ENTP Conflict: Dealing with and Managing Conflict as an ENTP

Conflict is simply a natural part of life, whether it is something we enjoy or not. Conflict is part of how we come to conclusions about things and sometimes how we advance in our careers or relationships. For some people, conflict is where they thrive and is certainly not something they are afraid of. These people enjoy debating and realize that sometimes conflict is how they grow and improve themselves. There are other people who become stressed with conflict, and really hate being around stressful situations. For these people criticism is difficult and exhausting, and so they would rather avoid it at all costs.

ENTPs are rarely afraid of conflict, and can actually be drawn to it. They enjoy exploring different choices and paths, wanting to learn and grow from it. ENTPs are driven by knowledge, but sometimes this means pushing the boundaries and shaking things up. This can certainly get them into conflict situations, and ENTPs aren’t all that upset by this. So long as they are capable of learning and gaining something from the experience, then for them the conflict is worth it. ENTPs actually enjoy debating with people, not afraid to enter into something which seems a bit heated or intense for others. For the ENTP it is better than stagnancy or not being able to learn from the world around them.

Why They Are Drawn to Conflict

ENTPs can be drawn to certain types of conflict, so long as it isn’t negative and cannot be changed. They are not afraid of a situation which can get a bit tense, since they often love being able to problem solve and figure things out. If the situation needs to be resolved somehow, ENTPs often thrive in this type of environment and enjoy being able to take it upon themselves to fix it. They know how to bring out the facts and coerce others into understanding and responding the way they need them to. ENTPs are actually good at calming down the people around them and resolving conflict when they need to. They are good with people and have a natural wit and charm which makes them easier to connect with. ENTPs will pay attention to the people around them enough so that they can figure out how to best resolve the conflict at hand. For the ENTP it actually feels rewarding to be capable of doing this, and they feel a sense of accomplishment when they can problem solve and figure out the best way to resolve the conflict. They use their minds and their sense of intuitive as a means of navigating new situations, and often imagine how different scenarios and paths will actually go. This helps the ENTP adapt when things get a bit tense or when they don’t go quite as hoped. For the ENTP it isn’t upsetting to be involved in some sort of conflict, especially if they still have plenty of options and ways of resolving it.

ENTPs also find themselves drawn to some conflict situations because they are interested in shaking things up. So long as this conflict is not emotional and has ways in which they can escape or resolve it, then they will be perfectly fine with it. They actually enjoy when things are heated around them, and have a tendency to push buttons in order to see how people will respond. This certainly gets the ENTP into conflict situations from time to time, since they can push people into it. They enjoy being able to debate and get into an intense conversation, even if this creates a bit of conflict for them. This is how the ENTP really learns and figures out the people and the world around them. For them it is about seeing where the boundaries are, and crossing them just enough so that they can understand the world from so many different angles. ENTPs don’t want to just accept things as they see them, the more stagnant they are the unhappier they become.

Conflict That Bothers Them

ENTPs are made uneasy by emotional conflicts, especially when they see no clear way of resolving it. If they are caught up in some sort of conflict which cannot be resolved or seems like it is only getting worse, they can become frustrated and even lash out. They also might feel the need to escape this, trying to avoid the people involved so that they don’t get sucked into the trouble. ENTPs don’t mind a bit of discord, but when the people around them are being irrational and overly emotional, it becomes exhausting and difficult for them to manage this.

How to Manage Conflict

Most of the time ENTPs are capable of resolving conflict situations and even calming down the people around them. They are naturals when it comes to problem solving and so they really enjoy being able to exercise their skills and abilities. For the ENTP it is best to take a step back if the conflict becomes exhausting and too filled with drama, as they can find themselves becoming frustrated and even angry when they cannot see a way to fix this. ENTPs don’t like feeling trapped in a situation, so sometimes they need to be able to step away from it. When the conflict involves someone they love this obviously becomes a bit harder, but for the ENTP recognizing that they are stressed is often the first step. They don’t focus as much on their emotions and so sometimes they can build up without the ENTP recognizing why. The more they can learn to take notice of those feelings, the better they will be able to handle this type of stressful conflict. They are highly adaptable people, and so the more they learn about themselves and their responses, the better they can learn to deal with this. ENTPs can often manage these conflict situations, especially if they learn which ones are worth their time and energ and which are not.


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