid to take risks or be too obvious with their flirting, while ENTPs sometimes enjoy being a bit forward just to see how this person will respond.

ENTPs are usually pretty good at flirting and knowing the right things to say to be charming. When they are interested in someone, they often take the time to learn more about them and pay attention to every little change in their behaviors. They have a stronger sense of people and their emotions, but ENTPs often connect with this in a way that helps them be more charming with those around them. They often know what people want, and this can help them know the right words to say or the right ways to make them feel desirable.  

In a Relationship

ENTPs are often stereotyped as incapable of commitment, but this really is not the case. When they are younger, the ENTP does often need to explore different options so that they can learn about themselves and what they really want. Once they have decided to commit to someone, their ability to stay faithful has nothing to do with their personality type. Many ENTPs take these commitments seriously, especially with someone they care deeply for. ENTPs prefer honesty when it comes to their connections and their choices, so they will be upfront with someone about what they want from their relationship. 

When the ENTP is committed to someone, they often go out of their way to help them achieve their goals. They want someone who can grow alongside them and who is willing to try and experience new things in life. The ENTP really wants a partner who is capable of giving them space when they need it, but this isn’t a personal insult to their partner. ENTPs just need a certain level of independence and time to explore different things inside their own minds. This independence does not mean anything negative against their partner since they often enjoy coming back and sharing these things with them. They want honesty in their relationships and often enjoy being able to share their more intimate thoughts and feelings with someone. This is often not expected since ENTPs are seen as purely logical people, but they don’t have many layers that not everyone gets to see.

ENTPs are even capable of being romantic with their partners, especially with the right person. If this person gives the ENTP the freedom they need and makes them feel comfortable being themselves, they will likely pursue them. The ENTP is likely to make romantic gestures and go out of their way to make their loved one feel special. They know how to be charming and sweet more than most people realize simply because they see what is on the surface. The ENTP just needs to be with someone they trust completely since what they don’t want is to feel judged by them. 

Casual Dating

Most ENTPs go through a casual dating stage since they aren’t quite sure what they want from a relationship. ENTPs really want to be able to experience things firsthand in their lives so that they can learn from these things. In order to figure out what they want from a partner, they might need to date for a while without any serious intent behind it. Just getting to know different people and seeing where their own limitations and boundaries are can help them a lot. When they are younger, the ENTP doesn’t necessarily know where they want to settle down, and so they need to bounce around a bit to really learn about themselves.

To some, this makes them seem afraid of commitment, but the truth is the ENTP just wants to learn more about themselves. They need to explore their options before they can commit to one thing. That doesn’t mean they are incapable of commitment or afraid of it. They just need time to understand themselves better. ENTPs want to experience things freely before deciding which is best for them and their futures. 

What Attracts the ENTP

ENTPs are often very attracted to quiet confidence, not someone who is boastful but someone who holds themselves with a sense of inner strength. A person who doesn’t seem to constantly turn to others for reassurance is likely to draw in the attention and affection of the ENTP. They enjoy people who can think for themselves and have their own unique way of viewing things. They can become bored by things easily, even people at times. They are attracted to those who can surprise them and who don’t really view things as everyone else seems to. When they can actually learn from this person or have their own ways challenged, the ENTP is often naturally attracted to this about someone else.

ENTPs want to be with someone who challenges them and keeps them guessing. They are attracted to a bit of a mystery and someone who isn’t constantly predictable in their actions. They want to feel like their partner is inspiring growth, which is honestly thrilling and intriguing for the ENTP. While they are attracted to these mysterious qualities, they are also attracted to someone capable of being compassionate and warm. Someone affectionate is often more appealing to the ENTP than even they might realize at first. 


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